White Sox Sign Adam Dunn

The White Sox added one of the game's most consistent sluggers today, locking Adam Dunn up to a four-year $56MM deal. The team has officially announced the deal.

Dunn settled for a two-year, $20MM deal when he last hit free agency, but his representation at Legacy Sports was aggressive this time, setting their client up with the biggest contract so far this offseason and nearly tripling the value of Dunn's previous deal.

Dunn has hit 38 or more homers in each of the past seven seasons. He boasts a career .250/.381/.521 line with 354 home runs in ten seasons. Few players are as durable as the 31-year-old, who has appeared in 150 or more games in eight of nine seasons since becoming a regular.

It's not clear how often Dunn will play in the field, but that likely depends on Chicago's pursuit of free agent first baseman Paul Konerko. Dunn appeared reluctant to be a full-time DH despite criticisms of his defensive play.

The Nationals, who discussed extensions with the slugger all season long, will obtain a supplementary first rounder plus Chicago's 23rd overall pick in next year's draft. Adam LaRoche and Carlos Pena are Washington's most likely first base targets, according to ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick (on Twitter).

Crasnick reported that the White Sox had serious interest in Dunn, Jon Heyman of SI.com reported that the sides were closing in on a deal and Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times reported the terms of the contract. Peter Gammons of MLB Network and Bob Nightengale of USA Today also reported elements of the story on Twitter.

Ben Nicholson-Smith contributed to this post.

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  1. Buehrle over Dunn, any day. This is madness.

    • Madness?….

      • With what we are spending on Dunn, how can we replenish our rapidly vanishing bullpen? Sorry, I’m really cranky over this.

        • lolpods 5 years ago

          are you…are you goddamn serious? this is trolling right?

        • jwsox 5 years ago

          they have thonrton, santos, linebrink for sure in the pen, sale might be in the pen also…there are guys in AAA that can step in for long relief and mop up roles. there are a TON of RPs out there they could get

      • 55legend 5 years ago

        THIS IS BASEBALL!!!! srry i had to do it

    • jaryl612 5 years ago

      I don’t know what you homers are talking about, Buehrle is a bum. 13-13, 4.28 era. 1.40 whip with a BAA against of .295 and only 99 Ks?!?!?! Terrible numbers.

      • shysox 5 years ago

        The intelligence in your post couldn’t fill a shot glass.

      • Your comment maybe one of the dumbest i’ve ever heard. terrible numbers? a guy who consistently gives you 200+ IP per year, 30+starts per year,10+ wins per year and 2 time Golden Glove yeah your right he’s terrible…moron

  2. rbeezy 5 years ago

    Paulie ain’t coming back.

  3. Quest2b1 5 years ago

    Hot stove will heat up once Dunn, Werth, and Crawford sign. Would be nice if one signed to get this thing moving. I still predict Crawford to LAA, Beltre to Boston, and Werth to Tigers.

  4. invader3k 5 years ago

    I think it’s a good move for the White Sox. They need a good power hitter to anchor their lineup.

    • Dunn wants 4/60 and refuses to DH. He has a pretty good bat, but is a horrible, horrible defensive glove – how is this possibly good for the White Sox?

      • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

        Because his offense makes up for his defensive iniquities.

        I think the Sox keep Konerko too. I think Dunn is finding trouble getting someone to meet his asking price and demands for playing time. The Sox might give the money to him.

        • I don’t care how big his bat is, he has a lead glove. We’re so in love with power hitters that we’ve forgotten what constitutes an overall good ball player. We might as well plant a stump at first for what Dunn can bring to the position. This is just a huge, huge disappointment. I’d rather keep Paulie another 3 years than go with Dunn, honestly.

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            His defensive and offensive contributions don’t equal 50% apiece. If that were the case then I could see the logic. If he were a SS/2B/CF it would also make more sense.

            I’m still not convinced that the Sox let Konerko walk…..because a reporter says they can only keep one of three. Buerhle might be gone in ’12 anyway..he’d probably love to finish up close to home in St. Louis. We’ll miss his innings…but we can find them somewhere else.

          • It looks like we are keeping Paulie, so what do we do w/Dunn AND Paulie? We need a catcher, we need pitching and we are bloating our payroll and giving up a first round draft pick for 2011. This makes no sense to me at all.

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            I believe the Sox have 3 of the top 50ish picks….so not a huge deal….as if that pick would get you 4 seasons of Dunn like stats..not likely. Draft picks are so hip they are almost overrated..unless you’re the Royals-Pirates..etc

            I think KW will try and swing a trade for Mike Napoli and let AJ walk……I thought that before Dunn…but not sure what that does.

            Buerhle isn’t going anywhere this season anyway. I’m guessing he’s a Cardinal in 2012. Sale will take his rotation spot in ’12

            Sergio Santos and Sale are going to come on. Bullpen will fall into place.

            I’m not convinced that Quentin and Floyd are safe.

          • BK 5 years ago

            Multiple top 50 picks does not reduce the value of the lost pick.

            Illogical I say!

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            I’m just laying out the odds of a #1 draft pick developing into Adam Dunn is all. I’m not trying to devalue draft picks. But a lot of people place WAY too much value in them.

            On a sidenote…KW has been very good at pilfering away other organizations top picks….Danks-Floyd-Jenks-Konerko. He has a knack for letting other teams do the dirty work.

          • danny_duberstein 5 years ago

            Dunn and Paulie split time between DH and 1st base (Dunn will DH more, obviously). I’m not sure what’s difficult to understand about that… DH was a huge gaping hole the White Sox needed to fill. They did just that.

            They have Flowers for catcher if they can’t sign another catcher for cheap or trade for one. They have Castro as backup.

            And what pitching do they need? Relief? Rotation is set. Did you want them to spend 14 million dollars on 2-3 relievers?

          • I agree. Paulies glove is way underrated and has just as much power and way better average.

          • Jonah 5 years ago

            Its about getting a left-handed run producer in the lineup. Paulie is righty.

