Elias Rankings Update

After the season the Elias Sports Bureau will take all players over the 2009-10 period, divide them into five groups for each league, and rank them based on various statistics.  Then each player will be labeled a Type A, B, or none.

Eddie Bajek has reverse-engineered the Elias rankings, and he's providing that information exclusively at MLB Trade Rumors.  Here's a look at how the players rank for the period beginning with the 2009 season running through June 9th, 2010.  The Google spreadsheet below has separate tabs for each position group.  The players have about four more months to change these rankings.

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  1. cardrob 5 years ago

    This is a great feature however this year I can’t view the rankings. Does anyone else have this problem, does anyone have a solution, or is there another way they can be posted so that I can enjoy them?

  2. I can’t believe that Justin Morneau has a rating of 74.

  3. Yankees420 5 years ago

    How is Manny still a type A? 3 of the 5 stats used for outfielders are counting stats-PA, HR, RBI-the guy missed almost a third of the season last year. And I agree Morneau should be higher.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      DL time isn’t factored in. so i guess some of manny’s production is a carry over from his 08 season.

      • Yankees420 5 years ago

        Did his suspension count as DL time? Either way I didn’t know that, thanks for the info.

  4. ReverendBlack 5 years ago

    A squeeze pick for Varitek would be pretty sweet.

    • Yankees420 5 years ago

      You think he’d turn down arb?

      • ReverendBlack 5 years ago

        I think it’s a possibility with a season like this and Boras in his ear. The whole thing basically turns on Martinez, though.

        • Yankees420 5 years ago

          Yeah but he listened to Boras once and turned it down, gotta imagine he’d learn from his mistakes.

  5. wheres rod barajas??

  6. ramiro magana 5 years ago

    Does money favtor into the rankings because I cant see how Pat Burrell has more points than Aubry Huff.

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