Heyman On Weeks, Matsui, Pujols

SI's Jon Heyman is gathering all kinds of information at the GM Meetings; here's the latest…

  • Brewers GM Doug Melvin will talk to second baseman Rickie Weeks today about a possible extension, tweets Heyman.  The arbitration eligible Weeks is one year away from free agency.
  • Heyman tweets that the White Sox are talking to free agent designated hitter Hideki Matsui, who would fit as one of two lefty bats they hope to acquire.  The Sox have already had preliminary discussions with Adam Dunn's agent.  Heyman says the Cubs have not appeared to be big suitors for Dunn so far.
  • Regarding Albert Pujols, Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt does not want to repeat Alex Rodriguez's ten-year, $275MM contract.  In fact, he believes the Yankees would retract A-Rod's deal if they could.  Heyman floated an eight-year, $240MM deal to DeWitt, who questioned the $30MM salary.
  • Expensive closers Jonathan Papelbon and Francisco Cordero are on the trade market, with the Red Sox and Reds willing to kick in money.  Still, Heyman sees the Red Sox retaining Papelbon, whose trade market is weak.
  • Heyman could see something around three years and $57MM for Derek Jeter.
  • Heyman believes the Orioles are looking at Paul Konerko and/or Adrian Beltre for their corner infield openings.

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  1. Unless Konerko is blown away by the Orioles offer, I cant imagine him playing in the East. He wants to be closer to his home in Arizona

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      its becoming more and more clear that Konerko is more than likely done in chicago…I would comfortably say he is plan D. Dunn=plan A, Trade for prince or adrian=plan B…CArlos Pena=plan C Konerko=plan D vicedio=plan E and laroach =plan F

      • I would agree that unless Konerko is reasonably priced, hes not likely to be coming back to Chicago. I would hate to see the Sox overpay for a poor fielding Dunn and unless they can negotiate an extension for Fielder or AGon, I wouldnt want to give up what would be necessary to obtain them.
        I could see Pena as an option but, unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that Viciedo will be plugged in there and Flowers as catcher. Hope Im wrong

  2. AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs 5 years ago

    Cash hated the ARod deal from day 1, because he didn’t get to make a deal. This was all Hank Steinbrenner, and i’m sure Hank still loves the deal.

  3. BlueCatuli 5 years ago

    While Dunn would be a plus in Wrigley Field, his contract would be a burden. Glad the Cubs aren’t going there.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      they never were going to ….rickets said from the start he was going to try to lower payroll or at least not raise it too much…there are a bunch of very good players in their system coming up soon. right now rickets focus is on wrigley and improving that horrible field and park…dont even say it….i know there is a ton of history there i get it both for the cubs and the bears but the stadium needs MAJOR work….what should happen is a new park should be built and wrigley should be turned into a museum for the cubs and bears…making wrigley nicer would attract a ton more fans and allow more investors and advertisers and thus more money for the team

    • shysox 5 years ago

      Any contract signed with the cubs through free agency seems like a burden.

  4. Jiujitsu411420 5 years ago

    I’m happy that the cubs haven’t shown much interest is Dunn so far and I hope it stays that way. You can call me greedy but I only want Adrian Gonzales or I say get one of the cheaper options on the market on a 1 yr fix. I’d take Overbay,Laroche or welcome Nady back over giving Dunn 12 mill a yr. Don’t get me wrong love the hr’s and rbi’s just hate the defense and strikeouts.

  5. i agree, i hope the cubs sit back this year at first base. they need to go after adrian gonzales, even if they have to wait til free agency next year. try to get a veteran first baseman on a 1 year deal to last until then.

    • jb226 5 years ago

      The Cubs have exactly two mammoth contracts that they have entered into:Alfonso Soriano, who never even came close to living up to expectations and who hasn’t been worth his pay (based on WAR/value vs. pay) since 2008, who is signed through 2014 and is already hamstringing the entire team.And Carlos Zambrano, signed through 2012 with a 2013 vesting option and who was not worth his pay since the day he signed the damn deal.All in all, I’d prefer the Cubs not enter into the kind of mammoth contract Gonzalez would require. Soriano’s contract was criticized for its length but I don’t recall anybody who thought it would have gone bad by year two, and Zambrano’s contract was considered roughly market value. There’s just no telling how a player is going to do once they get that money in their pockets (see Adrian Beltre for another case study). The loss of any flexibility whatsoever with that much money involved is just not worth it, and the idea that the Cubs can or even should do it at a time when both Soriano and Zambrano are likely to still be under contract… just no.

  6. Zuidvogels 5 years ago

    DeWitt better get used to the idea of 25-30M annually for Pujols. Or get used to playing with out him.

    • Let’s just hope that he’s posturing. He knows Pujols adds enough value to the club to get a deal like that and knows it’s in everyone’s best interest to make him a Cardinal for life.

  7. Heyman once again is talking out of his a$$ and is just trying to stir up stuff and get his name involved here so no body forgets who he is. He’s done it in the past and it wont be the last time he is trying to stir up stuff.

  8. hunterboy 5 years ago

    Do u think Mariners will get Paul Kinerco? How about Prince Fielder?

  9. hunterboy 5 years ago

    do you think the ms could get albert pouls

  10. C@#k Suckers

  11. Penis

  12. jwsox 5 years ago

    defer some of the payments with no intrest and its a great deal for both sides but remember this after he won it in 06 albert started his “its not about money campaign” He wants to stay in STL and he wants them to compete year in and year out, and a huge contract for him might hinder that. He very easily could take a huge discount to stay in STL thus allowing them to spend money on more pressing needs ie middle infield help and pitching help..his agent wont like it but is not his agents choice

  13. Albert saying it’s not about money is just part of his media training. Remember when he used to be so bad at talking to the media and he used to say stuff that he would later regret? One of those things was, “There’s no breaks. This is business!” Albert will try to get as much as he can. He probably won’t get $30 mill from anyone, but I predict he will get 27.5 to 28.

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