Cafardo’s Latest: Manny, Dunn, Fielder

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has lots of rumors in his latest article:

  • Apparently the Giants were willing to offer Manny Ramirez a four year deal in the form of a one year deal with three option years. No more details are known, except that the Giants remain interested in Manny.
  • Brad Ausmus has had ongoing talks with the Padres and Dodgers, according to Cafardo’s sources. The Red Sox aren’t interested.
  • The Angels, Giants and Mets are possible suitors for Xavier Nady.
  • Cafardo’s heard other clubs talking about the Red Sox and Rockies restarting the Todd Helton for Mike Lowell trade talk, but hasn’t heard anything similar from the Red Sox.
  • At least one of Cafardo’s sources thinks Prince Fielder would make a lot of sense in Boston. Clay Buchholz could be a starting point if these talks were to start.
  • Ben Sheets is becoming a bargain, so the Braves or Rangers could jump in and sign him affordably.
  • Cafardo calls Atlanta an "emerging" destination for Adam Dunn.

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