          • DeathbyBlondie 5 years ago

            In tiny US Cellular there is a place for a terrible glove in the corners just ask the human chandelier in left field. Although I don’t like giving up Paulie, lets not forget that there have been some Carlos Pena type years out of him. Plus his UZR at first was pretty terrible. As a DH Dunn is an amazing deal, but we can live with his Defense.

          • DeathbyBlondie 5 years ago

            In tiny US Cellular there is a place for a terrible glove in the corners just ask the human chandelier in left field. Although I don’t like giving up Paulie, lets not forget that there have been some Carlos Pena type years out of him. Plus his UZR at first was pretty terrible. As a DH Dunn is an amazing deal, but we can live with his Defense.

          • He may not want to play DH but I think that will be his role with the white sox…He just settled for a bunch of cash.

      • Retnan 5 years ago

        The manager writes the lineup card, not Dunn.

  5. Morosi said Sox can afford 2 of the 3, not one of the three, my mistake. Fixed.

  6. eck78 5 years ago

    I love Paulie, but this team needs to go through some turnover and get younger. Buehrle is a free agent after the 11 season no? Again another player who will always be a White Sox, but the heart should not overtake the head. He’s been an average pitcher the last few seasons. The money can be spent elsewhere.

    • I agree that the White Sox need to go younger, but if we are going to throw down Dunn-level cash, why aren’t we going after Gonzo?

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        Because, like I said yesterday, Gonzalez costs talent, not money. It’s no secret that Chicago cannot compete with Boston/Texas in the Gonzalez sweepstakes. You simply don’t have enough high-end prospects to part with.

        Dunn can be had for simply cash.

        • I’d honestly rather give Viciedo a run at first than have another albatross obligation like Dunn hanging around our necks.

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            I hear you…but Dunn is a SERIOUS monster from the left side. He’ll go long 40 times very likely.

          • TwinsVet 5 years ago

            How is Dunn an albatross?

            The guy is 31 years old, a 40-HR machine (since the age of 22), and will cost around $15M-per.

            Split him at time between 1B and DH, and his defensive liability is limited – yet his bat will be the most potent DH in the AL (since Ortiz’s decline).

            Go $60M/4yrs, and he’ll hit 160 HR with 400 RBI. Bank on it. That’s no albatross.

          • Says the Twins fan.

          • Sorry, that was snappish of me, I just have a headache over the implications of this Dunn deal. We lose a first round draft pick, have a huge salary obligation, and a stump who can hit at first. We need pitching, we need a catcher, we need an upgrade in right, this whole deal will cost us a lot down the line. Dunn refuses to DH, so we’re stuck with him at first. There are a LOT of big bats out there that could be obtained for far less.

          • Yankees420 5 years ago

            “There are a LOT of big bats out there that could be obtained for far less.”

            Really? Do tell.

          • Jonah 5 years ago

            we resigned aj for 2 yrs 8 mil, though

          • TwinsVet 5 years ago

            If you were Kenny Williams, I’d be telling you Dunn is an albatross, pass on him.

            But I’m not worried about you grabbing your mom’s cell phone and calling up KW, giving him the advice that Dunn is a wet-dream of a DH, and him going to Chicago.

            I’m dang glad Detroit went with Vic over Dunn – it hurts their club. I’m irritated we gave Mauer the contract we did – or we could be looking at adding Dunn+.

            How many players under the age of 31 can you name who have hit 38 or more HR in each of the past 7 years?

          • Steroids era over, there is a lot more to a ballplayer than hitting home runs. Clearly, you and I aren’t going to agree on this Dunn deal and frankly, it doesn’t matter, as we aren’t the ones holding the check books. One thing I think we can agree on is that this move pretty much confirms that the 2011 White Sox are going to be stuck behind the Twins and the Tigers all season. Argh.

          • Natinals 5 years ago

            Exactly dude. Steroids era is over so there aren’t any more pure power hitters like this. And people have blown this whole DH thing way out of proportion. He said he would prefer to play first and he considers himself a 1st baseman but then he said after that that he would DH if the situation called for it

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            The White Sox have one of the best rotations in baseball. You’re entirely too pessimistic. You mean the Twins fan up there doesn’t think the Sox signing Dunn and keeping Konerko is a good idea? Wow…..he’d be crapping golden bricks if the Twins signed Dunn. Just wait until the Target Field money starts pouring in and the Twins GM overextends himself….and forgets the system.

          • Mauerneau 5 years ago

            We don’t forget the system.

          • Quite honestly I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. If the team is paying 15 million out for a bat it clearly needs to be Dunn and not Konerko. This move doesn’t confirm anything, especially since its the beginning of the offseason.

          • Cankersly 5 years ago

            With the steroids era over there is a LOT more value in a guy that can mash 40 hrs.

            That being said I do agree with you that this probably wasn’t the direction they should have gone. Whether Dunn DH’s or plays 1st he’s probably about a 3-3.5 WAR player which is worth just a little more than the 14 mill a year he’s getting. With Dayan Viciedo as another all bat no glove (though not as extreme as Dunn) future DH type I wouldn’t want to be spending 14M/yr on Dunn. I think the money could have been better spent.

          • chisoxpudge72 5 years ago


  7. Martin M. 5 years ago

    Every Team would love to have Dunn in their line-up.

    • boyofsummer 5 years ago

      Dunn’s bat–yes; Dunn’s glove–no.

      • Exactly. He’s a 60 million dollar one-trick pony and his unwillingness to DH limits him severely. Fail.

        • jb226 5 years ago

          He’ll DH if the manager writes his name in the DH box, and you can be pretty sure that Ozzie isn’t the type of manager who will be shy about doing so even if Kenny Williams said something else.

          • Thus leaving us with a sulking, unhappy, overpaid superstar. Not a good scenario.

          • Are you Dunn’s brother and we don’t know about it? He’ll DH some, he’ll play first base some.

        • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

          You’re believing too much of what you read from the reporters.

