Cubs, Other Teams Also Pursuing Adrian Gonzalez

The Red Sox aren't the only team in the hunt for Adrian Gonzalez.  "Multiple teams besides [the] Red Sox," including the Cubs, are interested in the Padres slugger, tweets Ken Rosenthal of  This isn't the first time we've heard about Chicago's interest in Gonzalez, and the Cubs' search for a big-hitting first baseman may have intensified now that Adam Dunn has signed with the crosstown rival White Sox

Two big obstacles stand in the way of a Cubs/Padres deal: the Cubs' ability to provide the blue-chip prospects that San Diego desires in any Gonzalez trade, and whether the Cubs can afford the long-term extension that Gonzalez wants after 2011.  One obviously impacts the other, since it would be foolish for the Cubs to move several prospects for just one season of Gonzalez.  With the Carlos Silva and Kosuke Fukudome contracts coming off the books after this year, Chicago has about $63MM committed to their 2012 payroll.

Besides the Cubs, Rosenthal lists the Angels, Blue Jays, Orioles, Nationals, Rangers and Rays as having a "possible interest" in a Gonzalez trade.  All of the teams could potentially afford a Gonzalez extension except Tampa Bay, and all of the clubs have intriguing minor league prospects to interest the Padres (though it might be hard for L.A. to acquire Gonzalez without giving up star prospect Mike Trout).  Dan Hayes of the North County Times tweets that it's the Cubs and Red Sox, however, who are the "main focus" of San Diego's trade talks.

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  1. 42214221 5 years ago


  2. The_BiRDS 5 years ago

    Im all Cardinals but damn I hope cubs get Gonzalez.. that would make Cards cubs games even better!

    Dont think it ends up happening though…

  3. dickylarue 5 years ago

    I gotta believe Baltimore and Toronto are in this too. If the Mets aren’t in it offering Ike Davis among others, they really are morons.

    • 42214221 5 years ago

      snider romero

    • AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs 5 years ago

      Baltimore will be desperate after getting shafted by FAs, but they won’t give up Wieters or Matusz, and that’s what the Padres will look at first.

      Toronto is in a good position for him, they really can compete as soon as next year, but is that worth losing a combination of Snider, Arencibia, Drabek and others?

      I think the Mets hold on to Davis, and wait until there some contracts are off the books (Perez, Castillo, Beltran) before they do anything significant.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Why would the Orioles acquire A-Gon? Plus, he’s not going to want to sign an extension with them.

      • padresfuture 5 years ago

        I agree. They are not close enough to contention to warrant giving away the players/prospects needed. I like the orioles farm system but I don’t see them making this move unless they plan to sign him long term and build aggressively around him.

    • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

      Neither can really afford the extension, though each can post the prospects.

      • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

        Why would you feel the O’s or Mets couldn’t afford Agonz? The O’s bid aggresively on Tex but lost and the Mets have tons of money coming off after 2011 but may or may not have the prospects. Obviously Ike Davis would be the centerpiece.

  4. Vivid_Reality 5 years ago

    For the love of all things baseball, DO NOT DO THIS HENDRY. You have pulled off some amazing trades in the past (Lee and Ramirez) but this will not work out in our favor. Its time to get your head out of the clouds and fully commit to the rebuild.

    • The_BiRDS 5 years ago


    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      no, please keep it up.

    • Details. Why won’t this work? You realize he’s a good hitter right? And that a good hitter would make the Cubs better, right? If the Cubs can pull something like this off and compete for the division or wild card there is no reason to blow it up and rebuild. The whole purpose of playing the games is to contend, if they’re able to contend why wouldn’t they? Besides, what we have on the farm is nice, but there aren’t any can’t miss prospects, no Jason Heywards or Buster Poseys. Committing to a rebuild with what we have down there wouldn’t be all that successful. Sure, there are some good players coming but nothing that will turn this team into a contender. If San Diego wants them and if AGon will sign, I’d deal.

      • First off, The Cubs don’t have the payroll for AGon and definitely don’t have the prospects for AGon. Even if you threw in C. Starlin they would still have a slim chance.

        • shysox 5 years ago

          Whoa, if they throw in Castro then they have a very legitimate chance at A-Gon. Castro, Vitters, Cashner, and Carpenter would probably get it done.

          • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

            I don’t think so. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is not enough of a package to trump about 3 other teams who would be bidding.

          • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

            I think that deal is better than most of what the Red Sox have been offering. Also, it more directly addresses the needs I’ve been hearing a lot of Pads fans asking for, like a SS, OF and pitching since most of the younger guys will be graduating to the mlb staff. Castro fills the SS need where the Sox are reluctant to give up Iglesias. Cashner has proven himself to be more mlb ready than Kelly and has more upside than Doubront or Pimental. The Cubs may have to sub out Vitters and Carpenter for maybe Brett Jackson though.

