Rosenthal’s Latest: Kotsay, Fuentes, Glavine, Smoltz

On August 18th, Rosenthal mentioned Mark Kotsay had cleared waivers, and that Brian Fuentes had not yet been placed.  Here’s an update, from today’s Inside Pitch video:

  • The Brewers and Red Sox are both showing interest in Kotsay.  The Brewers would only pursue a trade if Ryan Braun‘s ribcage injury worsens, and so far he looks more than fine.  The Sox made a play for lefty-hitting Brian Giles before Giles vetoed the deal, so it makes sense that they’d exert similar effort toward Kotsay. Even more so now that J.D. Drew has a herniated disc.
  • Fuentes is expected to be put on waivers this week, a process that’s not usually made public, let alone announced, so the Rockies must be keen to see if they can do better in a trade than the two first round draft picks they get by keeping Fuentes.  According to Rosenthal, as things stand, the Dodgers currently have waiver priority.  If they pass for salary reasons, the Phillies could be a roadblock for the Mets.
  • Rosenthal also mentions a delicate situation in Atlanta: Tom Glavine and John Smoltz both want to pitch next year, and Glavine only wants to pitch for the Braves.  The Braves are faced with re-signing the inevitable Hall of Famers without being as reliant on their health as they were this year, or letting them go despite their long history with the team. Toss Mike Hampton‘s arm into the mix as well.

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