Mets Not Ready To Trade For Help?'s Marty Noble reports that despite the bevy of injuries that have decimated their roster, the Mets probably won't trade for help anytime soon.

At this point and probably until after the All-Star break on July 13-15, the Mets will be disinclined to trade for help. Their sense of the market now is that some eventual sellers will seek more in return now than they will when they are closer to the Trade Deadline. So the Mets will wait and talk and wait. Come later July, they will talk and wait and talk, so long as they believe their own team still has a chance to play into mid-October.

Despite being without their starting shortstop, starting first baseman, number three starter, number four starter, and top setup reliever, the Mets are just four games back in the division and one and a half games back of the wild card.

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