Offseason In Review: Los Angeles Dodgers

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GM Ned Colletti chose to let key free agents Wolf, Garland, and Hudson leave, replacing them with cheaper options.  Let's take a look at the team's biggest moves.

Wolf earned $8MM in 2009 and pitched like an ace for the Dodgers.  He'd signed one-year deals three years in a row and was a near-lock to turn down an arbitration offer from the Dodgers.  Colletti reportedly feared a $15MM reward for Wolf, but said, "Our decision was made strictly from a baseball perspective."  The misstep cost the Dodgers a pair of draft picks.  Hudson was also a Type A free agent, but the choice not to offer him arbitration was defensible.  The Dodgers have more than enough options to replace him.

So, Colletti missed out on the #36 and #65 picks in the 2010 draft.  The Dodgers will survive.  Colletti's first big move of the offseason was to shave $3MM off the '10 payroll and $5MM off for '11 by unloading Pierre on the White Sox.  Colletti went on to allocate $11.5MM to free agents, most of which will be paid in '10.

With a million bucks in innings incentives dangling, I think Padilla will have a decent year.  Brett Myers and Jon Garland, who signed for similar dollars, don't seem any better or worse.  Carroll's two-year deal was unnecessary.  The 36-year-old is a useful player, but if you're pinching pennies there are better ways to spend $3.85MM.  Saving the money for midseason acquisitions would've been a better move.

Colletti deserves praise for adding 2011 cost certainty with the Ethier, Broxton, and Kemp deals.  He chose the right players and didn't overpay.

The Dodgers' offense appears respectable, with no clear area for upgrade.  Getting sufficient innings out of the Billingsley-Kershaw-Padilla-Kuroda front four is a concern, though few teams are satisfied with their rotation depth.  Colletti may need to make a deal this summer.

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