D’Backs Likely To Continue Trading

The D’Backs have already traded Conor Jackson and Dan Haren, but MLB.com’s Steve Gilbert reports that they aren’t done dealing yet. Interim GM Jerry Dipoto would still like to trade Chris Snyder and Chad Qualls, according to Gilbert. Team officials are also open to dealing Adam LaRoche and Edwin Jackson.

Gilbert reports that the D'Backs have not discussed a three-team deal that involving Jackson, the White Sox and the Nationals, though Washington does appear to have interest in the right-hander. The Red Sox, who offered Ramon Ramirez to the Mets for Rod Barajas, have had interest in Snyder, so it would not be a surprise to see the catcher traded to Boston. The White Sox and Angels are among the teams that have some interest in LaRoche and the Rays have interest in Qualls despite his lofty 8.49 ERA.

All of the players Gilbert names have attracted some interest, so Dipoto will have the chance to make many deals. Other than Justin Upton and possibly Ian Kennedy, contenders will be able to obtain just about anyone on the D'Backs.

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  1. GiantsWSchamps2010 5 years ago

    What about Kelly Johnson? He has got to have some value.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Tigers should try to get him. but he is under team control for at least another season.

    • Ian_Smell 5 years ago

      He’s not that good away from Chase Stadium. It probably wouldn’t take that much to get him, but I think that there are better options.

    • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

      yeah a career year…until he went back to his old self again

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Edwin Jackson for Tyler Clippard and Brad Peacock.

    Chad Qualls for Matt Bush

    Chris Snyder for Ramon Ramirez and Cheh Sua Lin w/ D-Backs eating up $3MM this season, $6MM next season.

    Adam LaRoche for Mark Holmberg

    Just speculating.

    • I don’t think the Nationals are going to move Clippard. They have no reason to. I think they will trade someone like Ross Detwiler for Jackson.

      I also think Chad Qualls will be packaged with Adam Laroche to go to Tampa.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        I was thinking Rays myself for LaRoche also and how about…

        Brad Meyers and Brad Peacock.

        I’m telling you Mark, go to MILB.com and check out the stats for those two pitchers. NASTY!

        • Well I think to get an appropriate package, I think you have to first see what they would get just for Adam Laroche. I think Qualls would net them less, since they appear pretty desperate to get rid of him and want the salary dump.

          Not to mention, since this past deal, I wouldn’t overestimate the Diamondbacks’ front office intelligence.

          My brother’s girlfriend’s sister is the head scout for the the DBacks, I have to get the skinny from her.

        • dbacknation 5 years ago

          Wow! I want Meyers!!

  3. Wish that somehow we can make a trade for Casey Kelly if we did trade any Dbacks players to the Red Sox. :I

  4. tomymogo 5 years ago

    Chris Young would be a good fit in Atlanta…What would Dbacks ask in return?

    • GiantsWSchamps2010 5 years ago

      judging by what they got for Haren probably not much…

      • You can make that judgement already on the Haren deal?? Wow Nastradamas! I think the jury is out on this deal. At first glance, I think the Dbacks got a fair return for Haren. But we’ll see what happens when Corbin and Skaggs become MLB ready.

    • Chris Young has been awful outside of Chase Field

      • tomymogo 5 years ago

        Yea there just aren’t many good options out there that can play center field for the Braves. I know Young is known by his power, but he would definitely bring speed to the lineup, and quality defense at a reasonable price in center. Th base stealing leader in the Braves is Jason Heyward and he has 7 out of 11 attempts. Young is 21 for 23, and in 12 games in turner field he has 4 homers and 2 doubles…..That’s more than what Mclouth can offer or Melky.

    • Why would you want Chris Young?

    • 14 Rocks 5 years ago

      I agree. The Braves should definitely try to get Chris Young if he is available. They have tons of young pitching throughout the minors that should appeal to the DBacks.

      • Smoltz_29 5 years ago

        i totally agree he would be a major upgrade over anything we have and we have the prospects to do it. I jut hope wren can get something done

  5. danks50 5 years ago

    If all this Dunn talk falls through, I’d like some 2nd half LaRoche in Chicago.

  6. aap212 5 years ago

    Poor Justin Upton. I hope years from now, people aren’t knocking his legacy because he couldn’t win with the teams that were built around him.

    • sacu 5 years ago

      Before he worries about his future potential legacy, he needs to start creating one first.

      Let’s hope he’s a little smarter and better than his brother.

      • aap212 5 years ago

        He was good in the majors at 20, and has been very good at 21 and 22. He’s already done more than his brother and is already on a great path to creating a serious legacy.

      • dirtydez 5 years ago

        lmao. BJ is no where near Justin. 30/30 Gm’s take J-Up guaranteed.

        • sacu 5 years ago

          I think my comment was misinterpreted or I misspoke. What I meant to say was that hopefully Justin doesn’t have a couple good years and then take a nosedive like his brother. While I do agree that Justin is already better than BJ, that does not mean that he won’t fall victim to turning in to the second coming of BJ. Personally, I think both have been and continue to be over-hyped; but then again, who isn’t nowadays.

          • dirtydez 5 years ago

            I agree with that but it’s kinda hard not to be hyped when you’re the #1 pick. He got his big contract and started off slow but he’s starting to heat up. Hopefully AZ gets a decent manager next season (Mark Grace) and gets these kids playiing better ball.

  7. cardsfan1988 5 years ago

    Edwin Jackson is who the cardinals should go after, not Oswalt…they don’t need another ace, they need a young pitcher that dave duncan can develop, not to mention, Jackson will come at a lot cheaper price

  8. DiehardDbak 5 years ago

    Now THIS is exciting. I really wish we could have traded these guys far before we traded Danny.
    I also wouldn’t mind seeing Drew go if somebody wanted him.

  9. malcolmec 5 years ago

    Anything the D’Backs want for Clay Zevada. Unless he shaved his mustache, in which case forget it.

  10. dirtydez 5 years ago

    All this talk of trading more starting pitching has me thinking they’re confident Webb will be healthy and re-sign next season.

    I think we should unload Reynolds instead of Synder/Jackson. His ”power” is probably attractive to some teams and maybe a real hitting coach could help him cut down on wiffs.

    • DiehardDbak 5 years ago

      I was kind of thinking the same thing (about Webb) when I saw how willing they were tove move Haren, and how willing they are to move Jackson. It didn’t seem like they were counting on Saunders to be an ace going into next year, and Jackson certainly isn’t fit for that role. Nobody on our staff is.

      I got the sense that they figure it’ll be easy to sign Webb for a short term deal since his health is uncertain (no other clubs would want to splurge to get him), and then if he does well, try to work out a long term deal. That is of course, assuming they do start winning again and can bring in some money.

  11. PujolsHollidayWestbrook 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Stephen Drew and Edwin Jackson come over from the D-Backs. Sending back Brenden Ryan, Mitchell Boggs, Allen Craig, Lance Lynn, and Daryl Jones? ANy thoughts?

  12. DiPoto has already made it clear that what he values is:

    1. Being lefthanded.
    2. Being “a winner”.

    Stay tuned. At this point next year the Snakes’ lineup will be comprised of 8 lefthanded hitting utilitymen who have been employed by playoff teams. The pitching staff will be 5 lefthanded innings-eaters and 6 token lefty relievers. The team will go 50-112, but the local media hacks will still rave about how lucky the town is to have that Josh Byrnes with all his pointy-headed statistics out of their midst.

    You laugh, but he’s already lived up to his word. He announced that he wanted “two major league pitchers” for Haren, and by golly he got ’em. Hey, they have pulses too.

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