Talkin’ Miguel Angel Sano

Miguel Angel Sano, a 16-year-old shortstop from the Dominican Republic, has had his name bounced around the pages of MLBTR for weeks.  We first checked in on him May 9, when he was still 15 years old and the Pirates were the only club openly talking about signing him.   As far as where he'll land?  We're all still in the dark.  But here's what we know… 

  • GlobalPost worked up a nice video profile of the kid in May.  That's a good place to start.
  • Baseball America's Ben Badler opined that Sano would have gone in the first round of this year's draft had he been eligible.
  • Major League Baseball is investigating Sano's age and identity, which is expected to delay the presentation of any formal contracts.  He'll receive a one-year suspension if he's found to be lying.
  • The investigation might not conclude until next week, and may never yield exact findings.
  • He's in search of a signing bonus of over $3MM.
  • The Twins and Pirates have made offers, contingent on the results of MLB's investigation.
  • The Orioles are also thought to have serious interest and might extend an offer in the next few days.
  • The Cardinals had interest at one point, but it may have fizzled out with their signing of Dominican outfielder Wagner Mateo to a $3.1MM signing bonus.
  • The Yankees also had their eye on Sano in mid-June, but haven't been mentioned in rumors recently.

For MLBTR's full archive of Sano coverage, check here.

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