Can Phillies Afford To Re-Sign Jayson Werth?

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro told reporters today that the club may not be able to retain Jayson Werth as they already have $130MM committed to just 14 players for 2011, writes Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  His comments came after the press conference to announce the re-signing of Shane Victorino and were unsolicited by the media in attendance.

Amaro wondered aloud if the contracts given to Jason Bay and Matt Holliday would affect Werth's asking price.  Recently, Todd Zolecki of wrote that he isn't sure if the Phils could retain Werth for Bay-type money.  Werth had his strongest offensive showing to date in 2009, hitting .268/.373./.506 with a career high 36 homers.

While his .879 OPS in '09 doesn't quite match Bay's walk year OPS of .921, Werth's solid defensive play (6.1 UZR/150) certainly trumps Bay's notoriously weak fielding (-11.2 UZR/150).

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  1. Bluntly, no, they can’t. But that’s nothing new. Blanton is getting $8.5MM in 2011, and would have likely earned that anyway — as would have any similarly situated FA SP. Victornio would have probably netted $5MM via arbitration. Once the Halladay extension came down, it was clear that Werth is as good as gone.

  2. cy33 5 years ago

    going to be a sad day. But it looks like he is gone. Save the money for Howard.

  3. what is he werth?

  4. darkdonnie 5 years ago

    If by “Win Now” you mean the next 3-4 years then yes.

    They will re-sign one of Howard or Werth.

  5. jdt96 5 years ago

    It’s hard to believe they are going to let Werth go. He is their only right handed power bat, and Domonic Brown, the prospect who would replace him, is left handed.They backloaded Ibanez’s three year deal, as well as the 2 year contract Werth signed in 2009. The phillies have a lot of money coming off the books in 2012. If Werth comes out hitting again, I say they sign him something like 3 years 39 million with a salary of around 8 or 9 million for 2011. I have a hunch Werth is more likely to be a Phillie in 2012 than Howard is.

    • I agree. I think that Werth likes the Phillies enough to at least backload his contract so they can afford him.

      • MorrisParkMetfan 5 years ago

        Don’t ever agree with a Phillie fan

        • Ha! Well, it’s just common sense–not like I’m hoping it happens!

          • wow why are there so many mets fans on a Phillies article……….just wondering

          • Just because an article is about the Phillies doesn’t mean other fans can’t read/voice an opinion.

          • studio179 5 years ago

            How dare any fan other than a Philly fan post on a Philly thread on this site. Your the same guy wanting to know why Cub fans are posting on the ‘Phillies To Sign Jose Contreras’ thread. Chill out. It’s a baseball rumor site.

    • bbxxj 5 years ago

      Werth is worth at least twice that amount. Bay is older and can’t play an above average RF and he got 4/66 so I would expect Werth to push 6/100 easy.

      • jdt96 5 years ago

        I agree he is at least as good as Bay, and maybe that means the Phillies might have to give him a fourth or fifth year (which they don’t like to do.) But I don’t necessarily think he is going to demand an equal salary. He seems to really like Philadelphia, and the Phillies did resurrect his career. Also Bay got more than he was worth because there weren’t a lot of different making outfielders available. 13 million is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a guy who just became a full-time starter in the middle of 08.

      • markjsunz 5 years ago

        Werth had a break out season last year with howard in the lineup, Bay has been a slugger since he got to the majors. Lets see what worth does this year. Does anyone think the phillies would give him 100 million dollar contract?

    • schick92 5 years ago

      nothing is set yet, they have to do some small trades if they want room for him. i wouldnt be suprised on what might happen, trades or anything.

  6. eman91 5 years ago

    My prediction is he returns to the dodgers to replace manny after 2010.

    • NL_East_Rivalry 5 years ago

      I like this Prediction. He is RHed, so if Boston misses out on A-Gon, they can look at Werth.

    • lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

      I’d love to have him in LA.. but the only way that happens, IMO, is if McCourt isnt the owner. Otherwise, any money he has will go to signing Billz, Kemp, Ethier, Broxton, etc to long deals..

  7. So, in a year, the Phillies will be werthless…

    As a Pirate fan, that’s something to cheer me up!

