Mets To Re-Sign Fernando Tatis

THURSDAY, 6:30pm: The Mets and Fernando Tatis have reached agreement on a one-year deal, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post

Terms of the agreement are currently unknown, but Puma writes that the 35-year-old will earn less than the $1.7MM he made last season.  However, a baseball source indicates that with incentives, Tatis could approach that figure.

3:00pm: Jon Heyman of says (via Twitter) that the Mets will sign Tatis. This means Carlos Delgado will have to look for a job elsewhere.

WEDNESDAY, 6:46pm: Adam Rubin of The New York Daily News says a deal should be wrapped up "shortly." 

6:06pm: The Mets are deep into negotiations with Fernando Tatis, reports Mike Puma of The New York Post. A deal could be reached within a matter of days.

GM Omar Minaya contacted Tatis' agent today, and indicated that he wants an answer soon. Tatis earned $1.7MM in 2009, and Puma says he wants a comparable contract for 2010. A deal would seem to eliminate the possibility of a Carlos Delgado return. Puma mentions the Rockies and Mariners as other clubs that have expressed interest in the free agent. 

The 35-year-old Tatis hit .282/.339/.438 with just eight homers in 379 plate appearances last year, though he did see time at six positions. He will be forever remembered as the first (and only) player in Major League history to hit two grand slams in one inning, off the same pitcher no less.

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  1. cmat91 6 years ago

    thank god. i mean thats whos really going to change the mets rotation around…

    • Guest 6 years ago

      Yeah haha, The Mets are doing a great job. Ben Sheets, Randy Wolf, Joel, Piniero, Bengie Molina, Jason Marquis, and John Lackey were all targets for the Mets. They wound up with Tatis. Great.

      • icedrake523 6 years ago

        They’re lucky they missed out on Molina. He’s awful.

        • JasonHeywardIsGod 6 years ago

          agreed, but he’s better than josh thole or omir santos, atleast he has power

          • icedrake523 6 years ago

            Not when you take into account salary. I’d rather Thole or Santos at minimum.

        • drlincecum 6 years ago

          no molina isn’t terrible, he’s not going to be relied on to bat clean up anymore. we all know his downfalls, but for a veteran catcher he’s pretty decent. i mean come on, he had a triple last year. we’re paying him 4.5 mil you lost because molina thinks you guys can’t make the playoffs.

          • flumesalot 6 years ago

            Naturally with the additions of Aubrey Huff and Mark DeRosa, the Giants are well on their way to burying the Dodgers, let alone the Rockies? All in, Benjie…

          • icedrake523 6 years ago

            Guys with a 285 OBP are awful. He is a lousy catcher. His hitting is overrated. Even with his HRs last year he had an 86 OPS+. He’s living off of his defensive reputation from years ago, too.

          • drlincecum 6 years ago

            .442 slugging, that’s a good bat for the giants, especially now with uribe back and derosa. I understand that he probably wouldn’t be as good with a different club, but he knows the giants organization and has confidence in a playoff birth. I think he’s going to be the 4th or 5th best catcher offensively next year. Mauer, V-Mart, than who?

          • icedrake523 6 years ago

            Joe Mauer, Victor Martinez, Brian McCann, Jorge Posada, Matt Wieters, Kurt Suzuki, Mike Napoli, Chris Iannetta, and Yadier Molina are all better. And I expect Russell Martin to bounce back next year. You can even throw in Carlos Ruiz though I don’t expect him to repeat last year’s numbers. So the discussion on Bengie starts at #10. And that’s probably being generous.

          • bbxxj 6 years ago

            “Mauer, V-Mart, than who?”

            I may be a homer, but McCann just got seriously disrespected here.

          • Guest 6 years ago

            Awwh yea… McCann takes a backseat to nobody!… except Mauer

          • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

            Icedrake basically covered all the names that are better than Bengie Molina.

            I can’t believe that the guy that said Bengie is 4th or 5th best as an offensive catcher was being serious. But it seems like he was.

          • Guest 6 years ago

            They’d have been better off with Buster Posey; maybe sign someone like Jose Molina to help him out

          • Guest 6 years ago

            Awwh yea… McCann takes a backseat to nobody!… except Mauer

          • bbxxj 6 years ago

            “Mauer, V-Mart, than who?”

