Manny Ramirez Rumors: Tuesday

4:35pm: Brian Sabean was on MLB Home Plate’s The Show with Rob Dibble and Jody MacDonald on XM 175 today.  His comment on Manny:

"In our case I’m not sure yet.  We’re monitoring the situation.  We’ve had talks.  We have not made an offer.  We’ve talked in parameters of what would be yearwise.  It would have to be a perfect fit dollarwise and more so what we’re doing to try and build this thing going forward on a younger basis.  It’s actually not what we’re looking for, except that he’s such a profound middle of the order hitter.  Which we need."

4:16pm: According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark:

According to one source familiar with the Giants’ thinking, just about every recent rumor connecting the Giants with Manny is "unfounded" or "baloney."  "If a million things came together over the next few weeks, would it be possible? Maybe," the source told "But for where [Boras] is right now and where the team is right now, it doesn’t make sense economically and it doesn’t make sense for how the team fits together."

Boras continues to set the floor at four years and $100MM, a stance which has caused the Dodgers to focus on other needs.  Stark’s sources also believe the Giants’ interest in Joe Crede is exaggerated.  The team cannot extend payroll to the $100MM range; they’re already around $85MM.

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