          • Yanksfan, I somewhat agree with you. Yes Cashner maybe more mlb ready than Kelly. But Kelly has the higher up side. And I don’t know if I would say he has more upside than Pimental, Dourbront, I will give u. Lastly, I don’t see the Cubs trading Castro in the first place. But if they did, Castro, Jackson, and Cashner would probably be too much to give up.

      • shysox 5 years ago

        For some reason, any big player that comes to the cubs either blows, or has a few good years then ends up being overpaid. Not saying Gonzalez is a bad player, but I’m just saying.
        IE: Alfonso Soriano, Milton Bradley, Carlos Zambrano, Kouske Fukudome, Jeff Samarzija were/all overpayed.
        Ryan Dempster, Marlon Byrd, and Aramis Ramirez are next.

        • Marlon Byrd makes on average $5 mil a year during the life of his contract. I don’t really see how he can be overpaid unless he doesn’t play another game for the rest of the next two seasons.

          • shysox 5 years ago

            Which is possible, but hey, I’m just pointing it out, not saying Gonzalez will completely drop off if he comes to Wrigley, but I’m just pointing out the history, and that it HAS happened before.

        • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

          Except that Aramis Ramirez is and will continue to be UNDERPAID for 2011. He’s about the best short stop in baseball. He could get $17-20MM on the open market right now, if he were an F/A.

          • jb226 5 years ago


            Aramis Ramirez is a third baseman for the Cubs.
            Alexi Ramirez is a shortstop for the White Sox.

          • Ferrariman 5 years ago

            i can think of 3 shortstops i’d rather have over Alexi.

      • Vivid_Reality 5 years ago

        Don’t get me wrong, I would love Gonz in Cubbie Blue especially with the lack of 1B prospects in the system. The Cons just outweigh the Pros for me. At best we get a stud for 20mm a year to blast moon shots out of Wrigley for some prospects that may or may not work out. At worst we have the next Soriano. I would rather not take the risk given the current state of our team.

  5. Neil Tatro 5 years ago

    cashner, hak-ju lee, jay jackson, and sean marshall enough? i think the cubs definitely have the players to get a deal done.

    • shysox 5 years ago

      I’d be willing to bet it would take one of the two: Starlin Castro, Josh Vitters, then Andrew Cashner, and Tyler Colvin.

      • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

        If it weren’t the Padres I’d say you were over valuing Vitters, but they have been in on him before. Hak ju Lee could be involved instead of Castro. In 5 years people will be talking about his big extension like we are all talking about Tulowitzki’s. Castro will be a Cub for his entire career and will be the face of their franchise.

        • shysox 5 years ago

          I remember a few years ago, even at a single-A level, Vitters was one of the best prospects in baseball, some ESPN writer wrote about it, I have no idea where he’s at right now.

          • tommy4205 5 years ago

            He’s at AA Tennessee, from what I saw of him there’s no way he’s fast tracking it to the big leagues anytime soon.

          • BlueCatuli 5 years ago

            He has had some Cubbie type injuries that have been nagging him. I look for him to have a break out year and be a September call up. He was hit in the hand by a pitch last year and never fully recovered, but he was just getting his groove back from the promotion to AA. He won’t be the blue chip everyone thought he would be, but I’d be willing to bet he is a part of the Cubs future, just not at third base. The Cubs website recently had an article in which Muskat discussed Vitters making the switch to first base. Baseball America has him projected as a left fielder. An outfield of Vitters Guyer and Jackson would be something to look forward to.

  6. Ferrariman 5 years ago

    as much as it doesn’t make sense, i can see it happening with Hendry. Jay Jackson, Hak Ju Lee, Andrew Cashner, and rafael dolis gets it done IMO.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

      Rafael Dolis doesn’t have much value. Brett Jackson would have to be included. And Jay Jackson’s value is very low at this point. Hak Ju Lee and Cashner are defnitely potential Padres though in an A-Gon trade…Both are blue chippers who have tons of value.

      I actually really like your proposal, but I think Some how/some way, Brett Jackson has to be involved even if that means taking out Lee or Cashner.

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        anyone who can hit triple digits with a plus slider has value. Why he hasn’t been moved to the bullpen baffles me.

        • crunchy1 5 years ago

          It’s common for the Cubs organization to start their better pitching prospects in the minors, figuring you can always convert them to relievers later. Dolis’ future is very likely in the bullpen. But, like you said, guys who hit triple digits don’t grow on trees. I’m sure scouts are aware of who he is.

