Guillen: “Everything Quiet With The White Sox”

According to's Scott Merkin, the White Sox aren't likely to add "a major piece to their playoff puzzle" before the trade deadline.

As usual, manager Ozzie Guillen did the talking:  "To be honest with you, we haven't even talked about that.  What we have is pretty good.  We got six, seven starters right now."

"Obviously, people have talked about (Roy) Halladay, but we've got something going good right now, and for the future very good," added the manager.  "To break that up now, that's a chance you would have to take if you break that up.  Right now, everything is quiet with the White Sox.  Unless something crazy happens in the next couple hours, we're going to go with what we have."

The White Sox stand 50-47, two games behind the Tigers in the American League Central.

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