          • LOL, Cory, I think you are a glass is half full and I am a glass is half empty kind of person. I’ll be there for 30+ games next season no matter what. I may be very unhappy about this, but I still live and die by the White Sox.

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            Power to you! Just remember it’s Jerry’s money and not ours. I just don’t think signing Dunn nullifys anything. My take is that Dunn wasn’t going to get the cash he wanted from any other team…so he caved to the Sox offer of DHing and the occasional “Hauling-of-the-Dunn” out to 1B. Kenny isn’t done.

          • jaryl612 5 years ago

            Actually… who buys the tickets?

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago


            Actually, if we’re going to pay big money to get in they should be trying to put a team on the field. It’s not as if they would slash the ticket prices if they were putting the a small market type team out on the field everyday.

            The White Sox organization knows they must win to sell tickets. That’s nothing new. Bill Veeck said the same thing when he took over the Sox backin ’59. They don’t have “Beautiful Wrigley Field” to sell to the customers. They have a quick Red Line ride past Chinatown and a walk past bucket drummers.

            They might NEED to make moves such as signing Dunn just to maintain current ticket sales levels. The White Sox aren’t in a position to raise ticket prices. Not in this economy. It looks like Dunn and Pierzynski are going to defer money as well.

          • You have to be one ignorant White Sox fan if you think they will play Dunn over Konerko (if he’s resigned) at first base. Get a grip on yourself, and stop whining.

          • *IF he is resigned – and you’re the one calling me names? Pathetic.

  8. TwinsVet 5 years ago

    I think we all saw this coming yesterday with the Konerko-Baltimore talk…

    • Id bet everything I own that Konerko wont end up in Baltimore…unless they just go nuts with their offer. Hes said, many times, that he has other considerations this time around than the money. Hes also hinted that he wants to go to a team that can compete.
      He may not be on the South Side this year but Id be shocked if he went any farther East.

      • TwinsVet 5 years ago

        Derek Jeter also said he was all about winning, but we’re seeing how that’s unraveling right now…

        Who does say “It’s all about the benjamins, homey!”?

        Konerko may very well not end up in Baltimore. And he may leave some money on the table to play for a contender. But I don’t think you can just patently rule out any potential suitor.

  9. whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

    If the Twins are spending money, the Sox don’t have a choice, they need to, too.

    We need to get more thunder in the middle of the lineup, we need both konerko and dunn. If we can only get one then I would like to see KW make a serious play for Crawford (NOT Werth). Beuhrle is regressing, he is not a #1 pitcher and will not be a #2 for long.

    If Konerko leaves, Dunn signs somewhere else, we are in serious trouble. People who think we have the pieces to trade for Adrian Gonzalez are nuts. Quentin is not the answer. Alexei and Beckham are fun to have, but both need to play at high levels, and Rios needs to never regress from this year. The Sox have a lot of questions to answer this offseason.

    • TwinsVet 5 years ago

      Agreed on Adrian, that’s for sure. I was dumbfounded by people talking about it yesterday.

      But at the same time, I think if you simply replace Konerko with Dunn, you’ll be alright. Your offense won’t have improved this off-season, and there’s question marks (Rios/Quentin/Alexei/Beckham all good potential but inconsistency an issue). But what offense doesn’t have those kinds of question marks?

      • whitesoxfan424 5 years ago

        I’m dumbfounded on how every sox fan immediately assumes we CAN get Adrian. Plus, I know we have a smaller park and he is a very good hitter, but everytime I hear NL hitter/pitcher coming to the AL, I get worried.

        The Twins have this division for the next couple seasons imo. VMart is not going to add 10+ wins to the Tigers’ Season. Sizemore may never be fully healthy again, and him and Santana will not put them in the 90 win range. KC is still struggling to find answers, although they have a lot of talent, but not enough. Although, I still think the Twins are continuously at a loss come playoffs.

        • TwinsVet 5 years ago

          Right – Adrian is going to Boston, with Texas laying in the weeds as a dark horse. There’s zero reason to believe anybody either 1) has the players, or 2) has the bromance with Adrian, to outbid Theo for him.

          As for the division, I don’t think the gap is so big between the Twins and Chicago/Detroit that any of the three could catch fire any given season in the next few. I’d put the odds at like 40/35/30 for Twins/Tigers/Chicago winning pennants. Our rotation has questions, and you and Detroit share questions on the offensive side.

          I’m just glad I’m not in Detroit’s shoes. They could very realistically burn through a whole pile of cash, and return an offense virtually identical to last year, with the exception of VMart (who, I agree, is not the answer). Wasted opportunity to make some major upgrades. Seriously, they’re looking at Vic behind the plate 1-2 days a week – but for very similar money could probably have landed Dunn. Which one do you prefer being a primary DH? It’s not even CLOSE.

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            The Central will come down to who can keep a healthy team on the field. The Sox probably would have won the Central in 2010……but they had injuries and SERIOUSLY underperformed until the middle of June. But every season and every division has a team that implodes. 2010 it was the Sox.

          • TwinsVet 5 years ago

            “We would have won [if we only played a 4 month season]”.

            You can’t play like crap for 2 months of the season and talk about how great you *almost* were. Injuries are one thing (and I agree, they’ll matter), but playing consistently good baseball is critical to winning divisions. Tom Kelly used to have the philosophy of “Just go win the series. Each and every series. Everything else will take care of itself.”

            If any of the clubs underperform for 2 months, they won’t have a prayer, unless all of them do.

          • The twins typically underperform for about the first 2 months of every season (this season aside, although they did play poorly in May and June.) It really doesn’t depend when you get hot so long as you do. As Ken “Hawk” Harrelson says a couple of times every season; “you will win 60 and lose 60 every season. What you do with the other 42 is what counts.”

          • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

            I agree. I’m just saying that the Sox were dead in the water about 10 games out on Memorial Day. They ended up taking over the division going into the break. Just a little less horrible play would have won the division.

            Every team goes into funks. But the Sox last year stunk on an unusally odd level…no one outside of Konerko and Rios were performing even to average levels.

