International Free Agent Update

Tomorrow marks the start of the international signing period and's Jorge Arangure Jr. has the latest with just hours to go:

  • The Red Sox are big spenders, as they've already set up six-figure deals with three players. Jose Vinicio's $2MM bonus is the biggest, but watch out for Raul Alcantara, who could be the biggest sleeper of this year's group. A rival scouting director said the righty might be better than Michael Ynoa.
  • Trainer Edgar Mercedes has a lot of clout on the international scene as a representative for Ynoa, Wagner Mateo and others. 
  • The recession hasn't stopped teams from spending big. 
  • If it turns out that Miguel Angel Sano is just 16 look for the Orioles to compete with the Twins and Pirates for his services. Baltimore could out-bid the others, but doesn't have the same personal relationship with the Dominican shortstop.
  • Arangure Jr. tweets that the Yankees will announce the signing of catcher Gary Sanchez at a press conference tomorrow evening.

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