Six Years For Manny?

5:45pm:’s Jon Heyman also talked to Boras, and the word "iconic" was used.  Uh-oh.  Six years, $150MM?  Heyman sees the Yankees, Mets, and Blue Jays as suitors aside from the Dodgers.

4:36pm: When the idea of a six-year contract for slugger Manny Ramirez first surfaced (from Manny himself), it was not considered a serious possibility.  However, the New York Post’s Joel Sherman had a long conversation with Scott Boras, who strongly hinted that Manny legitimately deserves six years.

Boras points to Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, two iconic players paid to age 42.  Boras brushed off the messy Boston exit, referring only to "internal issues that were a concern."

Here’s the thing about Boras: he says or strongly implies a lot of questionable things.  Recent examples:  12 years for A-Rod, the Cardinals failing to win the division in ’07 because they didn’t sign Jeff Weaver, and Oliver Perez not being erratic.  It’ll be a winter full of amusing Boras rhetoric, with Perez, Joe Crede, Eric Gagne, Felipe Lopez, Derek Lowe, Ivan Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Jason Varitek also eligible for free agency.

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