            I’m just amazed that the Sox “had a prayer” in ’10. They were THAT bad.

          • snapcase8p 5 years ago

            You’re right that it’s not even close. Dunn is a career .231 RISP. Most hits he’s had in a season is 151. Dunn is way overrated. VMart is a career .301 RISP. They both drive in about 100 RBI’s a year but the difference is VMart does it in a lot less AB’s. With him DH’ing most of the time he won’t need as many days off, so getting 120+ RBI’s is not out of the question. That being said Dunn’s agent is terrible and the Sox got a great deal for Dunn in a thin FA class. I guarentee that Sox fans are excited about Dunn’s power in their hitter friendly park but I also guarentee that those 190 K’s and lack of good hitting from Dunn is going to get old in a hurry.

  10. mrmoss 5 years ago

    Who is going to be the closer for the Whitesox?

  11. 55saveslives 5 years ago

    Why take Dunn over Konerko? Maybe Dunn hits more HR’s, but the 100 more K’s and horrible defense isn’t worth the switch IMO.

    • Maybe because at PK’s age he had a career year? Who cares about k’s he gets on base and hits dingers.

  12. the_show 5 years ago

    People always think the sox have payroll issues and then they take on two big contracts in one big sweep like Peavy and Rios….the media is never right about the White sox payroll

    • invader3k 5 years ago

      I know. People talk like they play in a small market or something.

  13. westcoastwhitesox 5 years ago

    If Kenny can only make one big free-agent move, it should be for a player with both offensive and defensive talents. Konerko is in the sunset of his career but he is good in both areas. Dunn is not.
    I think he should re-sign Konerko and acquire a cheaper impact bat to protect or replace Quentin.

  14. look at the defensive stats. dunn was in the middle of the pack as fair as 1st baseman is concerned and Konerko was near the bottom.

    • Not according to Fangraphs. Using old fielding stats for the last 3 years Konerko had better fielding percentage each year than Dunn. Using advanced fielding stats (i.e. UZR) Dunn has been negative for the last 3 years by a lot. (-35, -30, -3.3) Konerko by contrast has been serviceable. (-1.2, 2.1, -14.7) Konerko’s range has gone down a lot thus the decline this past year. I would still take that over Dunn though. Dunn doesn’t want to be a DH where Konerko will admit when he can’t play there anymore and will transition to DH.

      • Those first two numbers for Dunn are in the outfield, where he was historically awful. Literally everyone but you thinks this is a good move.

        • I never said this is a bad move. It is only a bad move if Dunn is our primary 1B. If he plays 1B once a week or so and DH’s the rest of the time then the move is amazing especially if the Sox resign Konerko. If Dunn plays the 1B all the time next year then the move is bad for two reasons. 1) we are basically swapping offensive production at the 1B position so there is no gain and our offense is still inadequate. 2) Dunn is a worse defender at 1B then Konerko; thus our defense gets worse. So there is an actual net loss for the White Sox if we don’t resign Konerko to coincide with this Dunn signing. That is what I am saying.

  15. Kanga_roo 5 years ago

    Its a “Dunn” deal. Announcement tomorrow.

  16. pmc765 5 years ago

    Viewed from the perspective of a division opponent, Dunn replacing Konerko is basically treading water.

    Konerko had power, not as much of course. Konerko was a better hitter, more likely to get the two out single off a closer than Dunn will be. Dunn is a mistake hitter who whiffs, walks and is a dreadful defender. Konerko wasn’t inept with the glove but was the slowest runner in MLB, always a DP opportunity.

    So, Sox fans, you get more HR’s, more walks, but maybe not more runs. You also get oodles of K’s, struggles against good pitchers, lots of four and five out innings for the opposition.

    Dunn is very consistent, the Cell is a good park for him, he should do what he does. I doubt it will make the team better than it was with Konerko, but Konerko is about done so this is a reasonable move.

    • eck78 5 years ago

      You’re forgetting two things. Dunn provides lefty power in a right handed dominant line-up and he’s 4 years younger.

      • pmc765 5 years ago

        That’s true, I don’t object to the move, Konerko is fully depreciated. I just don’t think the Sox become better than the 2005-2010 version.

        If they did nothing and paid the aging Konerko, they would get worse. I understand the logic of adding Dunn instead.

    • IHateJoeBuck 5 years ago

      Bengie Molina would like to challenge Konerko on that “slowest runner in MLB” statement.

    • better hitter? Look PK had a career year which one of these doesn’t match
      PK 2008 wOBA .343 – 2009 wOBA .362 – 2010 wOBA .415
      Dunn 2008 wOBA .383 – 2009 wOBA .394 2010 wOBA .379

      Stop with the silly k’s crap who cares? Its that crappy talk that landed Thome on the Twins.

  17. Adam Dunn’s on-base skills are what the Sox need, in addition to the power threat. Predictably, his SLG% will rise too, hitting at USCF. Some of those 365 ft routine flyballs will leave the park as opposed to being outs in DC. Also, don’t forget that Konerko’s career OPS is nearly 130 points LOWER on the road. Don’t think for a minute he’ll hit 40 HRs a season away from USCF.

    • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

      Maybe Dunn has the secret to the elusive “Ozzieball”….he’s going to go 40/40 in 2011.

  18. Trade Buehrle and bring in Dunn, and Paulie.

  19. eck78 5 years ago

    Personally, i would spend the money on Crawford, but thats just me.

    • DickAlmighty 5 years ago

      And if you spent this money (four years, $56M) on Crawford, you’d need to come up with another two to three years, and another $6M per year (totalling, about $60M more) to sign him.

      Everyone would rather have Crawford that Dunn. Clearly the ChiSox didn’t have the cash money to get Crawford. They had the cash money to get Dunn.

      • shysox 5 years ago

        Agreed, Crawford is going to get Matt Holliday money from the Angels or Yanks.

