Heyman’s Latest: Yankees, K-Rod, Moyer

Notes from SI.com’s Jon Heyman

  • The Yankees apparently want to sign two free agent starters out of C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Derek Lowe.  If Sabathia is one of them they’d be looking at a total outlay of $200MM or more.  Ken Davidoff of Newsday notes that Sabathia might feel pressure from the players union to take the highest offer.
  • Heyman believes the nation’s struggling economy might temper spending, but not in the Yankees’ case.
  • Heyman doesn’t see the Angels as terribly gung-ho about retaining closer Francisco Rodriguez.
  • People close to Jamie Moyer say he wants to pitch until he’s 50.  Moyer didn’t rule it out when asked in August.

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