    • ooh thats funny, atleast when we have a good player we dont go out and trade him for some cheap prospects and a worthless player like the bucs

      • penpaper 5 years ago

        ooh thats funny

      • mrshibe 5 years ago

        Do me a favor and don’t be a Phillies fan. I’m guessing you never knew Curt Schilling at one time played here. He was dealt for, guess what, “some cheap prospects and a worthless player.” The economics of baseball are so screwed up right now

      • All Day Réy 5 years ago

        Chill out it was a joke, you take stuff on here too personal!

  8. cosmo526 5 years ago

    You can afford Werth if you move Ibanez and the last year of his contract. Even if you eat 3-4 million of Ibanez, adding the 6-7 to the 7 Werth makes this year, might just be enough.

    • wordislife 5 years ago

      Yeah, I think that’s probably the only way they could keep Werth. I guess it will depend on the kind of year Ibanez has this season. He could be a nice DH option for an AL team. He’s proven he can hit AL pitching and he’s a good clubhouse guy.

    • jrollpatrol08 5 years ago

      where you gonna move him to? some fantasy world where they pay 11.5 million dollars for a 39 year old outfielder?

  9. lakersdodgersyankees4life 5 years ago

    IMO, there is no way they retain Werth. The simple reason is where do you play Brown. I have heard he is MLB ready, or close to it, now, and if they feel that he is a top prospect, like they do, the Phils will give him a chance. They will have Brown replace Werth, with Victorino and Ibanez in the OF, barring any other prospect I am not aware of…

  10. Muggi 5 years ago

    Werth’s fantastic, would love to keep him, but don’t see it happening for many of the reasons mentioned above.

    Brown will replace him next year, with one of Gillies/Gose (if either are ready) replacing Ibanez after 2011.

  11. Mickeyblue 5 years ago

    I think comparing Werth to Holliday or even Bay is a little premature. I think Ryan Ludwick is more of a comparable, I don’t have much faith Werth will duplicate his success from ’09 and I don’t believe for a second he would do that well in any other lineup where he gets strikes in Philly due to the hitters he hits behind. If he wants a 6/100 contract like someone suggested I would be happy to let him go if I were RAJ. Werth isn’t worth more than 13mil a year imo at this point in time. I think anyone paying over 4/50 or 5/60 is going to seriously regret it.

  12. darkdonnie 5 years ago

    Ibanez doesn’t have a no trade clause

  13. bjsguess 5 years ago

    The Phillies are in an interesting spot. Their young talent is maturing and now starting to really cost them. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they have to move one or two more expensive pieces to get younger/cheaper talent. Just look around the diamond – every player is making serious money now.

    • Muggi 5 years ago

      Yep, exactly why it’s doubtful they brig back Werth.

      I thought they had a chance to keep one of Werth or Victorino, with Vic being the obviously much cheaper option.

      Hate to see him go just for prospects (a decent season should get him Type A), but everyone can’t be the Yanks. Hopefully they can send him off with another WS ring.

      • NL_East_Rivalry 5 years ago

        I understand because he’s cheaper, but I don’t like because of the Polanco deal. I guess having Shane means the Braves wont cause them any trouble. Worst thing ever to happen was when Ryan Howard learned how to play the field last off-season.

  14. aap212 5 years ago

    He just had a career year at age 30 and slugged under 500 on the road. If you’re the Phillies, you let him walk, you take the draft picks, and you high-five yourselves for getting his best years on the cheap while someone else vastly overpays him for his decline.

  15. Guest 5 years ago

    Werth is great but the hype is way too big.

  16. pherrisphain 5 years ago

    Werth did not suddenly figure out how to play baseball at the age of 28. He won a starting job with the Dodgers in 2005. He was hit by a pitch in spring training 2006 which lingered the entire year resulting in the Dodgers cutting him. He was out of baseball in 2006 because of his injury and was not properly diagnosed until he took himself to the Mayo Clinic. He took him a little over a season to win a starting job with the Phillies after he was signed prior to the 2007 season. And, as they say, the rest his history. Any team able to sign Werth for less than what Bay is receiving from the Mets would be getting a real steal.

  17. werth may lower his demands, because he really likes Philly idk how low he will go but ya never know………….and if ibanez does have a no trade clause, and he starts stinking like the second half of the season, trade clause wont matter

  18. dodgers_suck 5 years ago

    very doubtful. i think if they keep werth, they can back load his contract until ibanez is gone and that gives time for their farm system to produce an outfielder. they have a great infield and pitching. they’ll be fine.

