Dodgers Acquire Anthony Jackson To Complete Dotel Trade

The Dodgers have selected outfielder Anthony Jackson as the player to be named later in September's Octavio Dotel trade according to the Rockies' official Twitter feed. Dotel allowed four runs in just 5 1/3 innings with the Rockies.

Jackson, 26, is a career .252/.331/.340 hitter in 2,290 minor league plate appearances. He's spent the last two seasons with Colorado's Double-A affiliate and was not listed as one of the team's top 30 prospects in the 2010 edition of Baseball America's Prospect Handbook. 

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  1. Taylor Maricle 5 years ago

    That was totally worth James McDonald and Andrew Lambo…

    *casually throws dart at picture of Ned Colletti*

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      A trade that I think will go down as one of the worst in Dodgers history.

      • Taylor Maricle 5 years ago

        We literally just gave them away. There was no benefit to Dotel. HE HAD NEGATIVE WAR IN A SUB-.500 SEASON.

        • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

          Not to mention the Dodgers weren’t really “competing” at the time. I remember a statement from Ned saying “I will never conceed.” That is a horrible way to go about buisness if you have a bad team.

          On the other side of the coin…James McDonald is the real thing, as is Andrew Lambo…I’m really excited to see what they’ll do in their second year in a new organization next season.

          But it was a horrible trade for the Dodgers…Also, they just signed Ted Lilly, they could have signed him on the open market…Trading Brett Wallach, Kyle Smit, and Blake DeWitt for Ryan Theriot who will be non-tendered and Ted Lilly who didn’t exceed expectations is another bad trade for Ned.

          • Taylor Maricle 5 years ago

            Blake Dewitt is cheaper and would have been acceptable for the 2011 roster. IMO, the Ted Lilly trade was only a slight loss for the Dodgers, who were still in competition at the time, but the Dotel trade was HORRIBLY lopsided, especially when you take the fact that James McDonald is a better reliever than Dotel and proved it in 2009, so we made our team worse, older, more expensive, lost 5 years of the player we gave up who was better than the 2-month rental we received, AND GAVE UP A TOP HITTING PROSPECT.

      • Let these guys have good, full seasons in the majors, then you can start peddling the phrase “worst trade ever.”

    • SteelCityResident13 5 years ago

      We are thankful in Pittsburgh! Dotel wasn’t even good here. He did have a sweet entrance though. I hope you Dodger fans at least witnessed that!

      I cant wait to see McDonald and Lambo next year with a full season to develop.

  2. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    Although he is 5’8 has speed and plays good defenese, I doubt Jim Callis will be updating the Dodgers top 30 prospects anytime soon.

  3. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 5 years ago

    Any chance he can compete for a spot next year?

    • Taylor Maricle 5 years ago

      He OPS’d .676 in AA at age 26.

      Our best two OF prospects:
      Jerry Sands OPS’d .889 in AA at age 22.
      Trayvon Robinson managed .842 in AA at age 22

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      As long as you’re talking about a spot in CF for the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      He can’t even average a .700 OPS in the minors, so I’ll say no.

  4. doyers 5 years ago

    Dotel did not help the Dodgers. They gave away James McDonald and Andrew Lambo for nothing.

  5. NPettinato14 5 years ago

    The Dodgers are a pathetic organization, from top-to-bottom. I stopped being a fan years ago for this very reason and I see nothing’s changed. Without new ownership, they’re doomed to mediocrity. The real problem is the fan base, which supports any/every endeavor the front office makes without question. Most of the spectators know little to nothing about the game; they just show up to stab people in the parking lot and eat their weight in free, pavilion dogs.

    So good deal for the Pirate.

    • BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

      Proving you wrong is a simple as pointing out the posts in this thread. Any other would do just as well. In fact if management hadn’t made the July deals, just as many fans would have accused “McCheap” of throwing in the towel on the season. So in reality, no matter what happens, Dodger fans are going to gripe.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      You could say all this about absolutely any major fanbase. In other words, your point is moot.

      Every sports fanbase has fair weather fans. Every.

      • NPettinato14 5 years ago

        HUH??? I’m accusing Dodger fans of being zombies who’ll follow the organization no matter what gets put on the field. “Fair weather fan?” Buy a dictionary.

  6. NPettinato14 5 years ago

    ^^ Regarding what I said above: What’s really the consequence of this deal? They lose another season and finish 4th? What’s the problem there for the front office? People will still show up to watch the team so there’s no reason to spend any money on good players. What are any of the Dodger fans prepared to do?

    • MTrammell 5 years ago

      Well according to you, we aren’t afraid to stab people in the parking lot after we eat “free” food.

  7. TommyL 5 years ago

    Ned plays checkers while other GMs play chess.

    • melonis_rex 5 years ago

      But…but…but…winning at checkers is easy. And the games actually end quickly.

  8. grafe 5 years ago

    So I just went back to check and see if maybe the Dodgers made two trades with the Pirates and that’s how they ended up with Lambo and McDonald. Good lord they were both in one trade? For Octavio Dotel? What the hell is wrong with Ned Coletti?

    • derekbellstutu 5 years ago

      There’s nothing wrong with Colletti in the eyes of Pirates fans. In fact, many Pirates fans like Ned Colletti than Neal Huntington.

      If it would make Dodgers fans feel any better, the Dodgers can have Ryan Doumit for nothing.

  9. thegrayrace 5 years ago

    As long as he’s better than James McDonald and Andrew Lambo, I’m happy.

  10. zartan 5 years ago

    James McDonald is mediocre. Pirate fans may think he is awesome because, well, they are Pirate fans. But I personally don’t want a starter with a 5.00 + ERA. Lambo is Dave Kingman on drugs. So you can have him too. The Dodgers, who have seen these two play for several years now, obviously didn’t think that highly of them. Of course only time will tell if McDonald is the second coming of Tom Seaver or not. But since McDonald can barely break 90 mph on the gun, I’m doubting that.

    How is the second coming of Mike Schmidt (Andy LaRoche) working out for you Pirate fans?

    • leftymalo 5 years ago

      >Lambo is Dave Kingman on drugs

      Are you saying Dave Kingman wasn’t on drugs?

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