Gimenez & Reyes Become Free Agents

Catcher Chris Gimenez and right-hander Anthony Reyes are free agents, the Indians announced. The Tribe outrighted Gimenez and Reyes today, along with right-hander Hector Ambriz. Gimenez, 27, batted .190/.288/.328 in 67 plate appearances this year. He has struggled to hit at the big league level in two short stints with the Indians.

Reyes, a former top prospect with the Cardinals, rose quickly through the St. Louis system after being selected in the 15th round of the 2003 draft. He struck out more than a batter per inning with excellent command in the minors from 2004-06, but soon lost his top prospect status.

This year, the 29-year-old struggled through 10.0 minor league innings and did not pitch in the majors. Last year, he made eight starts for the Indians and posted a 6.57 ERA with 5.2 K/9 and 5.4 BB/9 in 38.1 innings. Reyes does have one major postseason accomplishment; he pitched eight innings of four-hit, two-run ball against the Tigers in the opening game of the 2006 World Series.

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    The Cardinals should sign Anthony Reyes to a minor league deal. Seriously.

    • Hermie13 5 years ago

      ha, I’m sure Duncan would love that.

      Sad to see Reyes go….but he had surgery in June of 2009 and still wasn’t healthy enough to get back to the bigs late September….on a Tribe team that lost 90+ games.

      He’s a minor league free agent guy, no way he gets a ML contract this winter.

      Gimenz has value in that he can catch, play the OF, 1B, and even a little 3B. Hope the Tribe can bring him back on a minor league deal but good luck to him if he moves on.

    • Cardsfan387 5 years ago

      Reyes is terrible.

    • InTheKZone 5 years ago

      To be honest, I’d love to see him back in STL.

  2. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    Would be a nice experiment for the red sox.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      Nah, I don’t see that. I see a better chance for a Wedge-Willis-Reyes reunion in Seattle. He also had ties to Darren Balsley as an amateur, so San Diego might say why not too.

  3. Lawschoolsucks 5 years ago

    Those are Reyes stats from last year man. Reyes didn’t pitch in the bigs this year.

  4. sleepyjesus 5 years ago

    Why would the Indians keep Ambriz all year to ensure he didn’t go back to Arizona, then release him after the season?

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 5 years ago

      Ambriz had Tommy John surgery towards the end of the season; I’d think it’s just to get him off the roster and have him rehab next season on a minor league contract.

  5. Lawschoolsucks 5 years ago

    Reyes did not pitch in the bigs this year those are last year’s stats

  6. cookmeister 5 years ago

    I hope Ambriz recovers well, he has been a really good guy in his community and really got people excited about baseball. hopefully the angels sign him when he is better, get some more people out to the park

  7. The coolest thing about Anthony Reyes was the way he wore his cap and his high socks…

  8. safari_punch 5 years ago

    The Yankees should sign Reyes to a deal!

  9. The Hiroshima Toyo Carp should sign Reyes to a deal!

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