Edwin Jackson-Adam Dunn Three-Team Rumor

1:27pm: The Diamondbacks have not yet held three-way talks with the Nationals and White Sox, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  Still, they will "not hesitate to deal Edwin Jackson if they get what they want."  ESPN's Buster Olney adds via Twitter, "The Nats have made progress in their effort to trade prospects for Jackson."

11:43am: It wouldn't be late July without rumors of intriguing three-team deals.  ESPN's Jayson Stark:

Rumblings continue to surface about a possible three-team deal involving the Nationals, White Sox and Diamondbacks that would send Edwin Jackson to Washington, Adam Dunn to Chicago and a bunch of young pitchers to Arizona.

We know the Nationals like Jackson and the White Sox like Dunn, so perhaps the D'Backs can facilitate a deal and further stock up on prospects.  Jackson, who is no stranger to three-team deals, has a 5.01 ERA, 7.0 K/9, and 4.0 BB/9 in 20 starts for Arizona.  On the plus side, he turns 27 in September, averages 94 mph on his fastball, and is signed for next year.  As he was with Dan Haren, D'Backs interim GM Jerry Dipoto might be forced to sell low on Jackson.

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  1. aap212 5 years ago

    What are the White Sox actually going to give up that’s commensurate with the other teams’ contributions? Hudson and a handshake?

    Of course, DiPoto doesn’t seem too hung up on “commensurate.”

    • If I’m Arizona, I’d rather forget Chicago and deal for Washington’s young pitchers.

      • aap212 5 years ago

        Which one do you want? It’s not like they’re going to deal Strasburg, Storen, or Zimmerman for Jackson.

    • This trade won’t happen. Heck this rumor has been public for a day now, which guarantees that it won’t happen. KW likes to operate behind the shadows. This trade almost guarantees the Sox get Prince over Dunn.

  2. dc21892 5 years ago

    This move would work out well for all 3 sides. It will hurt the Nats a bit to lose Dunn though, but they must feel they cannot resign him at the seasons end. Adding Jackson to the top of the rotation with Strasburg could be very beneficial and we know Chicago needs a bat so why not send prospects away to grab Adum Dunn. He’s a perfect fit for any lineup. Arizona is in a serious rebuilding phase now after the Haren deal and if a fire sale doesn’t happen by the deadline, and the waiver deadline, look for them to do what the Marlins did back when they traded away there WS squad.

    • coolstorybro222 5 years ago

      yeah one key differnece though, the Dbacks aren’t going to the world series yet they are doing a fire sale.

      • dc21892 5 years ago

        Cause they know they have no chance with that roster. Better off blowing it up and starting fresh. Drew, Young, and maybe Reynolds could net them some nice prospects. I’m just not sure they’d be willing to move Reynolds. Reynolds, Upton and Kennedy seem to be the pieces the D’Backs want to build around.

        • ronny9 5 years ago

          Reynolds is a K machine who couldn’t hit a single for his life. In over 390 plate appearances this year he’s got 31 singles and 70 hits total (23 of which are bombs). I watched every at bat of his when they played the Red Sox at fenway earlier this year and he’s a slightly more athletic, and more lucky Wily Mo Pena. Reynolds occasionaly runs into a homerun but for every home run he strikes out 6 times. (avg since start of 2008)

          For some comparison Kevin Youkilis, a corner IF with roughly the same salary over the next couple years, strikes out under 4 times per HR.

          Over the same span Youkilis struck out .70 times per hit while Reynolds Ked 1.62 times per hit.

          Given the choice of him or Jose Bautista (having watched Bautista play the Sox as well) i would take Bautista all day long.

          Bautista has better on base skills and is more versatile and based solely on hype thruout the league, would cost a team less in return and at least if he doesn’t hit a HR there’s a chance he’s on first base.

          I’m sure the D’backs could find someone desperate for offense that would take the guy and give them something valuable; but i wouldn’t get your hopes up there too far. He is probably one of the most overrated players in MLB from my point of view.

          Drew is also overrated but i’m not going to start there and Young may net you a couple reasonable players that can contribute in the next couple seasons.

          If they blew this team up they might not get what they percieve as equal value for any player they have except Upton.

  3. Abraham Zapruder 5 years ago

    The White Sox have very little to offer in a trade of prospects.

    • ophaq2 5 years ago

      Agreed….no Beckham = no Dunn. If they get anything less than that, they are idiots.