  20. dunt 5 years ago

    Good, now I finally have something to pay attention to on friday. Sucks to be spending some much on someone who is primarily a DH with gapping holes at C, RF, 3B, and the bullpen.

    • the_show 5 years ago

      I don’t think we have gapping holes at third…I think Morel has a lot of potential

      • dunt 5 years ago

        I completely agree, but until he has proven he can stick there, he is a question mark

        • I have more faith in Morel’s ability to play 3rd than Dunn’s to play first, and if Morel doesn’t work out? Well, he’s cheap and he’s young. Win.

          • Jerze 5 years ago

            OR theres alway viciedo. he showed a few flashes with the bat last year. Id like to see him get a shot.

    • Red_Line_9 5 years ago

      Just watch…KW will be in for Mike Napoli soon.

  21. Red_Line_9 5 years ago

    Sox keep Konerko and get Dunn. We’ve been around this block before. There’s no one holding a gun to Reinsdorf’s check book.

  22. staxxington 5 years ago

    trade buerhle, keep paulie and sign dunn

  23. WolandJR 5 years ago

    Sweet, and unprotected first round pick! You you what that means? By 2015 the Nats might actually reap the rewards of not dealing Dunn this season… or not…

  24. This would be a good pickup for the white sox.Good power hiter will give you 40+ homers.Now all they have to do is add pitching depth while filling some outfield spots.Only problem is weak farm system and other than Lee this isnt a market for starters.But relievers yes they can consider soriano he would be great for them

  25. cossack316 5 years ago

    I love Pauly and will miss him a lot, BUTTTTT Paulie’s defense has broken down a lot the past few years and he is as much a butcher at first as Dunn. Plus Dunn is a better power hitter AND lefthanded. Flip flop him and Teahen (who will rebound this year) at 1b/dh and your lineup will look like this..

    LF Pierre
    SS Ramirez
    CF Rios
    1B Dunn
    RF Quentin
    DH Teahen/Viceido
    2B Beckham
    3B Morel/Teahen
    C Castro/Flowers (maybe Olivo)

    • the_show 5 years ago

      Konerko only had 2 errors last year…good grief

    • ugotrpk3113 5 years ago

      Whoa… The lack of defensive is vomit enducing

      • shysox 5 years ago

        Pierre, Rios, and Ramirez are all gold glove worthy defenders. Brent Morel was also an elite defender in AAA has also shown it in MLB, Beckham, Castro, Teahen, and Flowers are just average.

    • I know I am reposting this from above but I just can’t stand people saying that Dunn and Konerko are comparable. THEY’RE NOT!

      Not according to Fangraphs. Using old fielding stats for the last 3 years Konerko had better fielding percentage each year than Dunn. Using advanced fielding stats (i.e. UZR) Dunn has been negative for the last 3 years by a lot. (-35, -30, -3.3) Konerko by contrast has been serviceable. (-1.2, 2.1, -14.7) Konerko’s range has gone down a lot thus the decline this past year. I would still take that over Dunn though. Dunn doesn’t want to be a DH where Konerko will admit when he can’t play there anymore and will transition to DH.

      • Add on the fact that Konerko’s RECEIVING ability at first is nearly unparalleled – see how many of Alexei and Beckham’s potential errors he’s prevented – and his defense is quite solid. Hopefully Dunn plays 25/25/50 (1b/of/dh) and Konerko plays 75/25, with Quentin splitting time at DH with Dunn and Konerko.

      • rowdyoctopus 5 years ago

        You can’t use UZR for a sample size of 19 games and 67 games, which is the number of games Dunn played 1B in those -35 and -30 years respectively.

  26. InLeylandWeTrust 5 years ago

    Damn…I do not want Dunn in black and white. If they do get him, hopefully it’s a gross overpayment…

  27. Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

    I don’t think it matters if Dunn wants to DH or not. If he proves to be a bigger liability in the field than his offense can make up for, Ozzie’s probably gonna move him to DH. I just hope he doesn’t feel tempted to play him in the outfield.

    I’d definitely miss Paulie though.

  28. TokioG 5 years ago

    If the sox outbid the A’s, i don’t think they overpaid, and gives them more of a chance to retain Konerko. Beckham, Rios, Quentin, Konerko, Dunn. Kenny’s dream, Ozzies nightmare.

    • lolpods 5 years ago

      ozzie can frickin go scratch. if the sox had a dh at all last year, they would’ve won more than 88 games. ozzie. pfft.

  29. mrmoss 5 years ago

    Hideki Matsui would be a good DH for the Whitesox

  30. dc21892 5 years ago

    If this gets finished, maybe a few more deals will get moving.

  31. Guess Konerko is going to Arizona

    • mrmoss 5 years ago

      Konerko will end up at the Orioles or Rangers

      • dc21892 5 years ago

        Konerko would thrive in Texas. Warm weather and having that as his home ballpark would mean great things.

      • He lives in Arizona, the Rangers won’t give up a pick for him especially if they resign Lee.

        • mrmoss 5 years ago

          Rangers wont resign Lee

        • evenyoudorn 5 years ago

          He’s been talking about preferring a contender, and he’s one guy I tend to believe because of the hometown discount after 2005. I would guess one of the CA teams before something like AZ. Texas would make sense, if the let Vlad go (have they?), and that’s a farm that can absorb a lost pick.

  32. Having Dunn fumble his way through the first 7 innings of a game is one thing but who comes in the late innings for defense?…Viciedo???….Please.

    Maybe they sign Dunn and DLee.

    If Dunn doesnt like DHing he prolly should sign with a NL team because its gonna happen

    • thegrayrace 5 years ago

      Derrek Lee will start somewhere. He’s one season removed from .306/.393/.579/.972 with 35 HRs and 111 RBIs. He still plays good defense, too.

  33. Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

    If the Sox get this done, I have a sick feeling it’s gonna be for more than the 4/60. We seem to always have to overpay but we’ll see.

    • evenyoudorn 5 years ago

      Actually, it’s hard to say because we hardly ever sign FAs, relative to other big markets. Some of these big contracts you’re thinking of might be ‘bad’ ones we’ve taken from other clubs, recently. I’m honestly pretty interested to see how it works out.