  7. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I seriously think the Red Sox do not have the best chance to acquire A-Gon…I think the Cubs have a good chance

    Cubs: Hak Ju Lee, Brett Jackson, and Yohan Gonzalez
    Rangers: Jurrickson Profar and Martin Perez
    Nationals: Derek Norris and Drew Storen
    A’s: Chris Carter, Stephen Parker, and Ian Krol
    Rays: Wade Davis, Jairo De La Rosa, and Alex Torres
    Blue Jays: Adeiny Hechevaria, Michael McDade, and Zach Stewart
    Braves: Freddie Freeman and Randall Delgado

    • bbxxj 5 years ago

      I would bet a large sum of money neither the Braves or the Rays will be in on Gonzalez. Neither are set up to give a Tex like contract to Gonzalez. The Rays for obvious reasons and the Braves because well they were the original team that didn’t extend Tex to a Tex like contract.

      The Jays, Nationals and Rangers all seem like they would be able to give a big contract to a player like Gonzalez.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Since when is a contract extension a sure thing though? It doesn’t need to happen.

        • bbxxj 5 years ago

          Because you don’t trade Freeman and Delgado for one year of a player, especially when you have a top prospect MLB ready at that position.

          It doesn’t matter what any of us think. Wren refuses to give up any of his ‘franchise prospects’ in deals. Just look back to the Peavy talks and to the deals this year.

        • Then neither the Braves or the Rays are giving those guys up for a one-year rental.

        • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

          It does if you are going to give up 4+ top talent positions in trade.

      • TXHC 5 years ago

        I doubt we’re seriously in on this. Maybe if all the starting pitcher stuff falls through, but other than that I don’t see it.

      • Beachbummer 5 years ago

        The more i think about it the more i like a Fielder for Garza type deal for the Rays. Longoria and Fielder followed by Joyce, Brigniac or one of the FA Dh’s (Vlad or Thome) is significantly better than last year. Maybe enough to put the Rays in the mix. It doesn’t have to be a down year for us.

    • shysox 5 years ago

      Hey, I know about the recent Dunn signing, but I’m sure there is a extremely miniscule chance that KW talked to the Padres before signing Dunn, so do you think a package centered around John Danks would have gotten it done?

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Sure thing. Absolutley…But I’m not sure the White Sox have the package to get A-Gon unless KW parts with Beckham…If he does part with Beckham…White Sox have a real shot…

        Beckham and Short for A-Gon.

    • Not happening with the Braves. We can’t afford to commit $20MM+ a year to any player, especially with ownership up in the air after next season.

    • bbxxj 5 years ago

      Of all those deals the Nationals is quite weak and the Rangers and Blue Jays seem like overpayments. I think the Braves offer is about fair with some wildcards in there but no way Wren gives up both those guys for a rental.

    • Sniderlover 5 years ago

      That’s a steal for the Jays.

      Pretty sure they would want Drabek instead of Stewart which I wouldn’t be willing to part with but I would definitely take that deal.

    • Quest2b1 5 years ago

      I think Seattle is a team no one is mentioning. Smoak, Franklin, Pineda and Ackley…not all but two of those four makes for a strong offer with a couple B prospects. They also have Ichiro coming off the books.

      I think Pineda, Franklin tops Boston’s best two.

      • Sniderlover 5 years ago

        I don’t understand… aren’t the Mariners re-building?

        • Quest2b1 5 years ago

          Just a dark horse, but I have not seen them try and move Aardsma yet so not sure.

          • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

            I wouldn’t say they are rebuilding. They traded for Cliff Lee and signed Figgins to a multi-year deal. They have a 2 year window to win w/ Ichiro and a 4 year window before Felix hits FA. I would say they have the means to pay for a guy like Agonz.

            I’m not sure if Smoak would interest the Pads since they have Blanks but he’s injured right now and could play LF when he gets back. Maybe the Pads bite on a Smoak, Triunfel, Ackley and Robles/Beavan will get it done?

          • Quest2b1 5 years ago

            They would need one more arm, maybe Pavano? There was an article/blog on the losing culture in Seattle right now. AGonz could change that and sell a lot of seats. Also didn’t Seattle post for the Japanese SP? Not really a rebuilding move. Lastly, if Bedard can put together a healthy season, that team could make a run in the west.

      • padresfuture 5 years ago

        I would love to see a package centered around Smoak and Ackley.

        • shysox 5 years ago

          I don’t think they’re willing to move one of them, let alone both Smoak and Ackley.

        • 42214221 5 years ago

          pineda and ackley

          • shysox 5 years ago

            I don’t have any proof, but I highly doubt – and nearly guarantee, that they wouldn’t trade the next best player in the 2009 draft after Strasburg, especially when he hasn’t even had a cup of coffee yet.