      • The White Sox would be dumb to give up Gordon Beckham for 10 weeks of Dunn.

        • sportsnut969 5 years ago

          I have to believe if any deal like this was done the White Sox would work hard to get Dunn under long term contract before the ink dried on the trade paperwork.

      • baconslayer09 5 years ago

        Dunn = rental. Beckham = potential perennial 4 WAR player for the next 5 years under team control. Your logic bothers me.

        • Brandon Woodworth 5 years ago

          The word potential does not mean guarantee.

          • baconslayer09 5 years ago

            It sure meant a lot to the Diamondbacks when they traded Dan Haren away.

            Plus, he has shown that he can play before, as recently as last year and he’s starting to heat up right now.

  4. Devern Hansack 5 years ago


  5. Interesting. I hope the nats also get atleast one bat prospect as well. A power or on base type of bat for the two hole.

  6. bbxxj 5 years ago

    Question is, do the Nats and Sox see Dunn and Jackson straight up as an even deal. If this is the case then this could work as the D-Backs might accept a larger package of lower level pitching prospects than the few headiner prospects that the Nats might want for Dunn.

    • I think they do see Dunn for Jackson as an even deal. It makes sense because of the amount of team control left for Jackson.

  7. progmatinee 5 years ago

    When ever I’m depressed about my team, I just look at the Diamondbacks and I’m not so depressed any more.

  8. Jimbo 5 years ago

    how does Edwin Jackson get the Diamondbacks “a bunch of young pitchers”?

    • baconslayer09 5 years ago

      That’s a good question. The Nats think pretty highly of him.

      I’d think the White Sox would flip Viciedo or Flowers to Washington for a pitching prospect or two. They would then send those to Arizona for Jackson. White Sox send Sergio Santos, Santos Rodriguez/David Holmberg to the Diamondbacks.

      • do you really think the sox could give up santos in this deal with jenks being so rocky lately….. i realize that keeping hudson over santos is in our best interest but would they really break up a strength of our team right in the middle of a transition from jenks to putz???

        • baconslayer09 5 years ago

          Staring pitching trumps relief pitching all day, every day.

          • baconslayer09 5 years ago

            You can live without Santos if you have Putz and Thornton. More likely than not, Jenks will find it again. His little act has been happening for the past two years and Ozzie is too loyal to just ditch him. Santos wasn’t going to be anything more than a 7th inning guy for this team anyways.

        • KEK 5 years ago

          The White Sox do have three people that can close right now. I think they can afford to lose one of them. One of the few areas the Sox do have depth is the bullpen.

          • they really don’t have three people who can close because with out another late inning lefty you cant put thorton there thats why it has to be putz, if not jenks… and if jenks is done witch i think he is (even though i agree with bacon slayer that he does this on a yearly basis and normally shakes it off but this just seems different) santos takes over late inning righty duties from putz……. just throwing it out there……

          • lug 5 years ago

            Well one thing they do have is Chris Sale LHP at AAA that is looking to come up and work out of the pen if someone is moved. He has been rushed a lot so I can’t say it would work perfectly just an option the Sox do have.

          • KEK 5 years ago

            Putz, Jenks and Santos can close. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they deal one of these three. Preferably Jenks.

          • gigantes2425 5 years ago

            i don’t think any team whose in a playoff run is saying this. i don’t care how deep you think your bullpen is, you still need more arms.

    • sportsnut969 5 years ago

      Here is a way this deal would work for all, White Sox trade Dan Hudson to D-Backs for Jackson, then the White Sox trade Jackson to the Nationals for Dunn. Then before everybody gets a chance to blink the White Sox sign Dunn for 3 years with a team option and everybody goes home happy this way it looks like you trade Dan Hudson for 4 years of Adam Dunn.

  9. Seems we need a starting pitcher too!

  10. …….in Chicago that is!

  11. $1529282 5 years ago

    Hudson’s the obvious name from Chicago… wonder if they’d move Santos as well. D’Backs are desperate for bullpen help. Maybe another young reliever from Washington’s side like Wilkie?

    I have a hard time imagining them getting “a bunch” of young pitchers when they’re only selling low on Edwin.

    • I don’t see the Sox trading Hudson in this deal. As it stands with Hudson they only have 5 pitchers. I don’t see much of trading Santos either since I think they would put him as closer next season and possibly let Jenks walk. Unless they are going to try to resign Putz, but I can’t see them giving Jenks more than he’s getting paid this year, and he’s already making 7 mil, given the way he’s pitched lately and to start the year.

