Orlando Hudson’s Other Offers

Orlando Hudson agreed to a one-year $5MM deal with the Twins yesterday, but other teams were in it until the end. Here's a look at the offers the O-Dog turned down to play in Minnesota:

  • The Nationals offered Hudson a $4MM deal that could have reached $5MM with incentives, tweets MLB.com's Bill Ladson.
  • The Indians offered Hudson $10MM over two years, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The Indians, who have had a remarkably quiet offseason, wanted Hudson on a heavily-backloaded deal. Lots of money was tied up in the buyout of a third year option.

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    The Twins are a contending team. I’m not surprised by his choice. It was a good move for Hudson to not be offered arb after this season or else he would be a victim of the market for the third straight year.

  2. TwinsVet 5 years ago

    That Cleveland offer is shocking. I don’t understand their motives, nor do I understand why Hudson would pass it up (unless he *really* wants to win, or *really* thinks he’ll be more marketable next offseason).

    • Fredschickenshack 5 years ago

      bc next year hell have a better chance of playing where hes been wanting to play the past 2 off seasons.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        Where’s that?

        • JohnLucarelli 5 years ago

          ::Enter Met fan::


          Besides, HOPEFULLY it will be easier to trade Castillo with only 1 year left on his deal and slide in O-Dog at 2B here at Citi. Sounds logical to me.

          • Fredschickenshack 5 years ago

            theres no question hes wanted to come to ny for the past 2 years.. hes flat out said it, the problem was castillos wack contract…but with it being his last year next year.. they will just eat his salary its only 6 mil … but he should do well for the twins this year no doubt

          • wmj1986 5 years ago

            The Mets will be paying Alex Cora 2-3 mil this year, they didn’t need to trade Castillo to do that. They could have got Hudson for not much more and just make Luis the utility guy. I’m a Mets fan, but they are the dumbest club in the game in terms of personnel moves.

    • gwells 5 years ago

      Or because he didn’t want his money two years later as part of a 3rd year contract buyout.

      “The Indians, who have had a remarkably quiet offseason, wanted Hudson on a heavily-backloaded deal. Lots of money was tied up in the buyout of a third year option.”

      the twins offer was the only one offering $5m this year w/o incentives.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        True. But I don’t see 33-yr old Hudson getting better offers than 32-yr old
        Hudson. In other words, he may not even get a single $5m offer next year,
        in which case he’ll have left some money on the table. $10m guaranteed is
        still double the deal he took, and unless inflation goes astronomical, it’s
        not terribly significant that a piece of that would be delayed until his
        option is bought out.

    • TwinsTapir 5 years ago

      “Backloaded” and “lots of money tied up in a buyout” aren’t quite the same thing. Suppose the deal was $3m for ’10, $3m for ’11, and a $4m buyout on a $5m option for ’12. That’s obviously a worse deal than $5/1, unless Hudson thinks he’s declining fast, which players typically don’t.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        It seems like an “obviously worse deal” based on two assumptions:
        1. It’s a club option, so they could actually get him for $11 over 3 yrs (or something similar, depending on the size of the option).
        2. He can get $5m or more again next year.

        Obviously, at this point in time, all we have is speculation on those two points…

  3. drumzalicious 5 years ago

    For some reason i think Kennedy will put up a better year

    • Deviation 5 years ago

      Or Felipe Lopez for that matter.

      He’s still great for the Twins, however.

      • pinkiepinkerton 5 years ago

        I agree on Lopez. That kids just entering his prime. I would have preferred Lopez on my favorite squad, but the difference is minimal. I’m not going to complain about Hudson. It’s kind of like 1a and 1b.

  4. withpower 5 years ago

    Great move for Hudson.

    Minnesota over Cleveland is a no-brainer. Cleveland has who? Sizemore and Choo? Westbrook coming back from TJ? Sounds like a much better situation than getting in a line-up with Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Cuddyer, Span, Thome. Twins can hit and they’ve got some pitching. If Hudson turns in a representative season he’ll make a nice impact for MINN.

  5. BlackSoxBandits 5 years ago

    Twins are going to be good this year.

    • sploorp 5 years ago

      The Twins were the team to beat in the central even before they got Hudson, Thome and Hardy. With them, they have one incredible line up. They’re going to be a fun team to watch this year.

  6. YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

    The Indians are idiots for offering Ohud 2/$10. THis what they trimmed payroll last year? So they could sign a 30+ year old 2B despite trading for Valbuena who Shapiro stated was a good talent? How about they save that Ohud money and instead grab some damn pitching?!

  7. I think part of it may have had to do with the fact that, batting 2nd in front of Mauer, Morneau, Kubel and Cuddyer should be a lot more favorable to getting good pitches than Clevelands lineup…he has the potential for a .300 .380 15HR 100R year. Thus “inflating” his numbers for the market next year. NOW, he better not go into a 5 game slump or Punto will bench him!

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