      Anyone else thankful every day that Fukodome turned us down?

  34. Fangaffes 5 years ago

    White Sox: Dunn & Buehrle
    Red Sox: Crawford & Konerko
    Angels: Beltre & Soriano
    Tigers: Werth
    Yankees: Lee
    Orioles: Lee (the other one)

    • dc21892 5 years ago

      If this deal does end up going through, I have a feeling you’ll be right about Konerko winding up in Boston. Also, Konerko is from Providence, RI. I’m sure he’d love playing really close to home.

      • HerbertAnchovy 5 years ago

        I would expect The Blue Jays to check in on Konerko as well.

        • dc21892 5 years ago

          Most likely, although now it’s saying Konerko is believed to be close to a deal so…who knows. Lol. I guess we’ll have to see.

      • He’s not going to Boston to play closer to “Home.” His home is Arizona. He would go to the BOsox for $$ and chance to compete. All things being even, if BoSox and Chisox offer same $$, PK is in chitown.

        • I could see Boston offering a pretty serious multi-year contract. Put Paulie at first for year 1, then move him into DH for 2012 when Big Papi steps down.

    • shysox 5 years ago

      Buehrle is not a FA.

      • Fangaffes 5 years ago

        Ah, quite true. That would explain why I haven’t seen him on the Yankees shopping list. The article led me to assume he was.

    • snapcase8p 5 years ago

      Wouldn’t it have been easier to just type D. Lee?

  35. They could probably get Thome for 12 million/yr less. About the same defense…similar base clogging abilities…just a few less HR’s and about the same whiffs

    Ok…maybe Im kidding a bit about the defense but not much

  36. man I wanted the A’s to get Dunn… no one ever wants to go to Oakland if they have any other options haha

  37. InLeylandWeTrust 5 years ago

    If they get Dunn AND bring back Konerko…they have to be the favorites for the division if Peavy can bounce back…not a good day as a Tiger fan. We better not be going hard for Werth to counter this.

    • airohpue13 5 years ago

      Werth could be overpaid and bust, but if Illitch is up for the risk, so am I.

      • InLeylandWeTrust 5 years ago

        I deffinitly am not. I would rather resign Maggs for 2 years. Or swap Guillen and some lower prospects for Beltran if they eat some salary.

        • Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

          People didnt think Magglio would transition well from US Cellular to Comerica and he wound up being one of the Tigers greatest investments. Tigers have got to get Jayson Werth or Colby Rasmus, two guys who can rake and play the OF well. They can’t risk another two years on a guy who’s power is declining and defense is putrid, even if he does hit for better average and strikeout less and Guillen has a no-trade clause which I doubt he would lift to be a sub for the Mets versus a sub for Detroit

    • shysox 5 years ago

      Hey look, a tiger fan with some common sense, but in all seriousness I doubt konerko will also be coming back, don’t worry, I had the same fear when you signed Martinez and there was also an article a few weeks ago that said “tigers may be closing in on dunn”

      • InLeylandWeTrust 5 years ago

        If Detroit can bring back Maggs and have Ordonez, Cabrera, and Vmart as a 3-4-5 then I won’t be as worried. Deffinitly going to be a fun season though with us the Twinks and Sox fighting it out.

  38. OK…now Im a bit happier. If they keep Paulie and Dunn is basically a part time 1B and mostly a DH..Im happy

  39. Sniderlover 5 years ago

    Pretty good deal and Dunn will be a pretty good fit with the WhiteSox IMO.

  40. airohpue13 5 years ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. AL Central is starting it’s resurgence, I’m terrified of the tigers having to see Dunn so much though.

  41. 4/56 is an overpay.

    • invader3k 5 years ago

      Maybe, but only slightly. The yearly value seems right. You just wonder how Dunn will be playing by the fourth year of the deal.

      Have to give credit to Williams for being aggressive and getting something done.

      • The yearly value is right but that extra year is a bad idea.

        • tiger313 5 years ago

          every move this year has everyone saying overpay. If all of these moves are overpay then doesnt that equal to market value if everyone is paying top dollar.

  42. Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

    Konerko and Dunn, omg that would be EPIC~! C’mon Paulie!

  43. I think the update at 3:39 makes me the most happy. Dunn is in and Konerko is close to signing. BOOM BABY!!!

    • dro03 5 years ago

      yeah same here, if we get Dunn AND Paulie, man that is a lot of power in the middle of the order where we were lacking.

  44. BirdsFan66 5 years ago

    The O’s needed to sign one of those bats – Konerko or Dunn – bummer!

  45. Philip Marlowe 5 years ago

    Think Paulie would sign with the Cubs? Or are they still thinking Pena/Berkman?

  46. evenyoudorn 5 years ago

    14/year… does that leave room for PK? A local writer (for what that’s worth) thought we’d sign both if we could do so for a total of 23/year. If PK took 3/10… that’s close enough, yeah?

    It’d be awfully charitable of PK to take 3/10, though…

  47. Cowley is tweeting how the entire thing went down right now if you are on twitter.

  48. The_Silver_Stacker 5 years ago

    Nice move to counter Detroit picking up V-Mart. Curious to see what Minnesota does though

    • wickedkevin 5 years ago

      Probably resign Povano, Hudson, and bank on Morneau tearing it up next year.

  49. 77SoxFan 5 years ago

    If the Sox can only keep 2 of 3 between Dunn, Konerko and Buehrle, does this mean if Konerko comes back that Buehrle gets dealt to St. Louis for Colby Rasmus?

    • Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

      THAT would be sweet.

      • jwsox 5 years ago

        whats with all this buehrle stuff? he is not a FA and is under contract this upcoming season…

        • jwsox 5 years ago

          never mind i read that there might need to be a trade to afford PK as well…i say this might be one of those moves that shows PK that the sox want to win now and he might take a pay cut. or trade Buehrle + vicedio+mitchell +cash for rasmus or another outfielder

    • chisoxpudge72 5 years ago

      Right now, I’d trade Bueherle for Rasmus without hesitation…

  50. soxluv 5 years ago

    Dunn and Konerko! yes!