            I may be a homer, but McCann just got seriously disrespected here.

          • Ricky 6 years ago

            At least they didn’t overpay for him.

      • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

        DUDERS! you got jason bay. jason. bay.

        • start_wearing_purple
          start_wearing_purple 6 years ago

          anyone who actually uses the word “duders” pretty much loses all credibility.

          • JasonHeywardIsGod 6 years ago

            lol i’ve never seen that word until now.

          • humbb 6 years ago

            “I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. That or His Dudeness… Duder… or El Duderino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing.”

          • Infield Fly 6 years ago

            Somebody’s having a “Big Lebowski” flashback! ;-p

          • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

            so “duders” invalidates commentary, but complaining that the mets front office is inactive and unwilling to spend money is valid? even when in recent years they’ve given monster contracts to:luis castillocarlos beltranjason baycarlos santanaoliver perez?and have david wright and jose reyes locked up for a couple of more years a piece?and made a pretty smart buy-low move on kelvim escobar this offseason?and wouldn’t go 2 years on bengie molina and his .300 OBP?and were smart enough not to pay $15MM for a league-average pitcher (marquis)?and have committed $149 million to payroll for 2009?that’s the front office you’re mad at?but none of that matters because i said “duder.”nice job, boseph.

          • vtadave 6 years ago

            $7.5 million/year is pretty much the going rate for an average starting pitcher who eats innings. Yeah that is bad passing on a guy like Marquis when your 2-5 starters are named Pelfrey, Perez, Maine, and Niese/Nieve.

          • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

            i’m just saying “the mets suck” is maybe a valid argument, but “the front office isn’t doing anything” really isn’t. they’ve done plenty in terms of trades, free agent signings, and expanding payroll. you can’t really complain too much about that.

          • Qabalist 6 years ago

            Dude, they’re inactive on exactly what the Mets need. Answer me this. What were and still are the Mets glaring problems coming into the 2010 season? Did they address them? I say pitching and defense was a huge flaw. To this point as far as I know, neither has been addressed. So I’d say in a sense the Mets have been inactive on what’s necessary. Spending money and improving the team are not always complementary.

          • Qabalist 6 years ago

            Dude, they’re inactive on exactly what the Mets need. Answer me this. What were and still are the Mets glaring problems coming into the 2010 season? Did they address them? I say pitching and defense was a huge flaw. To this point as far as I know, neither has been addressed. So I’d say in a sense the Mets have been inactive on what’s necessary. Spending money and improving the team are not always complementary.

          • start_wearing_purple
            start_wearing_purple 6 years ago

            First of all, way to take a sarcastic comment.

            Second, do you really think I’m complaining about Mets inactivity? I simply find it funny for a team with several glaring holes.

            Third, your list of major contracts, I assume the motive for listing them was to show successes? I would have left Perez off the list if I was you.

            Fourth, your argument of the Mets have a good front office consists of past contracts (Including Perez), Kelvim Escobar (whom if would have signed with any other team you probably would sing a different tune), and not paying for players (Yet they outbid themselves on Bay). Yeah… convincing.

          • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

            wow. i’m not really even sure where to begin with this one… uh, you can have it. enjoy that.

          • Guest 6 years ago

            uhh if i were you, i wouldn’t bash other people for not ‘taking a sarcastic comment’. i read the comment just like everyone else did. it didn’t sound sarcastic, you just sounded like an idiot.

          • Infield Fly 6 years ago

            Carlos Santana?!
            Well, if he can play guitar AND 1B I’m all for it!

          • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

            ha. my fault. johann gutenberg.

          • Ray29 6 years ago

            Maybe Santana and Beltran can switch names -and we can have Carlos Santana and Johan Beltran!

      • The only person from that list that should be on the Mets is Lackey

  2. The Mets already have Daniel Murphy, just give the kid a chance to play and show what he’s got for one more year. No need to sign Tatis. I’ve had enough of Jerry’s love affair of starting DP Machine-Tatis over Murphy against left-handed pitching. Change the damn atmosphere and sign Ryan Garko for pete’s sake. Or just go with Nick Evans/Chris Carter. Geeez. If this deal is finalized, I’m on the bandwagon with the other Mets fans wanting Omar to get fired.

    • Tatis is much better than Garko

      This is a good resigning, yet of course people hate it. Why does that not surprise me?