          • Quest2b1 5 years ago

            Like I said, a dark horse, but they have the ammunition to top any team besides the Royals imo.

      • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

        Smoak, maybe, but not Pineda and Ackley. Kelly, Lowrie and Kalish top those three as a package. Still a good offer, but not a winner.

        • Quest2b1 5 years ago

          Did you just say Kelly, Lowrie, Kalish > Pineda, Smoak, Ackley?

        • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

          Steve_in…..ahhh….MA. Explains it all.

    • Did you seriously say the Red Sox don’t have the best chance to land A-Gon?
      Lol! Casey Kelley, Jose Iglesias and Athony Rizzo could probably (I wouldn’t do it) get it done now. If that wasn’t enough they could choose from the following list of Prospects.

      Josh Reddick, Ryan Kalish, Ryan Lavarnway, Stolmy Pimental or Oscar Tejada.
      Not only that, they can offer him more money than any other club interested in him.

      • hurley55 5 years ago

        teams like the Jays have better prospects to offer. Drabek/Arencibia or D’arnaud/Hechavarria > Kelly/Iglesias/Rizzo

        • Sorry Kelly/Iglesias/Rizzo trumps Drabek/Arencibia or D’Arnaud/Hechavarria. Since the Pardes needs are 1st, SS, OF and pitching.

          • hurley55 5 years ago

            you would take the best talent, not what your needs are

          • Agreed, But Kelly/Rizzo and Iglesias are the best talent compare to Drabek/Arencibia and Hechavarria. Not saying the Jays prospects aren’t
            good, just the Red Sox prospects are better.

    • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

      Except that the last 5 of the seven teams you profile cannot afford the 6 year, $140MM extension it will take to get him signed to a long term deal.

      • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

        a) You’re assuming that a team has a desire to extend him. That’s not always the case and the Holliday to Oakland, Lee to Mariners, and Lee to Texas shows how much teams are willing to give up for 1 year or less.

        b) Rays and A’s might think of doing it for short term purposes. Both have the farms to do it and not miss a beat. Cubs have Lee’s money off from 2010 and another $30 to $40 mil coming off next year. The Nats have offered big money to Tex and others and could afford to offer Agonz 6/$140. With Overbay and EE off the books the Jays are about $35 mil from their highest payroll of $98 mil in 2008. I doubt Agonz is a priority for them though. The Braves might consider it if Chipper tells them that 2011 will be his last year and he retires prematurely. They might decide to go for it one last time if Chipper is retiring. Agonz and Heyward could be the face of the team going forward. The Rangers don’t need Agonz because they have Moreland and probably won’t extend Agonz because they have Hamilton and other to consider so I don’t see them being players in this.

        • I seriously doubt any team interested in A-Gonz is going to give up the type of prospects it will take to land A-Gon. And not expect to sign him to an extension.

    • firealyellon 5 years ago

      holy crap were you epically wrong

  8. I’ll throw a dark-horse candidate out there: The Nationals. If they can scrounge the prospects together to make the deal, they’ve shown they’re willing to throw money at top players in free agency and would likely be more than willing to give A-Gon a big extension.

    • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago


    • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

      Except that the Nats can’t afford to match a 4 yr. / $56MM contract on Dunn, and surely, A-Gonz will take about $140MM for 6 years to extend.

  9. This would be a coup for Hendry and probably his best trade yet. Even giving up some of the pitching that the Cubs have built, they come out way ahead and are set at first for years to come, much as they were with the Lee trade. It won’t come cheap but they HAVE to kick the tires pretty seriously on getting one of the premier first basemen in the game today.

  10. The Red Sox are clearly the leaders in this race. Padres are going to make National League teams pay more, Sox have the money, the prospects and the track record of these kinds of things.

  11. See, I’m not the only one:
    SI_JonHeyman Jon Heyman
    the #padres talking pretty seriously now with teams about gonzalez. got to think #redosx are heavy favorite should something happen

  12. If the Cubs landed Gonzalez it would be Hendrys best move since D-Lee or A-Ram moves. Don’t think it would happen but something along these lines.SD—-A-GoCHC——Chris CarpenterTrey McNutt/ Jay JacksonWellington CastilloJosh VittersHak-Ju LeeKyler BurkeI’m guessing Castro, Archer, Cashner and Colvin are untouchable

    After Silva and Fukudome if not traded become free agents.
    Sign Adrian Gonzalez 6/1++ with 2 team options

    • shysox 5 years ago

      Castro is the most likely untouchable. Colvin and Cashner are probably movable. I’m guessing that a package something like Vitters, Colvin, Jackson, Cashner and Carpenter could get it done.

