Marlins Closing In On Javier Vazquez

The Marlins and Javier Vazquez are close to agreeing to terms on a contract, a baseball source tells's Bill Ladson.

On Tuesday, we heard that Vazquez was seeking a one-year deal and that talks with the Marlins were heating up. Florida's geographical proximity to the right-hander's native Puerto Rico is one factor in Vazquez's interest in the team.

The Nationals were rumored to be preparing an offer for Vazquez at one point, but according to Ladson, they are out of the running for the 34-year-old's services due to the serious nature of Vazquez's discussions with the Marlins.

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  1. dc21892 5 years ago

    He has always done well for himself in the NL East. Solid move by the Marlins after an interesting offseason.

    • stocktopus 5 years ago

      agreed. After putting together an incredible ’09, and then seeing his HR/9 go from 0.82 to 1.82 in Yankee Stadium last year, he’s gotta be viewed as a pretty good bounce-back candidate.

      Yankee stadium is 3rd on the HR park factor list (1.420), and the Marlins’ park is 24th on the list (0.822)…. and Vasquez was 5th in the majors in fly ball percentage last year (among pitchers over 150 IP) …. I sense some changes.

      Sorry to throw so many stats out there, I’m just excited to grab him in the late rounds of next year’s draft.

      • Those are the correct stats to look at. The fact that this deal is for one year just makes this that much better.

  2. Lars Chunks 5 years ago

    Kind of strange to see a free agent specifically ask for only a 1 year deal, especially when he’s 34 years old. It’s not like he’s Beltre’s age and can cash in on a huge multi-year contract after a rebound year with the Marlins.

    • dc21892 5 years ago

      Well maybe, just maybe, if he proves once again he can be successful in the NL East, he’ll find himself a 3 year deal to ride out his career.

      • Fever Pitch Guy 5 years ago

        If he does wind up in the NL East again, and Keith Law gets to vote again for the NL Cy Young award, Vazquez’s value could really soar. heheheheh

  3. BryanL26 5 years ago


  4. MetsEventually 5 years ago

    Dammit…really hoping Sandy would go after him…

  5. VanBlue 5 years ago

    Perfect fit for him as he thrives when not under big-city pressure

  6. fishfan4life 5 years ago

    Nice…this sets up Volstad to the #5 and Sanabia as the long guy in the pen.

  7. westcoastwhitesox 5 years ago

    He will pitch very well for the Marlins. I’m really surprised by him asking for a 1-yr contract considering he wants to be in south Florida and they (like any team) would like to take advantage of a good player who might give a ‘hometown discount’.

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