  19. dodgers_suck 5 years ago

    i never said get rid of howard. they need to do whatever they have to do to keep werth in their outfield.

  20. dodgers_suck 5 years ago

    they’re such a huge market team. they could sign both.

  21. markjsunz 5 years ago

    If bay is not worth the money he got for 30 plus HRS.100 plus Rbi and over 100 runs scored that is towards the top of the class without steroids. What is he worth? He is toward the top of the class and he is being paid such. I am sure Amaro would not have said what he said if he did not mean it. At some point you just have to put the breaks on spending. The Phillies have had a great run with young players under team control but now these guys are coming up on free agency and they are going to want to be paid, at that point the dynamics change, and remember it is a business. At least you guys won a world series in 2008 and you still will contend this year for another title.

  22. sonofspam 5 years ago

    Wait a minute. The $130 million for 14 players is for 2011. Howard is under contract for 2011. His $20 million comes off the books in 2012. You’re counting Howard’s salary twice.

    So, it’s not “$35 million on top of the $130 million for 14 players”

    It’s “$35 million on top of the $110 million for 13 players”

    Factor in Ibañez and it turns into “$35 million on top of the $98 million for 12 players”

    2012 is not a problem for the Phillies, it’s 2011, and that can be solved by backloading Werth’s contract. I’m not saying it’s a definite, but remind him of the wind currents to right-center in CBP and extend Charlie Manual again, and I think he’d be willing to put off one more year for the big payday.

  23. jrollpatrol08 5 years ago

    yea…one of them is gonna have to go. the team cannot operate on so many 15-20million dollar players. i like the victorino extension because it would seemingly give the phils more money to entice ryan howard to stick around. werth is a great player, dont get me wrong. he can situational hit, has great plate discipline and by far the best plate coverage on the team. the fans love him. but i guess we will see how it pans out…the werth decision is at the forefront as his contract expires before howards. if the phils do sign werth, there seriously is NO WAY howard comes back…they are now in the top 5-7 payrolls in baseball, but you still cannot realistically expect them to keep everybody. eventually the business part of baseball comes in, and in this situation its werth OR howard…

  24. dodgers_suck 5 years ago

    its 25mm on top of their payroll since 10mm is already going to howard. thats a raise of 10mm. its a lot of money anyways but they can afford both of them since they won’t resign ibanez.

  25. markjsunz 5 years ago

    Bay went to the highest bidder. It does not matter what you or I think everyone has there market value based on what someone is willing to pay, and some one is willing to sign for. Your opinion may be he is not worth the money, but the Mets opinion is he is and that is all that counts.You just cannot pay any amount to all players and not have a budget, maybe the yankees have deep pockets becuse of the Yes network revenue but there has to be a limit. Baseball is a business, and sometimes resigning your free agent players is bad business. Anyway enjoy the 2010 season.

  26. jrollpatrol08 5 years ago

    wow your looking into this way too much. since we cant go back in time, as far as i know, everything you said is basically pointless. if the phillies dont sign werth its because hes gonna require on the market something close to 15mil per year over multiyears. if the phils arent prepared to pay that im not surprised. the guy has had one career year 2009, so his value is obviously at its highest point (thus far in his career) right now. im not gonna jump the gun if im the phils. its actually a prudent baseball/business decision. i guess you dont think ryan howard’s looming contract possibility has anything to do with the phils not resigning werth????? um, that should be number one on your list of things that COULD still happen, not ‘mistakes’ that the team has made in the recent past.

  27. markjsunz 5 years ago

    Dude, get a life.

  28. All Day Réy 5 years ago

    Second that!

  29. jrollpatrol08 5 years ago

    yea i dont want to see howard leave, but the money issue might force the hand of management. sure the phils are now operating at a 140mil payroll, which will prob increase after 2010, but werth at around 12-15 per year versus howard at 22-24ish million per year—thats a big difference no matter what your payroll is. phils have a wealth of OF prospects that can come in to replace werth. they probably wont have his production, but could still contribute. on the other hand, is there a power replacement for ryan howard? not even close. i dont even know if theres another MLB player with the potential to put up numbers like howard can, other than pujols maybe

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