      • BillB325 5 years ago

        I`m sorry but you under value some of these guys, it would most likley be a trade like Vitters,Lee,Carpenter,Barney,and Castillo.

    • jammin502 5 years ago

      I am not so sure that Colvin is untouchable. There has been talk about moving him to 1B because the OF is so crowded. If Guyer and/or Jackson are involved in this trade then they can slide into RF / CF at some point. Not mentioned, but I believe that Ramirez’s contract falls off the books after 2011? I do think that Welington Castillo would be a nice piece for the Padres. Don’t know what kind of value Vitters has right now. Hak-Ju Lee could be moved with what looks like a Castro locked shortstop spot.

    • padresfuture 5 years ago

      Castro, Archer, and Cashner for Gonzalez and Bell.

      • Ferrariman 5 years ago

        castro ain’t going anywhere.

        • padresfuture 5 years ago

          I would’nt blame them for wanting to hold onto castro, but the Padres biggest need is ss/2b and unless the Cubs have anything meaningful to offer there other than castro then I dont see the cubs as a match. No castro and the cubs would have to gut their farm system to get Adrian.

          • Hak- Ju Lee, he’s supposed to move Castro to 2B when he comes up cause of the fact he is a better fielder.

          • crunchy1 5 years ago

            And more of true leadoff hitter because of superior speed and patience at the plate.

    • BillB325 5 years ago

      Keeping up with the farm system Kyler Burke didn`t really show any promise in high A so just take him off and that looks very good.

  13. missyae 5 years ago

    The Cubs are the ‘other team’ Jed is gonna use to get what he wants from Theo. Theo is too close to blow it this time. I think he is ready to give Jed what he wants.

    • Agreed. Great move by Hoyer.

      Helps when Theo has guys like these guys to replace the guys he is about to trade:

      • Tyler Sekula 5 years ago

        Oh how i just love the Red Sox 2010 draft class 😛 Wonder what will come of that number 18 pick this year!!! Theo better pull the trigger…spend your money..plenty of time to develop these guys while Gonzo mashes for the red sox for years to come. :)

  14. Montero1220 5 years ago

    Theo Epstein is pretty greedy with his prospects. I can picture someone stealing Agon from the Sox by overpaying for Gonzalez with a ridiculously good package. The Cubs seem like a good fit. Maybe Starlin Castro to start out as the centerpiece with possibly Tyler Colvin. No way Theo trades the beloved Casey Kelly.

    Orioles, Braves, and Mets are great fits also. If the Mets would be willing to part with Ike Davis I could see the Pads jumping all over that as he is a proven major leaguer. As a Yankee fan I dread the thought of seeing Agon in a Sox Uniform. Brings back memories of Manny Ramirez. Gasp.

    • After the ridiculous 2010 draft the Sox had they can finally afford to pull the trigger on something like this.

      • Montero1220 5 years ago

        True. I still don’t think the Padres will get what they deserve for Agon. Just a feeling.

        • Maybe that is why they are saying that others are perusing Gonzo hard. Jack up the price.

      • MaineSox 5 years ago

        I may be wrong but I think for A-Gon the only guy who wont go is Iglesias and I wouldn’t be too surprised to be wrong about him too.

        • Potrzeba 5 years ago

          I’d give up anyone except kalish, and Iglesias. But I would like to see the sox have him sign a contract extension.

    • BillB325 5 years ago

      Sorry but Castro is untouchable and a Castro and Colvin?! That would get them more than A-gonz

    • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

      Casey Kelly is gone, guaranteed. That’s the centerpiece that Hoyer covets and we are more than willing to part with. Cubs have two pieces to give, but not four, like the Sox do. Orioles and Braves both have the pieces, but not the payroll flexibility to add another $23MM per season to sign the extension. Mets don’t really have the pieces at all, even though they could probably afford the extension. Ike Davis is the sole piece I could see the Pads wanting, but you need about 3 other pieces to make it happen.

  15. burtonbball88 5 years ago

    Hendry knows he missed out on Dunn, so he’s going big.

    • firealyellon 5 years ago

      Reinsdorf has cash. The Ricketts beg for cash. Thus: No.

  16. padresfuture 5 years ago

    Teams that could be interested that the Padres may be willing to trade to:
    Cubs, Nationals, Mets, Marlins, Angels, Rangers, Mariners, WhiteSox, RedSox, Blue Jays, Rays. Teams most likely to be serious: Red Sox, Nationals, Mets

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      wanna explain your reasoning for the Mets?