      • aap212 5 years ago

        Well they have to trade SOMETHING. White Sox fans keep identifying trade targets, naming guys they won’t trade, and forgetting to mention what would actually get it done.

        • I realize this, I’m just thinking as a Sox fan that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to create a hole to fill another. Even with Hudson not pitching well it puts a larger hole in the 5 spot, sure for 10 starts, but going 4-6 is better than 0-10. Not to mention it weakens the bullpen, so if our 5th starter can’t go deep we are even worse off than now. Personally I think shoring up the pitching is more important than grabbing Dunn.

          • baseball52 5 years ago

            There are a lot of cheap pitching options still to be had.

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      Trading for bullpen help in a retooling season seems a bit foolish to me. Relievers are the most fickle position, and trading for one in hopes he’ll be good 1-2 years from now? May as well play roulette.

      Then again, it’s not like Jackson should rightly get anyone a good return anyways…

  12. Beckham will be the next face of the white sox, why on the world would any GM if they were in Kenny’s shoes trade Beckham for 3 months of Dunn? Dunn is a great hitter but if were going to lose him after the season, and we have 5 guaranteed years of Beckham, is it worth it? Only way im giving up Beckham in a package if its for Strasburg.

  13. If they have to give up Hudson in this deal, even if they don’t have to give up Hudson, it might be more beneficial for the Sox to keep Jackson instead of Dunn. Solidify the rotation this year, then let Garcia walk at the end of the year and slide Jackson into that 4 spot.

  14. baconslayer09 5 years ago

    The Sox aren’t going to trade Hudson. If anything, they’ll trade Santos, who probably has more use to the Diamondbacks than Hudson.

    • jdub220 5 years ago

      How would a reliever be more useful than a starter?

  15. The Sox will trade Hudson and Torres in my opinion along with some low level prospects. I think the Sox have something else up their sleeve. Who is to say they wont get Dunn and Jackson somehow? Perhaps, the Sox will be fronting some cash as well in this deal. Kenny always has surprises and to be honest, the veterans on this team don’t have time to watch Hudson develop, the Sox need a proven starter who will keep them in the game every 5th day. I am not saying Jackson will do that, but there is someone out there that the Sox have their eyes on.

  16. ffjsisk 5 years ago

    I don’t think that Stan Kasten’s philosophy will allow for a guy like Dunn to be part of thier longterm future. He is just too bad defensively and they have way to many holes in that rotation to justify not improving it. Marquis was a mistake and Livan can’t pitch forever. Next season having Strasburg, J. Zimmerman, Atilano and Jackson is a decent start if they can add a few pieces to go with Willingham and R. Zimmerman they should be able to compete in the very near future. Bernadino, and Desmond are decent young players as well. Maybe they think they’ll be able to sign a decent FA that can play defense this offseason like Konerko, Glaus or D. Lee.

    • comish4lif 5 years ago

      I’m with you on Dunn’s defensive issues, but if they trade him for starting pitching, they are patching holes in the rotation by making a big hole in the lineup.

      • ctownboy 5 years ago

        The Reds traded both King Griffey Jr and Adam “one tool” Dunn and look what happened? They filled those “big holes in the middle of the lineup” with better hitters AND fielders. The pitching improved and they won more games.

        Lance Berkman, Derrek Lee and Carlos Pena could “fill that big hole in the middle of the lineup” while ALSO playing better defense than Dunn and cost less money to do so.

    • elbeisbol 5 years ago

      Everyone always points out Dunn’s defensive issues, but he has actually improved this year. For all our defensive woes, Dunn is not one of the major issues.

      • ctownboy 5 years ago

        How many throwing Errors do Nationals infielders have that a GOOD First Baseman could have saved them over Dunn?

        Just the other day, in a game against the Reds with two Outs and a couple of men on base, Zimmerman fielded a ball and threw a short hop to Dunn which he didn’t catch. The ball skipped past him, two Runs scored and Zimmerman was charged with the Error. Oh yeah, the Nationals lost 8 – 7 with Dunn going 0 for 4 with a Run scored.

        After the Reds traded Dunn, their pitchers let out a collective sigh of relief (especially Johnny Cueto) because they didn’t have him loafing around the otufield not getting to balls that other outfielders could and not committing Errors on balls that he did get to.

