Rafael Furcal Rumors: Monday

8:04pm: Furcal is "shocked and excited" about possible interest from the Braves, though Yunel Escobar would have to be traded first.  Furcal already has a three-year, $39MM offer on the table from an unknown team.  Kinzer says it might be a few weeks before his client signs.

MLB.com’s Chris Haft says the Giants are also considering Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria as shortstop options.  However, those players might cost the Giants their second-round draft pick (Furcal wouldn’t).  The Giants are also still pondering making a play for one of the Big Three free agents, according to Jon Heyman.

1:26pm: Mychael Urban of MLB.com talked to Rafael Furcal‘s agent Paul Kinzer this morning.  Kinzer says six teams have contacted him about Furcal since free agency opened Friday.  The A’s have yet to make an offer, but Kinzer’s comments imply that the Giants might have.  Both teams have very strong interest in the 31 year-old shortstop, who could sign before the winter meetings.  When asked about the reported four-year, $40MM demand for Furcal, Kinzer said it was in the ballpark. 

It’s hard to peg the other four suitors, but the Cubs, Blue Jays, and Orioles are possibilities.  The Cardinals and Dodgers may be out, while the Royals, Tigers, and Dodgers may balk at the salary or term.  Presumably the Braves are backing off given the state of the Jake Peavy talks.  Kinzer and Furcal will narrow it down to three teams soon.

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