      • padresfuture 5 years ago

        They have a chance to resign Adrian, they have a good young controllable replacement at 1B to give the Padres in Ike Davis, and they are an organization that wants to win… the just have not been very good at it lately. Adrian would be the perfect addition to a team that has seen its run production decline the last 4 years.

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          i don’t think they would trade 6 years of Ike Davis for gonzalez. Doesn’t make sense when that isn’t there biggest hole. actually, it is so moronic that it would get the new GM fired before he could do anything else.

          • padresfuture 5 years ago

            Large market teams do not have to use the same value metrics that small market teams like the padres do. The mets just have to view Adrian as an upgrade to Ike Davis and have the money to spend. The ability to aquire the type of player that Adrian gonzales should be enough to get their interest. I doubt the average mets fan would be complaining if they brought in Adrian and the offense improved. Davis had an OBPS of .751 and Adrian gonzales .903 with better defense and nothing around him. Davis has 5 years left of club control and Adrian has a bargain contract this year that is far less then a 6th year player of his caliber. I hardly think Alderson would be a moron to make this move, suggesting so shows a lack of analytic ability on your part.

          • padresfuture 5 years ago

            .751 OBPS versus .903 with better defense. Davis has 5 years of control and Adrian has a way undervalued contract. Not moronic at all. Get your facts straight and show some analytical ability rather than put down peoples posts.

          • Ferrariman 5 years ago

            u realize Davis was a rookie right? Just thought i’d let you know. I know its a revelation, but i think he will improve on his rookie season especially since he was 23. Davis is actually a very good firstbaseman, so no, i don’t think its that much of a defensive improvement. its 6 years because Davis didn’t called up till late May to save an extra year of service time.speaking of getting your facts straight… besides why would they trade a first baseman for a first baseman. that just doesn’t happen..ever.

          • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

            Tex for Kotchman.

          • Ferrariman 5 years ago

            thats true, but Kotchman sucks

          • That’s true, but A. Gon for I. Davis. It’s like the trade with Kotchman for Tex. Who would you rather have? Adding A-Gon would make the Mets instant contenders in the East.

            A. Gonz (1B), Castillo (2B), Wright (3B), Reyes (SS), OF Bay, Beltran and Pagan.

        • Steve_in_MA 5 years ago

          Ike is a single piece. How does that match the 4 or 5 top quality pieces that the Sox would give?

          • padresfuture 5 years ago

            I wouldnt request Ike as a single piece, he would be the centerpiece. I like Ike, I dont see him as an elite player at 1B but very solid. The Mets would need to add another piece or 2. The fact that Ike is major league ready helps the padres now. I think Ike is worth 2 top prospects given he has some major league experience and showed promise.

    • jt24 5 years ago

      angels would probably be in the mix for bell

      • padresfuture 5 years ago

        Any chance the Angels trade trumbo for Bell?

  17. @jorgearangure Jorge Arangure
    The Gonzalez family has always thought it was a foregone conclusion he’d up with Boston. We’ll see if it happens.

  18. GilFisher 5 years ago

    Package should be similar to the Halladay package a year ago.

  19. Potrzeba 5 years ago

    Bring on the cubs, they don’t have anything compared to the red sox. The cubs are are a joke and they have to many expensive players (zambrano, fukdome, soriano, silva) which probably means they can sign Gonzalez to an extension.

    • The Cubs have plenty to acquire Gonzalez. However, I think the Sox best offer beats the Cubs best offer.

      • padresfuture 5 years ago

        If the cubs best offer doesnt include Castro or Archer then the Sox should have no trouble making a better offer

      • crunchy1 5 years ago

        The Cubs definitely have more than enough to acquire A-Gon and they can match prospects with anybody. The Red Sox, though, have the deeper system and the better team. With AGon they’re right in the thick of things again. They could easily justify trading top prospects both in terms of their depth and because they are close enough to being a WS team where the reward is worth the risk. I’m not sure the Cubs can afford to take the same chance. I don’t think the Cubs would be willing to take it as far as the Red Sox would. I think they’d back out if it got to pricey in terms of prospects.

  20. Cubs would not trade Castro. they have beyond enough talent to make this trade though.

  21. tommy4205 5 years ago

    The Cubs arenot getting rid of Castro or Colvin. That is the nucleus around which everything will be built. Especially since they controll them for a few more years. I highly doubt Cashner or Marshall would be included either. Maybe a Thomas Diamond, Jay Jackson, and Josh Vitters to start a deal and throw in two more lower level players. The Padres are going to want players they can controll for the next few years. I also see a few veterans being traded over the winter i.e Silva, Fukudome. That’ll free up the cash needed. Soriano, A-Ram, and Zambrano are owed to much. Plus none really had a great year (aside from Zambrano after the meltdown.

