Cardinals Sign Mike MacDougal

The Cardinals, who have blown two consecutive late-inning leads, signed reliever Mike MacDougal, according to Brian Walton of The Cardinals are MacDougal's third organization of the year. The Marlins signed him in February and released him a month later. He then signed with the Nationals and pitched in the minors before opting out of his deal last week.

In 22 minor league innings this year, the 33-year-old right-hander has allowed 26 hits and 13 walks, striking out 13 for a 5.32 ERA. MacDougal, who represented the Royals in the 2003 All-Star game, pitched for the White Sox and Nationals last year.

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  1. timmytwoshoezzz 5 years ago

    The All-Star break can’t come soon enough for a Cardinals team that’s now adding a scuffling bullpen to their growing list of issues in 2010. MacDougal is good for depth, but he needs to improve if he’s going to help this Cardinal team.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      no kidding. looking forward to postallstar break where we get freese and ludwick back. lineup looks so much better with them in their.


  2. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    does he still get 100mph on the fastball?

  3. coach_coryell 5 years ago

    Nice pickup. I hear he’s been working on his delivery with pitching coach Elaine Benes.

  4. rayking 5 years ago

    Considering the 9th inning last night was handled by a minor league pitcher (Evan MacLane) who showed up in the 5th inning, MacDougal certainly could get called up at some point if he holds his own in AAA.

    Interesting to see how Dave “pitch to contact” Duncan would deal with Mike “throw the ball as hard as you can, who cares where it goes” MacDougal.

  5. Guest 5 years ago

    A real-life Nuke LaLoosh if there was one. Good fastball, but God knows where the hell it will end up.

  6. bigpat 5 years ago

    I think he’s been a heavy ground ball pitcher so Duncan should love him. Even though his minor league numbers are lousy so far, I’m surprised he hasn’t pitched in the majors yet this season.

  7. Day one, Macdougal meets Dave Duncan.

    Duncan: THIS is what we call the “strike zone.”
    Macdougal: The what?

    • BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

      Molina: “Send the ball home, Mike”
      Mike: *Pitches and ball ends up hitting edge of netting off to the right, runs to the ball, points to Yadier* “Why you don’t you just go HOME? That’s your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME?”

  8. johnwvideo 5 years ago

    Thats just great, lets now sign the 4th player this year that has been released by teams. Its asking to much to go out and get a real player. enough of the released players already!

  9. How does he keep getting jobs?

  10. BaseballFanatic0707 5 years ago

    Dave Duncan is licking his chops, just waiting to get his hands on this wild case.

    • InTheKZone 5 years ago

      If this works, there might still be hope for Daniel Cabrera.

    • InTheKZone 5 years ago

      If this works, there might still be hope for Daniel Cabrera.

  11. Good Luck

  12. JST1331 5 years ago

    How many more half ass pitching signings will the cardinals make. Suppan now Macdougal…. whats next. Thank god the angels got stuck with Daniel Cabrera.

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