      • cmat91 6 years ago

        i dont think people hate it as much as they hate the fact that omar is doing nothing to make this team better. all he is doing is making the same team as last year with a little more depth. i would have no problem with signing if he had made a splash in the rotation before all the solid pitchers got signed

    • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago


      There are Mets fans that AREN’T on that bandwagon? I call bullshit.

  3. altosax29b 6 years ago

    Omar-tsk tsk tsk.

  4. rickjames2213 6 years ago

    i lol’d at this headline.

  5. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    how “deep” can negotiations with fernandon tatis actually get?

    • flumesalot 6 years ago

      Wall Street is at a standstill until an agreement or reality check is in place…

      • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

        like i said.. nothing happens in baseball until jim endomds picks his team.

  6. I really needed this after a crappy day at work…

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      If you ‘like’ that, wait and see what’s in store once the season starts!

  7. JasonHeywardIsGod 6 years ago

    Omar is the worst gm in baseball, him or Jim Hendry or the Astros GM, i can’t think who is worse.

    • iwishihadaclue 6 years ago

      You can’t blame Omar for everything. It’s obvious that the WilpOns are pulling the strings and he’s the puppet. Do you seriously think any GM would go into the offseason with this many holes and walk out with just Jason Bay, plus a few minor moves?

      • I’m usually one to agree with a Wilpon bashing, but signing Tatis is purely an Omar move. It’s one thing to limit payroll (that’s a Wilpon move), but it’s another thing to not spend money wisely (an Omar move).

        There are many GMs out there who have just a fraction of the payroll Omar has, yet they can still find way to fill holes properly. Omar has let a ton of reasonably priced free agents go–mostly because he’s already spent money on pointless players.

        If he signs Tatis (say, for $1.5 million), then he will have spent $15 million on Fernando Tatis, Gary Matthews Jr., Jeff Francouer, Alex Cora, Henry Blanco, Chris Coste, Ryota Igarashi, and Kelvim Escobar.

        One could make the [easy] argument that all of those players are below average major leaguers.

        • boseefuss 6 years ago

          The Mets do have a plan though. This plan started a few years back and the final chapter might be getting close.

          • Ferrariman 6 years ago

            Is the plan to try and rob the nationals/padres/royals of the is overall draft pick in 2011?

          • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

            WE HAVE A WINNER, FOLKS! =P /sarcasm.

    • empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

      remember when he got you guys johan santana? without giving up fernando martinez? yeah, that sucked.

      • cmat91 6 years ago

        thats one move…. tell me what he did to make the rotation better than it was last year

      • BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

        I remember that. I also remember that that only happened because the two much better offers that were out there (Boston and Yanks) told the Twins to go to hell since they were asking too much.I also remember that the move has yet to pay off. And, until the Mets make the playoffs again, it still won’t.

        The amount of good moves Omar has made (and there are some, shockingly) are offset by the huge amount of bad moves he has made.

  8. Sabean, Moore, and possibly Wade are all worse

  9. Infield Fly 6 years ago

    When in doubt, do the same thing that didn’t work last time.

  10. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    Wow The Mets really know how to push there fans buttons

  11. Ricky 6 years ago

    Tatis rebuilt his career but is not really a big help to us. Ike Davis will be playing 1st base by Aug 1st and Backman will be his manager

  12. crewfan85 6 years ago

    Why is no one talking about Filipe Lopez. He batted .310 with an .810 OPS in 604 AB. He was’nt the most exciting player to watch, but he was a great lead off guy, and can play all over the infield. Am I missing somthing?

    • Ferrariman 6 years ago

      His agent being boras semi-automatically takes like 15 teams off the interested list

  13. MorrisParkMetfan 6 years ago

    Lets be real here the Mets will be fighting the Nats for last place

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      Why fight for what you can get for free? As far as the Nats are concerned, the Mets can have it!

  14. eman91 6 years ago

    This reminds me of the AT&T and Verizon commercial, at least you got one

  15. jhawk90 6 years ago

    “Who is Fernando Tatis? Thank you – I’ll take “Guys Who I Thought Were Dead” for $600, Alex.”

