Heyman On Jays, Gonzalez, Peavy

Jon Heyman of SI.com calls Toronto's team the "Blew Jays" because he believes GM J.P. Ricciardi blew the Roy Halladay trade talks. Here are the details and a couple other rumors:

  • Heyman says too much talk, too much candor and an overly steep price prevented Ricciardi from making a deal.
  • Heyman hears that Halladay would have approved trades to a variety of teams in the East and Midwest.
  • The Jays never agreed on prospects with the Rangers, but would have sent $5MM to Texas in a possible Halladay deal. 
  • One executive says the Jays "overplayed their hand." 
  • The Padres wanted more than Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson and Jed Lowrie for Adrian Gonzalez.  
  • GM Kevin Towers had a deal more or less in place to send Jake Peavy to Atlanta last offseason before the righty told the Padres he didn't want to go to Atlanta.

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