    • “Maybe a Thomas Diamond, Jay Jackson, and Josh Vitters to start a deal and throw in two more lower level players.”

      That package doesn’t come close. Any deal starts with Cashner.

      • tommy4205 5 years ago

        Your probably right, I just don’t see them giving up on the young arms that are major league ready. I can them trying to package Diamond and Samarja before agreeing on Cashner. I would offer 4 other pitchers before putting him in.

    • firealyellon 5 years ago

      you think the Cubs would hang up if they ask for Colvin in the package? lol…

      • tommy4205 5 years ago

        Beside them saying already that Castro and Colvin are the foundation of the future, why would they trade him? With an aging outfield and control of him for the next 2 seasons before arb. and 5 years till free agency, with regular playing time his numbers are only going to go up. Trading him would defeat the whole building process.

        • firealyellon 5 years ago

          colvin is a mediocre fielding OF with 20 HR power….not exactly scarce.

        • cubfan4life 5 years ago

          Colvin in FAR from untouchable. If you want to pin the whole “centerpiece of the OF” tag on someone going forward youre going to have to look to the minors and a guy that will probably arrive in 2012 named Brett Jackson.

          Colvin did have a nice year outside of the strikeouts and flying broken bats and he is still only 25 and controllable. But if a package of say Colvin, Lee, Carpenter, and Cashner was a starting point then id take it.

          • tommy4205 5 years ago

            I didn’t say he was the “center piece” but he is a block in the foundation. For a guy not supposed to land any higher than AAA he had a pretty successful season. I would much rather see an outfield with him and Jackson together for the next 5 years or so then start all over. The Cubs always have “the next” outfielder (Patterson, Pie, Murton, Dubois) that don’t pan out. The should have kept Pagan. We could be looking at an outfield of Pagan, Colvin, and Jackson.

  22. Quest2b1 5 years ago

    I would also watch out for TB, they would have no problem renting Gonzo for a year for another title run and take the picks. They can easily move Silva, Upton, and Bartlett for prospects.

    • Rays have the prospects to do it but they aren’t going to pay him the money he wants and he isn’t worth those prospects if he is a 1 year rental.

      • Quest2b1 5 years ago

        Well if I’m the Rays, I know I only have a small window to go for a WS. It would be worth it to me as a small market.

        • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

          Hellickson or Davis, Matt Joyce, Nick Barnese and a couple of lower level guys might do it for the Rays. That’s 1 quality mlb front line guy. 1 starting corner. ANother top 100 starter @ AA and the other guys. Rays would still have Price, Garza, Neiman, Shields and Hellickson or Davis. Plus Moore and McGee as the next in line. Their OF would still have Upton, Jennings and Zobrist. They can make another run at a WS title in 2011 and collect the two picks when he walks.

          • Quest2b1 5 years ago

            Or just deal him at the deadline if they don’t feel they have what they need for a serious run. What would be the difference in return from what they give and what they get? SD may not like it, but if that were to happen a couple NL West teams would then have a shot.

  23. yanksallday 5 years ago

    only way cubs get agonz is to start with castro if they say no hang up the phone.

    • firealyellon 5 years ago

      correct. he’s the only proven, scarce commodity they have.

      • crunchy1 5 years ago

        Incorrect. The Cubs have a group of prospects at the top of their system that are easily enough to land Gonzalez. You may not be aware of the kind of arms the Cubs have at the AA level, but I assure you any GM in baseball is well aware of guys like Archer, Carpenter and McNutt, not to mention Cashner at the major league level. In the end, I don’t think the Cubs will deplete their farm system because they lack the depth to sustain a big hit. They’ll back out when and if the bidding gets too high. But to say they don’t have enough outside of Castro is simply wrong.

        • You may have enough, but I seriously doubt the Padres would trade A-Gon for Archer, Carpenter and McNutt. If they are going to give up A-Gon it will take at least Castro and B. Jackson as the centerpiece.

  24. The Cubs may kick the tires at it but im pretty sure the Pads would want Castro in the deal and he is definitely untouchable. Vitters was hurt most of last season and didn’t do too well in the arizona fall league either so i doubt he would be included. Not sure how the Pads catchers are but i wonder if they would want Soto, he’s still young and the cubs have Castillo and Chirinos waiting in the wings. Maybe a package of Soto, Hak-Ju Lee, Jay Jackson and probably Cashner or another pitcher on the cubs farm not named Archer could get a deal done.

