Heyman On Braves, Tejada, Helton

Jon Heyman of SI.com says the Braves gave off the impression that Tom Glavine was merely a "famous, low-priced insurance policy" when they released him two days ago. He has more on the Braves and the rest of the majors; let's take a look:

  • John Smoltz told Heyman that he once turned down $53MM from the Yankees to sign with the Braves for $30MM.
  • The Braves are now unable to add payroll.  
  • That could make it tough for them to reacquire Mark DeRosa, who's on the block and would be a nice piece for Atlanta.
  • One executive said Justin Upton has "a lot of Ken Griffey Jr. in him." Check out Tim's Q&A with Upton to see how the former number one pick handles the hype.
  • Miguel Tejada's name has surfaced in trade talks, but most contenders see him as a third baseman and some don't like his bat anymore.
  • The Rockies are willing to discuss dealing "nearly every player" they have. Heyman says "they'd probably love to find someone" to take on Todd Helton's contract. He's owed about $50MM still, so I'd think the chances are slim.

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