Rosenthal’s Latest: Fielder, Beimel, Eckstein

Ken Rosenthal is on the scene at the GM meetings, and as usual has all kinds of new info.

  • The Brewers are unlikely to trade Prince Fielder, and reluctant to trade J.J. Hardy or Alcides Escobar.  It’d be smart to retain those three players.
  • Rosenthal still likes the Braves as the favorite for Jake Peavy, but wonders if the Cubs or another team could incorporate a third team to get it done.
  • The Cubs will need to spend much of their available money on pitching, which may leave little payroll room for an outfielder like Bobby Abreu.  They could backload contracts and move some of Jason Marquis‘ salary though.
  • The Mets are interested in lefty reliever Joe Beimel, as well as usual suspects Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, and Kerry Wood.  They also like Raul Ibanez.
  • The Cardinals could move forward with a Ryan Ludwick/Colby Rasmus/Rick Ankiel outfield, or trade one of them.  Ankiel, entering his contract year, seems most likely to go if Rasmus is ready.
  • David Eckstein is marketing himself as a second baseman for 2009.
  • Don’t look for the Phillies to move Shane Victorino in a Matt Holliday deal.
  • The Cardinals and Nationals are not contenders for A.J. Burnett.  Still no word on Burnett’s opt-out.
  • The Marlins may wait until some of the top free agent starters sign before shopping Scott Olsen.

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