Latest On Ken Griffey Jr.

Jon Heyman of and Buster Olney of ESPN write about free agent outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. this morning.

Heyman says Junior is well set financially: "His 16-year payout at $5MM per year just happens to begin this year."  Griffey’s agent Brian Goldberg has been shopping his client with no luck so far.  Griffey is said to be "completely healthy" after knee surgery, and is open to playing anywhere.

Olney talked to Reds doctor Tim Kremcheck, who said Griffey’s in the best shape he’s been in in years.  Kremcheck believes last year’s knee injuries limited Griffey’s power and he’ll bounce back.

We’ve heard the loose Mariners connection, but not much beyond that.  The Braves are looking for an outfielder or two, but haven’t been linked to Griffey recently.  The Padres seek a veteran left-handed hitter but Griffey’s name hasn’t come up in reports.  Olney adds:

Heard this: The Mets will continue to bottom-feed for guys on the free agent market, at the $600K-$1MM level, and if that nets them someone like Griffey, well, then so be it.

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