        How much relief do you think Nationals infielders would feel if they had a First Baseman who could scoop balls ouf of the dirt or catch balls thrown on the short hop instead of those balls getting past Dunn for Errors? How much relief do you think the pitchers would feel?

        • elbeisbol 5 years ago

          How many more wild throws would Zimmerman and Desmond have if they weren’t aiming at a mountain?

          There’s no way to possibly answer your question. Dunn has five errors and has looked relatively competent, though.

          • ctownboy 5 years ago

            Having watched Edwin Encarnacion play Third Base for the Reds, when he committed a throwing Error it was because his throws were high and either landed in the dugout or up in the stands. From whta little I have watched the Nationals, Zimmerman and Desmond don’t seem to ahve that problem. Their throwing Errors seem to come from throwing low and Dunn NOT being able to scoop them or catch them on the short hop.

            This I can TOTALLY understand because he had the SAME problem in the outfield for the Reds. If he had to run and bend over for a ball it would normally get past him. Of course, since he didn’t actually lay a glove on the ball, he wasn’t charged with an Error. Then there were the times that he ran and had to try and catch balls on the short hop. These he would get a glove on but then somehow misplay and get charged with an Error.

            So, same player, same mistakes but different position.

  17. baconslayer09 5 years ago


    Beckham has a potential to be a 3-4 WAR player, especially at 2B. He racked up 2.2 WAR in less than 2/3 of a season last year.

    If you haven’t noticed, Beckham’s been hitting very well as of late. There was an article done on his mechanical issues from the start of the year. He was loading up too much, opening up too early, causing him to have zero power and make weak contact. That’s been fixed, resulting in a .390 batting average in July. Gordon Beckham has been praised by numerous talent evaluators and has been projected to be a .300 hitter with an ability to lead the league in doubles. Better yet, he has developing power and could become a 25 home run guy in the future.

    Judging a guy who has a lot of talent on a couple of bad months is horrible logic. And please, don’t confuse me with those Sox fans who think Scott Podsednik is god.

    • ophaq2 5 years ago

      Really? That’s been fixed? He’s got 2 hits in his last 3 games. Looks like he’s back to good ole nasty bacon! Plus he’s got the “ability” to lead the league in doubles? Yeah, he also has the “ability” to get his season avg up to a respectable level, but my bet is we’re going to see another slump here….and his stats won’t continue. And I am not the only one who was mentioning that it should involve Beckham if Dunn were involved. If you want to use “professionals” as a reference, many other “professionals” also said they’d ask for Beckham.

      • danny_duberstein 5 years ago

        I really hate people who play cherry picker. Can you at least use the whole week as an example rather than the past 3 games? Oh, I guess that’s because then he has 10 hits which then makes your argument even more useless.

        Yes, the Nats ASKED for Beckham. I didn’t see anyone, anywhere say that trading Beckham for Dunn was a smart move.

        • ophaq2 5 years ago

          You hate people who play cherry picker, yet it’s ok to only look at Beckham’s stats for the first half of the year. Wait….he had a few hits in a week and he’s fixed? Haha…hypocrite! You play cherry picker and tell others not to? That’s funny! Typical homer Sox fan.

          • danny_duberstein 5 years ago

            Uhh, I didn’t mention any of Beckham’s stats from the beginning of the year… ???

            I’m just saying it’s ridiculous to bring up his hit total for the last THREE games as an example as to why you believe he’s back in his slump. I mean really, 3 games?

            Also, I just want to note that you sound like a 12 year old. Are you a 12 year old? Because I don’t want to get into an argument with a 12 year old…

          • ophaq2 5 years ago

            You said you hated cherry pickers…..you were cherry picking yourself. It’s ridiculous to bring up his stats for the past 3 games but it’s ok to say he’s fixed after stringing together a week of good ab’s? That’s cherry picking!
            Ahhh, the good ole “you must be a kid” insult on a message board. Nobody’s ever used that one! Can’t expect much more than that from you guys….there’s two things that are guaranteed by Sox fans…homerism and obsese women! Absolutely guaranteed every time! Enjoy Beckham and when he slumps for another 4 days, I guess that’s a week and that’s not cherry picking so maybe we can pull this one back up.

          • danny_duberstein 5 years ago

            I didn’t say he was fixed. I brought up his 10 hits from the last 7 games to poke fun of you using his 2 hits in his last 3 games. Both don’t mean anything as far as how he will perform the rest of the year. The kid won 2 ROY awards last year, I don’t get why you think he’s done and the White Sox should give up on him.

