Cafardo On Diamondbacks, Lee, Ortiz, Byrnes

In his latest column for the Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo writes that the Phillies have to be considered World Series favorites heading into the postseason. Here are the other items of interest in Cafardo's piece:

  • Discussing his new team, Kevin Towers hinted that he may want to shake up the Diamondbacks' strikeout-heavy lineup: "Personally, I like contact hitters. I like guys with good pitch recognition. Strikeouts are part of the game, but if you have four, five, or six guys in your lineup, it’s hard to sustain any sort of rally."
  • According to Cafardo, moving Carlos Lee to first base helps the Astros by not only improving Lee's trade value, but also making their outfield more athletic. I agree on the second point, but I don't think Lee has any trade value until he improves his career-low .701 OPS.
  • Cafardo adds that if Lee can play first base for a National League club, there's reason to believe David Ortiz could do it too.
  • Former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes has spoken to six different teams about job opportunities in their organizations, and was asked for advice by a few clubs at this year's trade deadline. The Red Sox and Indians are among the teams interested in Byrnes.