  16. JohnLucarelli 6 years ago

    As Chad Tracy signs for half…

  17. As a die-hard mets fan (no matter what)….I truly do not feel that this was Omar’s first choice (obviously). Omar probably reached out to the agents for a few players and was told the player has no interest in joining the mets, Delgado is not able to play first base anymore so that eliminiates him. Also, I feel Omar is about to fall off the ledge. I do not beleive the mets brass has any faith in him and are restricting what he is able to do. Why do you think they hired Wayne Krivsky? Here is what pisses me off though…Jeff Wilpon was on the fan a few months ago and said the mets “will do whatever they have to do to improve the team and win”….well Jason Bay, a few back-up catchers, a 33 year old injured pitcher (escobar)…R.A Dickey, Mike Hessman, and re-signing Cora and Tatis and trading for Gary Matthews Jr (which makes absolutely no sense in my opinion when you could of just signed Randy Winn) does not show me the team wants to improve. Now to be positive, the mets have a great lineup if everyone stays healthy, so I am not worried about it too much and I can live with Castillo and say Omir Santos…but to convince your fans that you are going to war with Santana, crazy # 1, crazy # 2, oft injured maine and some guy at the fifth spot, and expect to compete with the Phillies and Braves? You are doing your fans, your team and your city a disservice

    • boseefuss 6 years ago

      That’s about right Victor. It almost seems like Omar is just picking up his paycheck this offseason.

  18. NYBravosFan10 6 years ago

    ok, really Omar? I’m a Braves fan and even I feel sorry for Mets fans. Why in God’s name is Omar wasting his time with this guy when he needs starting pitching that won’t be around much longer?!?!?!? Why isn’t he pursuing John Smoltz or Jarrod Washburn? No instead he goes for some dude who he knows damn well that noone else wants.

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      You want to take a look at the Wilpons too, my friend, ’cause they’re holding all the reins now. If THEY didn’t want Tatis, Omar would’t be signing him. It’s not just Omar. It’s a complete mess from the top down, and no question. The problem is that they can get rid of Omar, but we fans can’t get rid of THEM!

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      You want to take a look at the Wilpons too, my friend, ’cause they’re holding all the reins now. If THEY didn’t want Tatis, Omar would’t be signing him. It’s not just Omar. It’s a complete mess from the top down, and no question. The problem is that they can get rid of Omar, but we fans can’t get rid of THEM!

  19. Guest 6 years ago

    YES! Now I can listen to his sweet Hispanic at-bat music!

    • Infield Fly 6 years ago

      That’s novel – but it’s OK to call it “merengue” like the rest of the world.

  20. mochajoe 6 years ago

    I know Mets fans are frustrated, but in defense of MInaya, he said he would sign one of Bay, Holliday & Lackey…he never said anything about signing a second star player…in terms of Minaya’s main offseason goal, it was accomplished…I know his other goal was to get Molina, but Molina chose to stay in SF…can’t kill Omar for that…the bottom line is that if they were able to get Lackey instead of Bay and settled for a second tier LF’r their offseason would have been viewed differently.

    • cmat91 6 years ago

      not necessarily. i rather they sign bay over lackey because of the price tag but he couldve also gone after one of; Harden, Sheets, attempt a trade for halladay, attempt a trade for vasquez, attempt a trade for arroyo/harrang, wolf, garland. anyone of those wouldve sufficed. but he decides not to do a damn thing about the biggest question mark of last year, the rotation. hes done nothing. the offense is officially addressed and thats it. its a successful season because he signed bay and put depth into the 40man roster? not one bit. i go to the bathroom and tell myself im either going to drop a log, piss, or both. i dont really have much other choice. had he passed on all three of those guys, he wouldve gotten hell from the media, the fan base, and everyone that could chip in their 2 cents.

  21. bbgods 6 years ago

    Domo arigato, Mr. Delgado.

  22. rollinphillies 6 years ago

    i think i just read someone say that minaya’s offseason goals were accomplished. bbbaaahahahaha. god i love mut fans. tatis, bay, and smoltz… saviors!

  23. 33yankeesfan33 6 years ago

    the mets need starting pitchers in the worst way theres basically no 1 left to sign so i say trade for someone like Arroyo or something to get depth which they have none of i can understand why met fans are upset

  24. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Seriously. I mean, how “deep” can negotiations really get for Tatis?