  25. angel31 5 years ago

    How could the Angels not be in the mix with the starting with Trumbo and Kendrick or Jean Segura. Maybe a Trumbo, Jean Segura/Kendrick, Garret Richards, Bobby Abreu, Fabio Martinez for Gonzalez. Thats a lot to give up though. Dont think it will happen but maybe something like that

  26. jb226 5 years ago

    I still hope Hendry doesn’t do it. There are too many question marks on this team to be going for broke right now. Like, say, the entire starting rotation with the possible exception of Dempster and the entire bullpen with the exception of Marmol and maybe Cashner.

    • crunchy1 5 years ago

      This is exactly what I think. The Cubs can compete with any team in terms of an offer. That’s not the issue. The issue is whether it’s worth it. The Cubs have great prospects, but they’re top heavy. Unlike Boston, they don’t have the depth to sustain the loss and they aren’t close enough to the WS to justify severely thinning out the system when they are likely more than one player away.

      • cubfan4life 5 years ago

        Especially when it will take probably 4 guys to get him. Archer, Hak-Ju Lee, Cashner, and probably one of the Jacksons.

  27. Drabek, JP Arencibia, Hecheverria

    Assuming Gonzalez signs an extension.

    • Sniderlover 5 years ago

      Hmm with extension? Absolutely worth it.

    • noones going to take hechavarria as a $10mill player who has never seen the bigs, especially the padres.

      other than that this deal makes sense valuewise. but if the jays are gonna acquire gonzo and sign him long term, why dont they just wait a year for him or fielder to hit FA, or just sign beltre or crawford right now?? at least they wouldnt have to give up top prospects then.

  28. angel31 5 years ago

    My deal of Trumbo,Bobby Abreu, Fabio Martinez and there top 10 2B prospect would be pretty close to what the Angels could get a deal done like that but especially around Trumbo. I think the Padres if the Angels gave them a good enough deal would maybe give them a discount cuz its the closest team to San Diego, where Gonzalez wants to go, so it my be something to think about. Plus Angels are a prefect fit for him and a easy extension.

    • Ferrariman 5 years ago

      conger, chatwood, and Walden

      • angel31 5 years ago

        I say remove Cogner and Chatwood and then add Trumbo, Abreu, Jean Segura and cash

      • angel31 5 years ago

        take out Cogner and Chatwood and then add Trumbo, Bobby, Jean Segura and cash

        • Ferrariman 5 years ago

          then it doesn’t happen. Padres don’t need Bobby’s bloated contract, and he is just a one year rental. I’m betting if they trade Agonz, they are obviously rebuilding. Conger, Chatwood, and Walden.

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      Why would they want Abreu? He can barely play the OF in Los Angeles let alone a more spacious park like Petco

    • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

      Plus the Angels have Morales so why would they need Agonz?

      • angel31 5 years ago

        So he can take the role of what it would be like the White Sox in platoon 1B/DH or even Morales could DH for them. The question is why NOT add Gonzalez. and then it could be a 3 team deal to get rid of Abreu to open up the spot

        • YanksFanSince78 5 years ago

          I’m sorry. You lost me. Who would be taking Abrue’s spot? And why would the Padres want to put Abreu and his dimishing bat and awful glove in Petco?

          I would say that Conger, Trumbo, Segura and Garrett Richards is enough.

    • Why would they even trade for A-Gon with Morales at first base? Their top priority is C. Crawford.

  29. I really dont know whats more of a waste of time, wondering if Jeter will resign with the yankees or throwing out trade packes for agon with about half the mlb.

  30. Deal is about to go down.
    My guess: Kalish, Kelly, Doubront, Rizzo.

    • My Guess: Kalish, Kelly, Rizzo and Pimentel. I think he has a higher upside than Doubront.

  31. wheresthehawk 5 years ago

    Adam Dunn signs a huge contract with the ChiSox to hit 30 HR’s and get 120 K’s a season, and is lauded for being “Durable”. Ron Santo played with severe diabetes, got hit in the face and fractured a cheek bone (and missed only one game), won 5 Gold Gloves (and has the record for the most put-outs by a Gold Glove Winner), got hosed out of the HOF, lost both of his lower legs, and had bladder cancer. And NEVER complained. Who’s more durable? I still remember hearing Jack Brickhouse giving the Cubs Defense…”Santo, Kessinger, Beckert and Banks on the infield”. Billy Williams in left, sometimes, Adolpho Phillips in center, the right fielder du jour, and every 5 days, Fergie was pitching, and awhile later, Holtzman. Number 9, Randy Hundley behind the dish, and it was the Cubs, man! Leo in the dugout, and all heck breaking loose. And Wrigley Gum was only .5 cents, too! I’m sad to see you go, Ronnie. You and Brooks and Pete were my inspirations. Go in peace.

  32. Obviously.

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