Non-Tender Candidates

December 12th marks baseball's non-tender deadline.  That's when teams decide whether to offer a contract to the unsigned players on their 40-man roster.  Players not tendered a contract become free agents, so we'll add a good 30 players to the list.  It is a chance for certain players to reach free agency without putting in the typical six years of service time.  Past non-tenders include David OrtizJayson Werth, Rick Ankiel, Ryan Franklin, David Eckstein, and Chad DurbinLast year Ty Wigginton, Jonny Gomes, Willy Taveras, and Takashi Saito were among those cut loose.  Usually at least a few useful guys are unearthed and a handful sign for more than a million bucks.

Below I've listed non-tender candidates for each team; it's mostly speculative.  Feel free to debate or add names in the comments; I may add to the list based on that.  A few of these players – Jeff Francoeur, John Maine, Mark Teahen, and Delmon Young – are unlikely, but were included anyway.

Jeremy Accardo
Garrett Atkins
John Bale
Denny Bautista
Jose Bautista
Matt Belisle
Boof Bonser
Bill Bray
Brian Bruney
Taylor Buchholz
John Buck
Dave Bush
Daniel Cabrera
Ryan Church
Neal Cotts
Jack Cust
Randy Flores
Mike Fontenot
Jeff Francoeur
Ryan Garko
Joey Gathright
Chad Gaudin
Jody Gerut
Gabe Gross
Craig Hansen
Aaron Heilman
Jeremy Hermida
Shawn Hill
Conor Jackson
Mike Jacobs
Bobby Jenks
Kelly Johnson
Logan Kensing
Noah Lowry
John Maine
Andy Marte
Seth McClung
Brandon Medders
Corky Miller
Justin Miller
Sergio Mitre
Dioner Navarro
Scott Olsen
Joel Peralta
Scott Proctor
Robb Quinlan
Kelly Shoppach
Tim Redding
Jeremy Reed
Jason Repko
Cory Sullivan
Jack Taschner
Mark Teahen
Marcus Thames
Josh Towers
Matt Treanor
Doug Waechter
Chien-Ming Wang
Tyler Yates
Delmon Young

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