Rich Harden Rumors: Sunday

8:26pm: Count Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune among those who believe a trade will get done by Monday's deadline:  "The guess here," Rogers writes, "is that Twins GM Bill Smith is going to wake up on Monday, consider how catchable the Detroit Tigers remain, and pay the price."  The Twinkies currently stand 65-65 — 4.5 games back of Detroit in the AL Central.

12:57pm: Joe Christensen says "doubts have emerged" about the Twins completing a trade with the Cubs for Rich Harden. Christensen quotes sources who say "the Cubs had yet to open a window for the Twins to negotiate a long-term deal with Harden." Twins officials have yet to confirm or deny that they were the team that claimed Harden.

Christensen notes the Twins would deal for Harden even without a long-term extension given Harden will be a Type A free agent.

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