            And I’m sorry, but you really sound like you are 12. I was actually being serious there, not insulting you. I just don’t like arguing with 12 year olds about baseball cause they think they are always right.

          • billmelton 5 years ago

            Be careful with mommy and daddy’s computer son…

      • I doubt there is going to be another big time slump like he had earlier this season. And of course these stats won’t continue that he’s putting up but that’s because no one or almost no one in the MLB can do what he is doing now all season. That being said he has a very bright future and can be a star for many years to come. He is worth more than 2 months of Adam Dunn.

      • lug 5 years ago

        eh nice catch….but hang it up there next to the goat in Chicago. We are cursed in Oakland so your post = salt grain.

        • ophaq2 5 years ago

          I’d rather take the goat than be the epitomy of insignificance. Besides, I dont’ get hurt by you obsessed White Sox fans. Although I am a fan of the only baseball team in Chicago that matters, I am also a fan of the only Sox team that matters which is in Boston. Looks like the Sox flat out don’t matter….lowest rated series in history. I find that hilarious.

          • lug 5 years ago

            What? Oh my goodness for dealing with insignificance I sure see you hanging out in this thread slot and writing some trying to be hurtfull messages. Judging by your post you are probably late teens to early twenties. The White Sox have been around brotha and aren’t going anywhere. The 05 Series meant a lot as there were plenty of teams going after those rings and we got them. Go back and watch that parade in Chicago or was that too painful for you, it meant a lot to that city. Like I care how may people watched that series. When your team wins it all it means a lot to the fans, maybe someday you will get a chance to understand what it feels like oh wait there is that goat everyone talks about.

            What are your Cubbies doing that matters so much? Outside of being a bunch of bewildering tards cause they can’t figure out if they are buyers or sellers or GM Hendry defending his signings and extensions and yearning for votes of confidence those are the only things I see from the high and mighty Cubs. You guys are so great but I have never seen any organization do so little with so much. Truth hurts I know and you are unwilling to face it.

          • Wow, criticizing the Sox for ratings and attendance. We see where your priorities rest.

          • billmelton 5 years ago

            Ahhh a front runner-another popped collared Cubs fan, drowning in ignorance. Better go home now -mommy and daddy’s trust fund money can’t buy you a clue…

          • billmelton 5 years ago

            Yeah, I remember my first beer…

      • ronny9 5 years ago

        It was 2007, Dustin Pedroia had shown some promise in the minors and people were expecting alot from the young guy starting the season.

        Thru the first month and half of the year he hit .250 and even I was telling my freinds that the Red Sox were dumb for letting him have a full time position.

        Then over the next 2 weeks he went 25 and 50 or so and ended up hitting .317, won the rookie of the year and a world series that year, the MVP the next year and i can tell you that i would be pretty ticked off if they had traded Pedroia that May for a rental that would have bolstered the team that year and been gone the next.

        Adam Dunn is a great slugger and one of my favorite players in the game; that being said, as a Red Sox fan, i would be excited if any of the teams contending in the AL were to trade a great young player like Beckham or Upton or whomever for a rental like Dunn just to see him leave in free agency.

        You can pick the games you want to talk about to make your argument look better if you would like, but Beckham is a great young player; one that I would love to have on my favorite team. Ken Williams might trade for Dunn, but if he gives up Beckham for a rental he should be fired. Dan Duquette wouldn’t make that move for god sakes.

        • ophaq2 5 years ago

          I always find it quite comical when people take a kid with potential and match up an MVP’s history with theirs to make excuses for their slump.

          • ronny9 5 years ago

            what you just said to me makes no sense; i wasn’t comparing him to an MVP to excuse the slump he had at the beginning of the year.

            I was stating clearly (in most peoples opinions i would argue) that there are examples, many of which don’t include MVP awards, where a kid with a ton of potential has slumped only to regain his hyped form and be a good MLB player.

            Greinke was once the greatest up and coming star the royals had in a while; he had full seasons where he underperformed, and yet if they had traded him for a rental and gave up on him they would be second guessing themselves now a days wouldn’t they??

            If you honestly think that Beckham is trash b/c he had a bad half season than you are pretty close minded. There’s no ifs ands or buts about it man; he’s a talented kid, he’s a potential superstar, a kid that 29 teams would die to have on their club. Just so happens that those teams will have to give up more than a 2 month rental DH.