  51. oremlk 5 years ago

    Farm systems? Bah, who needs ’em!

  52. Red_Line_9 5 years ago

    Konerko is a White Sox Ambassador for life.

  53. Big Bad Dunn ! He would absolutely demolish the AL Central Pitching !

  54. TwinsVet 5 years ago

    Age 31 season, in that park, facing AL Central pitchers… he’s going to make Chicago forget all about Thome and Konerko real fast.

  55. souldrummer 5 years ago

    As a Nats fan, I knew Dunn was gone. What was interesting to me was what would be the years and the number. Given their behavior at the deadline, it seemed to me that their front office felt that they were at least going to be in the ballpark for his services and just would lose out because they delayed and jerked him around. What this deal shows it that the Nats completely miscalculated the situation. They never had a chance. And clearly, as was written around the deadline, the ChiSox have an overwhelming lust for Dunn that they failed to capitalize on. God forbid if Chicago signs another type A guy and that pick goes down the totem pole. Tom Boswell has been writing that there has been significant dissent within the Nats front office on Dunn’s value and we don’t know whether ownership impeded making the solid baseball decision of trading him. If this front office doesn’t grasp that they need to win by 2013, when Ryan Zimmerman will be in the last year of his deal, they are some fools.

    Rizzo is certainly a net positive. He built a bullpen. His drafts make sense and no more reaching for phantom high schoolers early in the draft. But I don’t know why a single casual DC baseball fan would want to see the team as presently constituted in a Strasburgless world. Shoot, they are going to be competing with themselves! More Nats fans are from Virginia and they can stay in Virginia and watch Bryce Harper when he comes to the Potomac Nationals in Woodbridge near the Potomac Mills Mall and some other prospects.

    It will be real interesting for Nats fans when we watch Matt Capps pitch to Adam Dunn down the stretch in the AL Central pennant race while we sit around waiting to see what callups will be helping us in that great day in the hereafter when we actually compete.

    Glad Capps was flipped of course. Dunn should have been flipped as well.

  56. Ricky 5 years ago

    Guess Nats feel they finished last with him and can finish last without him (and Strasberg)

    • souldrummer 5 years ago

      Nats were never going to sign him and have interest in Carlos Pena, LaRoche and others of that ilk. Nats fans need to give Ryan Zimmerman a big loud hug because his front office really takes him for granted some times. He really wanted to bring Dunn back badly.

      • Ricky 5 years ago

        Dunn is a DH.

        Nats will upgrade their D with Pena/LaRoche and downgrade their offense a tad.

        Nats shooting for 2012 when Harper and Starsberg come up

        • Guest 5 years ago

          And they got two first round picks out of it. For all the blubbers whining about how poor his defense is, I’ll gladly take someone who hits 100 RBIs and 30+ HRs a year, but paying that and giving him four years is just madness in my opinion.

          • Ricky 5 years ago

            I wouldn’t have paid that either but Nats will miss Dunn, there is a pt that u have to go from rebuilding to contending, considering the players they have in the pipeline draft picks aren’t the end all be all for this team…they have to start winning soon

  57. jwsox 5 years ago

    Rios is going to have an ever better year now because he is going to get a ton of more balls to hit….this is awesome its going to help carlos too and if PK comes back then those two swapping time at 1st and DH AWESOME

  58. jwsox 5 years ago

    I would not mind a carlos Pena deal now if they cant resign PK he can be the 1stbasmen and DUNN can DH it would be nuts

  59. Yes! No more Dunn in the NL East. Thank Buddha.

  60. I, as a Reds fan for one, am glad to no longer have Dunn lumbering in the outfield for the Reds. Granted, Gomes is no gifted athlete either, but I’d rather have Gomes chasing down balls in the gap rather than Dunn anyday, in response to the person who said any team wants Dunn in their lineup.

  61. slider32 5 years ago

    Dunn will be a good sub for Konerko, but he is not a difference maker for the Sox. The Sox still need some pieces to beat the Twins.

  62. the prophecy is fulfilled…

  63. ToledoFan 5 years ago

    Um, am I missing something about Buhrle? I thought he wasn’t a free agent till 2012. Aren’t the Whitesox already forced to afford him? So does that mean Konerko is gone for good?

    • Buehrle is signed through 2011. If hes traded, he gets an additional year guaranteed at 15 million. I believe he also gets 1 million bonus if hes traded. Since he has no trade rights Im sure he has a very limited list of places he will go also

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      doubtful that PK is gone for good….cowley said they are in progress of signing Konerko also….Konerko could see this move as something the shows him kenny and jerry all want to win NOW he could take a pay cut and stay or they could use some of the money freed up by jenks leaving and some of jerrys cash to resign him.

  64. grownice 5 years ago

    Jays will still out slugg everyone hehehehe

    • lolpods 5 years ago

      and have no pitching.

      • grownice 5 years ago

        hahaha apparenty u dont understand that the bluejays have one of the most promising young rotations in the the league, dont be jealous its just fact… and we will still outsluggg everyone hehehehe

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      yes yes they will and still finish 3rd in their division…

      • grownice 5 years ago

        dont be mad that the jays are up an coming… it will be our turn very very soon :)

  65. I don’t understand all the Dunn backlash from my fellow Sox fans. Let me ask you this, did you like Jim Thome? Well we just got a younger version of him in Adam Dunn. Left handed power, low average, high on base, pretty much the same salary as Thome’s Sox days. Wait for Paulie to make a decision before you guys go woe is me we can’t afford him, cause we can.

    • Except that the Phillies paid a big chunk of Thomes salary.

      • Not his option year. We paid for his whole salary that year, and if we can fit in Thome then we can fit in Dunn now. What’s another $6-7 million would be Philly dollars, oh right the money we saved from non-tendering Jenks.

