Yankees In On Sano?

You've heard the name plenty around these parts over the past few weeks.  Miguel Angel Sano, a 16-year-old infield prospect from the Dominican Republic, has been linked to the Pirates, Indians, Orioles and Twins.  

Now it appears the Yankees have jumped into the bidding.  As ESPN The Magazine's Jorge Arangure reported through his Twitter account this afternoon, Brian Cashman and Co. believe they have a "50/50" chance of landing the phenom.  

It all comes down to dollars and cents, however, and the Yanks are actually practicing fiscal responsibility.  That may come as a surprise, but keep in mind that throwing millions of dollars at a kid who just hit the legal driving age is a monstrous gamble. The Pirates are reportedly preparing an offer around $4MM, and it doesn't sound like the Yankees are willing to go that high.  As Arangure continued in his "tweet," if the price was $3MM, "then yes."

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