D-Backs Out Of Sheets Derby, Payroll Stretched Thin

The Diamondbacks were one of several teams who sent representatives to Ben Sheets' throwing session today, but according to Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic, the Snakes don't have any interest in the free-agent hurler.  Arizona GM Josh Byrnes tells Piecoro that the club is probably finished their winter shopping aside from maybe a bit more pitching that would have to come at a much lower cost than Sheets' estimated $7.5MM price tag.

Even if Arizona had taken a shine to Sheets, the club wouldn't have been able to afford him given Piecoro's news that the Adam LaRoche signing pushed the Snakes' budget to just under the $79MM mark for 2010.  Ergo, if the D-Backs struggle this season and don't contend for a playoff spot, the team is going to lose some money.  This isn't a major problem for Arizona Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick, who tells Piecoro, "we're willing to take that risk. We're not about making money. We're about winning and trying to avoid significant losses." 

LaRoche signed for a reasonable $4.5MM salary for 2010, but considering his notorious hot-and-cold stretches at the plate, D-Backs fans may not look too kindly on LaRoche slumping given his status as the "real difference-maker" (to quote Kendrick) of a player that the team broke the bank for.

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  1. jcrabtree7 6 years ago

    Ergo? What are you, the Architect from the Matrix Reloaded?

  2. Guest 6 years ago

    d-backs have a nice top 3 to their rotation, imagine sheets in there too

    • Yea they should have skipped LaRoche and Kelly Johnson and just signed Sheets instead.

    • Given Arizona’s payroll constraints, I don’t see how they could afford to risk signing Sheets. If they rely on him, they’re going to have zero flexibility for the rest of the season. And if he’s a bust, so is the season, basically.

      With that said, it’s ballsy to come out and say “We’re willing to take a loss this season to be competitive.” I think it’s that kind of attitude that helps keep fans in the seats.

  3. markjsunz 6 years ago

    Lotta money for an injury prone pitcher coming off of a one year layoff. No home town discount for the brewers?

  4. The Padres still have that much left under $40 million.

    With the signing of Adams and Hairston willing his arbitration case at $2.9 million they are only at $32.5 million.

    Give them a rotation of CY, Sheets, Latos, Correia and Richard with Gallagher, Stauffer, Leblanc, Poreda, Carrillo and Ramos all available for when the inevitable injuries hit.

    • bjsguess 6 years ago

      It’s an interesting situation. Sheets could really re-establish himself by pitching in a relatively stress free environment (SD) in a very pitching friendly park and division. If healthy Sheets can be flipped at the deadline and hopefully the Pads could stock up on more good, young talent.

      Of course, he could pitch 50 innings and be totally worthless. Big gamble for a team with a payroll around $40m. Maybe a low base/high incentive deal would work. Something like a $3m base with another $8m or so in performance incentives.

  5. cubnation 6 years ago

    Why is there no news on how sheets threw last night and what the scouts thought of his performance (like there was when chapman threw)???? Come on guys, get with the program and provide us with some detaisl here. For all we know sheets re-tore his flexor again last night????

    • cubnation 6 years ago

      found some info on mlb. com……… showed him throwing and had EY doing a basic breakdown of his mechanics.

  6. johnyboiy 6 years ago

    best rotation in the nl if they signed sheets and he is healthy webb haren jackson sheets and kenedy!! it would be awsome but verry unlikley

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