  18. it wouldn’t surprise me if this deal if true ended up being:sox get: Dunnnationals get: jackson and Tyler flowersarizona gets: santos, Erick Threets, Carlos Torres, and a mid level pitching prospect form the nationals (for flowers) maybe another prospect from the sox not named Chris Sale seeing as how he probably takes over for Threetsbut again who knows if this is true

    • KEK 5 years ago

      You cannot move Sale at this point anyways… he is protected since he just entered the league

  19. bomberj11 5 years ago

    I guarantee the White Sox won’t get Dunn. In trades that involve very good players, there’s always a few dark horse teams. Like the Haren trade, or Lee trade. Matt Holliday? I mean they just seem too obvious.

  20. Tigerfan93 5 years ago

    Could anybody see Detroit getting Edwin Jackson back? For cheap, I think I could.

  21. TwinsVet 5 years ago

    Chicago fans seem to think terribly highly of Beckham.

    Sure, he has a high ceiling. But he’s also got a low floor. If it were a sign-and-trade for Dunn, I can’t see how you hold out on a MI “maybe he’ll continue to hit like the past month!” guy over a proven impact player.

    • danny_duberstein 5 years ago

      I think most people are uneasy about trading Beckham for 2 months of Dunn. If it was a sign and trade, that’s a whole different story…

      • westcoastwhitesox 5 years ago


      • Guest 5 years ago

        The only plus out of a rental deal for Chicago that I can see is that they’d get the two 1st round picks for Dunn if he leaves via free agency.

        To be honest, Kenny is such a crazy GM, I have no idea what he’d do.

    • JoeDog10 5 years ago

      Well, there’s a reason that every GM starts any trade talk with the White Sox with the name Gordon Beckham – and it’s not because he has a low floor. And it’s also not because they believe his true talent is what he showed during the past first half of this season.

      Sure, a sign-and-trade for Dunn changes the dynamic of trading Beckham. But, does that move really make the Sox that much better? Beckham isn’t going anywhere…he just isn’t. If Beckham is a must in order to get Dunn, then the Sox are better off going after Adam LaRoche at a much, much better value. He’s a left-handed stick with pop, and is a notorious second half player, and should only cost a mid-level prospect or two.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        Another possibility every GM starts any trade talk with Beckham is because the Sox just don’t have any other viable prospects. The drop-off between Beckham to your next-best movable building-piece is pretty steep.

    • jb226 5 years ago

      I’d take the chance on keeping Beckham for a lot of reasons:

      1. An infielder with his ceiling has an immense value. If he were a pure CIF or an OF I might not be so willing, but he can bring power and average with at least average and probably above-average defense at a position not usually noted for offense.

      2. The Sox crawled back into contention with the offense they had. Of course a hitter like Dunn would improve their odds, but they’ve also shown they can get it done with that they have. It’s not a huge necessity in general, and getting Adam Dunn specifically is not a huge necessity. Their DH production is so ungodly awful that they could make a much smaller trade and get a similar offensive boost.

      3. Peavy got injured. That puts a pretty huge hole in the rotation. When your #4 is essentially Freddy Garcia, you have to re-think if a bat is really what you need most.

      4. Dunn seems more and more likely to become a free agent. They could pick him up in the offseason for nothing but money.

      5. Obviously issues of control. Beckham is good, young, controllable and affordable. The best case with Dunn is you re-sign him probably for close to the $10MM he’s making. It’s not unreasonable, but it’s not exactly a bargain.

      That said, the article is actually about trading with the Diamonbacks for Jackson (who they flip for Dunn), which I think they could do relatively cheaply both in terms of overall talent and in terms of taking more from the bottom levels of the minors than the top, because I don’t think the Diamondbacks are expecting to be competitive in the next two years. That’s a deal I would be interested in if I were the Sox.

  22. strasburgsavior 5 years ago

    What does this mean for the Nationals? It means that Mike Rizzo is doing something right. Let’s take a look at Edwin Jackson’s statistics for this year:
    ERA/FIP/xFIP: 5.01/4.31/4.27.
    His FIP and xFIP are nearly identical to last year’s when he put up a 3.5 WAR season (FIP: 4.28, xFIP: 4.39). On the surface, he has an ugly ERA in 2010, but his xFIP supports the theory that it is due to the pitcher-unfriendly park in Arizona and the hot desert air that is causing it; additionally his HR/FB rate is up 1% from both his career rate and last year’s numbers. In fact, most of his numbers have improved across the board. His xFIP is even better than last year (which is a number we can rely on heavily), and he is striking out more batters per nine (7.03 to 6.77) and he has been worth 1.7 WAR, already eclipsing all previous career totals besides 2009.

