Angels Discussed Cantu, LaRoche

Jorge Cantu and Adam LaRoche are among the names the Angels have discussed, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  Those veteran rentals could help the Halos at first base, but changing leagues is said to be a big factor for the Angels.  Alberto Callaspo wouldn't be making the change; Rosenthal says the Royals infielder is on the Angels' short list.  Mark Saxon of ESPN Los Angeles first reported that target yesterday afternoon.

Regarding the first base situation, the Angels are said to prefer a rental player since Kendry Morales will be back next year.  Aside from Cantu and LaRoche, the market features Lance Berkman, Derrek Lee, Xavier NadyLyle Overbay, and others.  Despite the name value, keep in mind that many of these first basemen are having lackluster seasons. 

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  1. If Roy Oswalt is Traded away I could see the Astros telling the Angels look We will give you Lance Berkman and Brian Bogusevic for Mike Napoli Fabio Martinez Mesa and Tyler Chatwood PLus the Astros will send 7 Million to help the Angels out with Berkmans Contract. I could see it being real fair. The Astros need to move quick as soon as they send Oswalt to the Phillies it should be followed by Berkman to the Angels.

    • cookmeister 5 years ago

      almost no way this happens. napoli is showing that he wants to stay here by the way he is hitting, and Martinez-Mesa and Chatwood are looking like really good prospects. No way the angels trade away 3 talented players for Berkman, no matter how much the Astros kick in

    • Fanoftheangels 5 years ago

      That’d be a horrible deal for the Angels. Napoli>Berkman.

  2. daveineg 5 years ago

    I think the Angels “preferring a rental” is more the result of their not having the pieces to go after someone like Fielder than it is an issue of having Morales back next year.

    • Halosfan777 5 years ago

      I’d say the Angels would rather not gut the farm for what would essentially be a DH for us in the future. They have the pieces, but it would take just about everything we have. No need to do something like that when you have an MVP type first baseman already. If the Angels go after a 1B it needs to be an Adam Laroche type. Someone that won’t cost much, but could make an impact with the club.

  3. cookmeister 5 years ago

    I really like Cantu and im not sure he or even Laroche would cost much at all. If the angels were going to get Laroche, i would say just go for it and try and aquire Haren in the same deal.

  4. lionofsenate 5 years ago

    Cantu held, or still holds, the franchise record for RBIs with the Rays. Yes, I know and agree, RBIs mean little about an individual player, but a team record.

    Cantu is the exact same player he was in the AL. This NL/AL thing is often over-analyzed. We are talking 60 games, anything can happen.

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