Padres Looking At Starters, Interested In Millwood?

As improbable as many may have believed it to be prior to the season, it's August 29 and the Padres hold a six-game lead on the NL West. According to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal, Kevin Millwood is just "one of many" possibilities for the Padres as they look to upgrade their rotation.

Millwood's overall numbers certainly don't inspire confidence at first glance — a 5.34 ERA, 6.1 K/9, 2.9 BB/9, and 1.5 HR/9 (his highest mark since 2001) through 160 innings don't mix well with his league-leading 194 hits allowed.

Over his last five starts however, Millwood's posted a 2.83 ERA through 35 innings, and while he's faced some very poor offenses in there, he also has two very good starts against the White Sox and Angels to his name. Some of his peripherals, such as his .329 BABIP and 4.60 xFIP, suggest that he's been the victim of some bad luck as well.

Rosenthal states that the Pads aren't necessarily optimistic about acquiring a starter; they only want one who would be an upgrade, and Millwood obviously isn't a clear-cut improvement. The Padres also could turn to Tim Stauffer, who's having a fine season of his own (1.40 ERA, 7.0 K/9, 2.2 BB/9 through 45 innings), or Cory Luebke, who holds a 10-1 record and a 2.68 ERA between Double-A and Triple-A if they decide against making a trade.

The Padres may not feel they need a veteran upgrade so much as they simply would like someone to take some of the workload off their young rotation arms. It goes without saying that moving to a more spacious park like Petco would do any starter a favor, especially someone like Millwood who's been plagued by the long ball. Pitching the NL West as opposed to the AL East wouldn't hurt either.

Millwood is making $12MM in 2010, though the Rangers picked up $3MM of that when he was shipped to the Orioles last winter. Baltimore is on the hook for the remaining $1.76MM of Millwood's salary, which would also be an obstacle in any trade.

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  1. 42214221 5 years ago


    • I was thinking the same thing, especially for the playoffs

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Maybe. Good idea. I would like to see them get someone like Jeremy Guthrie.

      • mstrchef13 5 years ago

        No way that the O’s part with Guthrie. After Millwood leaves, Guthrie is the only starter on the staff with more than a year and a half of experience.

        • $1529282 5 years ago

          There’s no reason for them not to if they can get a decent return. If they feel like they need a veteran starter they can always sign someone in the offseason for a cheap deal.

          Westbrook, Penny, Francis, Chris Young, etc. If the Orioles can get something good for Guthrie (and why not? He’s been pitching well and is still under team control), they absolutely should. They’re not competing while he’s an Oriole anyway.

          • niched 5 years ago

            “If” they can get a decent return. The O’s are competing with Showalter here. They just swept the Angels on the road. They still have Guthrie for two more years, so there is no rush to trade him if they can otherwise improve the team in the offseason through free agency and other trades. And they’ll need to replace Guthrie if they trade him.

          • $1529282 5 years ago

            Exactly — if they get a decent return. My comment was derived from mstrchef implying that Guthrie should be off limits. There’s no way a player like Guthrie should be off-limits to any team in baseball if you’re the O’s.

            As for the Angels, they may be thought of as a good team because of their track record, but they’re as average as they come at this point. Kudos to Buck and the boys for sweeping them in LA — it’s not easy to sweep any team on the road really — but that statement doesn’t hold the same meaning it would’ve in prior seasons.

          • niched 5 years ago

            True that the Angels aren’t what they once were, but the O’s swept them without Adam Jones in the lineup and with minimal help from an injured Brian Roberts. So even when they are weaker than normal, the O’s are starting to win again. This is an encouraging sign, and it’s due in part to the excellent pitching they have had since Showalter joined; Guthrie has been part of that.

          • Six_Eight 5 years ago

            They need a good return to move Guthrie, decent won’t cut it. Other than minor injury problems he’s been very consistent. You know you are getting a 200 inning pitcher who will be your #3 starter.

            Unlike most Orioles fans I’m in favor of moving him (and Scott) to help the organization improve overall but they need ML ready players, not low level prospects. Because he has been very good for two months (like Scott) most fans will ask the moon for him though.

    • greengrove 5 years ago

      No way he makes it past EVERYONE in the National League. Especially with all the contenders knowing we want pitching.

  2. Ian_Smell 5 years ago

    Please take Zach Duke away from the Pirates. Thanks.

  3. Slopeboy 5 years ago

    If the Padres sign Millwood, give Headley shin guards so he can protect himself on the field.

  4. bw831 5 years ago

    who is the odd man out in the rotation if they add a starter?

    • Ohhhplease 5 years ago

      I can’t imagine anyone other than Correia…he was destroyed by the DImaondbacks on Thursday, and has not been the pitcher he was last year. I wonder if they are just going to wait until Wed. and try and pitch Stauffer and Lubeke.

  5. Eric 5 years ago


    Even if we get a low level prospect im happy.

  6. GasLampGuru 5 years ago

    They should be going after Kuroda. Millwood is no better than Kevin Correia.

  7. Steve619 5 years ago

    LA isn’t gonna do anything to help SD out.

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