  23. dopefein 5 years ago

    As a White Sox fan, I want to reiterate what I have desired for the past two weeks: that KW stays the course and DOES NOT trade anyone, period. Beckham is going not going to be traded; those of us who live in Chicago know this very well. We cannot trade Hudson without getting a starter in return — no one else can hold that spot, including Torres. We signed Viciedo to a pretty good contract and he is part of our long-term plan, so I don’t see him going anywhere. I think KW would part with Torres, Morel, Mitchell, J. Danks, or any other minor leaguers, but I really, really don’t see him trading Santos — he is good, cheap, strong bullpen arm that we cannot let go of right now. Threets, yes, he good go, and he has looked very good in the past few games, but would Threets, Torres, Morel and one of Danks or Mitchell get us Dunn? No.

    KW, just please don’t cave this deadline. I love you man, you can wheel-and-deal any other time, but please not now.

  24. Lets_Go_Red_Sox 5 years ago

    I have a feelin the dbacks are about to become the pirates v 2.0. Edit: if the O’s don’t already hold that title…….

  25. windycitywarrior 5 years ago

    I wonder if the Sox are going to trade a player to the Nationals for some pitchers and use them to send to Arizona for Edwin Jackson and Adam Laroche. Maybe Adam Dunn isn’t even in this deal at all. It seems like if the White Sox sent Tyler Flowers to the Nationals for a pitcher and packaged him with Daniel Hudson+Erik Threets+Jeff Marquez that might be able to get Jackson and Laroche. Not sure but I think they need to get both starter and LH bat.

  26. aj5291 5 years ago

    So you think the White Sox trade Flowers, Santos, Threets, Torres and another “mid level” prospect for a few weeks of Dunn? 5 for 1?


    • the_show 5 years ago

      Why would it be a few weeks? What prohibits the White Sox from resigning

      • KEK 5 years ago

        I would think that the Sox would have to be talking to Dunn about resigning with them if they are to make this trade. Especially if they end up moving Bacon or Carlos.

    • well if it gives us a chance to win this year why not which of those do you miss terribly??? you have to give up something to get something and the only thing you miss in the long run is santos…… resign Aj and flowers doesnt bother me you end up keeping all of your key pieces while adding a left handed power bat for the stretch run will you miss threets?? with sale on the way??? or calos tores?? when hudson has passed him already?? not sure why those 5 mean that much to you??

  27. SaveMeJebus 5 years ago

    The DBacks interim GM was on MLB Radio a couple hours ago and when asked by Jim Bowden, he denied any deals are being worked for Edwin Jackson moving to the Nats at the present time. That’s what he is supposed to say, right?

  28. comish4lif 5 years ago

    As a Nats fan, I disagree. While I don’t like Edwin Jackson (why does everyone trade him after a year or less?), I don’t see a 2011 Nats rotation in DC. Strasburg is phenomenal, no doubt, but who else would you count on? Zimmermann is coming off of Tommy John. Detwiler is recovering from hip surgery and has only a handful of MLB starts. Lannan seems to have lost his effectiveness (a lot of folks thought he was smoke and mirrors), the big money free agent Jason Marquis is injured, then the rest: Stammen, Martin, Atilano, I don’t need to be counting on those guys. Bring back Livan? Wang – shoulder injury, took $2M and still rehabbing. I don’t see 5 guys that impress me there.

  29. ctownboy 5 years ago

    It is not a given that the Nationals will get compensation picks for Dunn. The Diamondbacks didn’t after Dunn left in 2008….

  30. ctownboy 5 years ago


    Both of those guys SHOULD have been traded years earlier BUT Ca$htellini cared more about HYPING them than their actual productivity on the field and how much they actually helped the team win games.

    Then after KGJ got into a spat with the announcers and the recession was looming, Ca$htellini saw that it was best for his wallet to move those two than keep them and thus the team got a lower return for them than they could have a year or two earlier.

  31. lug 5 years ago

    ah a tough internet message board guy ok, I get it. No wonder you are upset over 05 I remember that broom I was sweeping my deck with. So you guys are finally winning and wow geez the best organization ever. Now with Manny gone reality is starting to settle back in. Have a good life with that attitude and personality.

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