Cubs Rumors: Grabow, Harden

The Cubs have four players headed for free agency this winter: reliever John Grabow, outfielder Reed Johnson, reliever Kevin Gregg and starter Rich HardenThanks to Carrie Muskat of, we already have news on two of them…

  • John Grabow has begun "preliminary talks" with the Cubs about returning for the 2010 season.  He wants to come back, and has made that known.  "It's just a matter of finding common ground," said the left-hander, acquired from the Pirates on July 30.  "It won't happen until the season is over."
  • Rich Harden has also made it known that he'd like to return.  "I like this team and the organization, and I'm very happy with my time here," he said Saturday. "Yeah, I'd like to be here next year, but we'll see what happens."  Of course, Harden will require a much stronger financial commitment than Grabow.  He's likely to shop around, if only to drive up his price.  And the Cubs have hinted that they might not even want him back.

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