  25. BillB325 6 years ago

    Hey maybe Omar and jim can have a bidding war over him……… end result 5 years 100 million from the CUBS! lol

  26. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    remember when i wrote this same thing before you did? yeah, that was cool. have fun with those cubs.

  27. vtadave 6 years ago

    That was pretty funny. I can see getting in deep negotiations with Joe Mauer and Albert Pujols, but “deep” with Tatis? Really?

  28. EvilEmpireIsBack 6 years ago

    Deep in doo doo maybe?

  29. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Ironic, you did post the same thing. But, so you know, I show this on my page:

    Suzysman 22 minutes ago in reply to Seth Shelton

    empathizerightonyourbehind 23 minutes ago

    So whatever nonsense you want to claim should probably be directed at yourself.

  30. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Nah, Hendry has been holing back a little this offseason (think the Rickets have him under control. Goes beyond just contracts, heard they are forcing him to eat with utensils, wear pants in public and blocked Dusty’s number from all his phones so he would stop getting roster “advice”)

    That said, it would probably only be 3 years and 12 MM with a vesting option at 25 PA and of course a full no trade. :(

  31. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Really. Conversation should be:

    Omar “I am willing to go 1 year and 1.5 Million”
    Tatis “Well, I was really hoping for 1.75 Million. But I will take it if I can also get a press conference to re-introduce me so my friends and family can watch me on TV. They hate having to actually watch Mets games, so…”
    Omar “understood.”

  32. Suzysman 6 years ago

    Oh wow, you are correct. Go figure. No matter, upon refreshing, it looks as though they are within seconds of eachother (refreshing puts them at the same time) so… Besides, are you that pitiful that you are so worried when someone posts something similar to you at the same time? I mean, I hope it doesnt keep you up tonight or anything. You arent worried about losing your girlfriend over this or anything, are you?

  33. PhilsPhaninPhlorida 6 years ago

    The Mets can still salvage a woefull off-season by adding the likes of Russell Branyan to play 1B and by signing Washburn and Smoltz or Wang. Castillo is not HORRIBLE, however there are better out there still unsigned.. Hudson, Lopez, Cabrera – and they can still sign Torrealba or Barajas. IF they do those things, they can compete.

    But “as is” – your looking to battle for 3rd place with the Fish.

  34. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    hypothetically, if fernando tatis would have signed a 22-minute contract 23-minutes ago, how many minutes would fernando tatis have left on his contract?
    have fun with those cubs.

  35. Suzysman 6 years ago

    wow, you are that pitiful? Well all I can say is ever so sorry my lack of interest led to a mistake.

  36. empathizerightonyourbehind 6 years ago

    the answer was “1-minute.” have fun with those cubs.

  37. Suzysman 6 years ago

    you serious?

    By the way, have fun with those obsessions

  38. Guest 6 years ago

    so these fools are worth your time, but not your money? great strategy.

  39. Infield Fly 6 years ago

    Any time! I’m holding on by a thread here, and humor is just about the only thing keeping me upright at THIS point in the offseason. I imagine the same is true for the rest of us as well.

  40. Suzysman 6 years ago

    yes, that is clearly a big part of it. But you have to admit, its no where near as fun so I will stick to the Ricketts and “pants in public” theory thank you :)

  41. Infield Fly 6 years ago

    I guess I gotta cut him some slack. It’s unsettled times for ChiSox fans too.

  42. Guest 6 years ago

    You don’t know what you’re talking about friend. Branyan playing firstbase is not what anyone wants. Murphy played solid defense last year. Washburn NO Smoltz NO Wang…I would like. Castillo is terrible. He had a decent year last year because he was the only good player remaining most of the season. I do want Barajas too.

  43. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    I can’t figure that guy out, really.It’s like, he attempts to make posts in defense of his team.But then goes and starts a troll-fest.MLBTR. One of the many places you can go to get a headache.

  44. BaseballFan0707 6 years ago

    I’ll be honest…that is pretty depressing, to think that there are avid, life-long fans whom have had season tickets for so long that have gotten that tired of the team.

    I’m not saying you did something stupid by doing that, only that it makes me sad that the team has become that dysfunctional.

  45. Infield Fly 5 years ago

    This is hilarious and to the point.
    Thanks for the laugh….and the reality check.

  46. BaseballFan0707 5 years ago

    no problemo =)

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