Angels Looking For Depth, Not Rental Players

The Angels have been linked in rumors to names like Adam Dunn or Prince Fielder, but judging from manager Mike Scioscia's comments today to's Alex Espinoza, L.A. may not go quite so big with any midseason deals.

"Our lineup needs to get deeper," Scioscia said. "If there's someone out there who is going to make us deeper, Tony [GM Tony Reagins] is going to act on it. As of right now, there hasn't been a lot presented that is going to be doable for what other teams are looking for and what we might have."

Scioscia also noted that he would like for any potential acquisition to be under contract for longer than just then end of the season, which would seem to remove Dunn from the discussion.  Fielder is signed through 2011, but Milwaukee would expect quite a bit more in a trade for Fielder than Washington would for Dunn.  Mark Saxon of points out that "other teams aren't exactly tripping all over themselves to get at the Angels' minor-league talent," so there's even a question as to whether or not the Halos have the right prospects to land a major player in a trade. 

Saxon suggests that Texas' deal for Cliff Lee may have sealed up the AL West for them, and thus L.A. should start looking ahead to next year.  If Lee ends up being the spark that the Rangers expect him to be, it's likely that the Angels will start thinking like Saxon.  A short-term addition like Hank Blalock (who L.A. is rumored to be interested in) might be the extent of the Halos' pre-deadline moves. 

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4 years 11 months ago

Should I bother mentioning Bautista? 😛

4 years 11 months ago

sign lee in the offseason. just keep him away from the bankees =/

4 years 11 months ago

If you can make some moves (i.e. assume salary) then do it. Anything else should be avoided. No need to trade potentially useful minor players OR strip the ML team of talent.

Oswalt is making more sense given how awful Kazmir has been this first half. He just looks finished. Oswalt shouldn’t cost much in terms of prospects but would raise payroll by quite a bit.

4 years 11 months ago

Has anyone caught onto the fact that 2010 was intended to be a transitional season to prepare for the big free agent market this next off-season?

Reagins signed Matsui, Pineiro, and Rodney just in case the team made it again.

And this deal for Cliff Lee does not seal anything for the Rangers. Lee only pitches once every 5 games, so their starting rotation still won’t go very deep into games. Therefore, unless they get another starter, their bullpen is going to wear out in that Texas heat.

Not getting another starter, and a first baseman, is going to cancel out all additional wins that Cliff Lee brings to the Rangers’ rotation.

It’s also been talked about all over MLB how opposite the Angels’ and Rangers’ schedules have been. The Angels have had one of the toughest schedules, while the Rangers have one of the easier schedules.

Because of their schedule, I predicted the Angels wouldn’t be much better than a .500 team through May, and would get hot during that 14 game road trip. I didn’t expect the Angels to make any kind of bug run until mid-July when their schedule eases up like it did in June.

And while the Rangers are dying from heat exhaustion and fading, the Angels have a stretch from August 27 through September 16, where they will play 18 straight games against teams under .500. I predict 13-5. lol

If the Angels just win some series, and take off during those easy stretches in July and late August, they will be right there (if not past) Texas through the end.

Plus, this season reminds me of 2004…

4 years 11 months ago

As you know, the Rangers just traded for Cliff Lee. The Angels need to counter if they want to have a chance to win the division this year. If not, just make some moves in the offseason and focus on next year.