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      THANK YOU…i was excited like crazy for DUnn he is going to CRUSH the ball in the cell…plus if he is ok with DHing he will be amazing for us for the 4 years. He is going to help everyone in the lineup just the same way Thome did…..plus Dunn is actually better than thome thome in his sox days was awesome yet dunn is still in his prime and has never hit less than 38 home runs…he is going to help rios get better pitches and pitchers will think differently about CQ becuase they will be flustered about the home run dunn hit

  66. T206 5 years ago

    Dunn’s range in the outfield is limited – he’s better suited for 1st. He will crush some shots at the plate, and i agree any team would like that power in their lineup. It affects the entire lineup positively. It’s just a question of how much they wanted to pay. Maybe the Nats sign Lee now that they have some extra cash to spend …..

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      they had a very good team for a chunk of the season last year and what they were truly missing was adam dunns power

  67. T206 5 years ago

    Dunn’s better suited for 1st if he’s not DH’ing — his range is limited in the OF. He will absolutely crush some shots at the plate, and I agree any team likes that power in their lineup — just at what cost. Be nice to see the Nats go after Lee now that they have some extra cash to spend …. at least if they want to show their fanbase they’re serious about being competitive.

  68. TrueYankeeFanNYC 5 years ago

    What does this say about the Whitesoxs loyalty towards Konerko?

  69. Hoosierdaddy92 5 years ago

    The white sox WILL bring back Konerko as well on a contract similar to Huff but with 1-2 more years. Jerry loves Paulie and will never forget what he did for the 05 team. Plus Ozzie is obsessed with the rotating DH idea, which means Dunn, Teahen, Quentin and Konerko will all be switching around 1st, RF, and DH. White Sox lineup will be devastating with power.

    LF Pierre
    CF Alex Rios
    1b Konerko
    DH Dunn
    SS Alexei
    2b Beckham
    RF Quentin
    3b Viciedo/Teahen
    C Flowers

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      change 3b to morell/ vicedio and thats what the line up will look like…people keep forgetting that morell has been penciled in as the starting 3rd ozzie even said it…teahan will go back to super sub which he is made for

    • sox4life 5 years ago

      3rd base will be visquel until he falls apart or dies

  70. HipNip2009 5 years ago

    Konerko had about the same homeruns as Dunn. The only difference is which side of the plate they bat from. But, as the Giants proved, pitching is what wins in the playoffs. Buerhle will be resigned, which leaves Konerko out. I don’t see the gain.

    • the_show 5 years ago

      Konerko is likely coming back

    • the_show 5 years ago

      Konerko is likely coming back

    • jwsox 5 years ago

      buehrle is not a FA he is after next season………and he may not be resigned depending on the market, and the fact that if they dont trade floyd they will have peavy, danks, floyd and sale in the rotation..buehrle will command a bigger contract than a 5th starter……

      also buehrle has stated that he might retire after this deal is up

      • Hannibal_Lester 5 years ago

        and you forgot about Edwin Jackson

        • jwsox 5 years ago

          no i was talking about guys that are under contract for the 2012 season…with jackson and buehrles deals both expiring next season there is going to to free up 20 plus million with those two guys off the books alone

  71. HipNip2009 5 years ago

    Konerko had about the same homeruns as Dunn. The only difference is which side of the plate they bat from. But, as the Giants proved, pitching is what wins in the playoffs. Buerhle will be resigned, which leaves Konerko out. I don’t see the gain.

  72. woadude 5 years ago

    Dunn will be awesome for the White Sox, could get the silver slugger at the DH position for sure, he has been good for 35 plus home runs a year and yeah he strikes out a lot but there are others who strike out a lot and dont even come close to 35 home runs, he swings hard and when he connects BOOM there goes the ball in the stands.

  73. xXdiggletreeXx 5 years ago

    looks like dunn is gonna be the DH

  74. Now the Sox have Jackson AND Dunn! Take that, Mike Rizzo!

  75. firealyellon 5 years ago

    back in biznezz:

    Pierre LF
    Rios CF
    Konerko 1B
    Dunn DH
    Quentin RF
    Ramirez SS
    Beckham 2B
    Olivo C
    Morel 3B

    • sox4life 5 years ago

      why do people forget about visquel…….. bats second and plays third…..

      • b/c visquel is god-awful at the plate. Morel is just as good defensively and is better offensively. Morel is a net gain. Visquel is a wash.

        • sox4life 5 years ago

          if you really think morel is the same in the field as vizquel you might be on drugs and id like some also morel if you recall hasn’t hit at all up here or in the minors……. plus vizquel brought stability to that line up last year in the field and at the plate i didn’t realize .276 was god awful…..

  76. This ain’t fair, Dunn in that lineup, in that park… And I heard they want to keep Paulie and have him be the primary DH. That… Ow, my soul hurts.

  77. 77SoxFan 5 years ago

    Revise the lineup again. AJ is reportedly agreed to re-sign with the Sox.

  78. tdot32 5 years ago

    white sox are taking central hands down this year. Dunn adds 40 or 50 dingers to their line up due to the fact that the sox have a hitting friendly home ball park.

  79. Yankees579 5 years ago


  80. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    I don’t really like this signing that much. I love Dunn, but a move to the American League and to DH will hurt his numbers. Something like the Pat Burrell situation in TB, although not as bad I hope. That’s what I think anyway. I really hope that doesn’t happen because Dunn is awesome. I guess we’ll see.

    • Burrell wasn’t…

      A) As good a hitter as Dunn
      B) In as good a lineup as Dunn
      C) Going to as supportive a city as Chicago
      D) Going to as friendly a ballpark as Dunn

      Burrell was in a relatively weak lineup in a worse park that was mostly empty for all their games. Dunn’s leaving the “don’t crush us” Washington Gnats with protection and a launching pad to showcase his power in. I like this move and see it going nothing like Pat the Bat.

  81. sox4life 5 years ago

    why do people forget about vizquel???? vicado cant play d therefore not ready and morel cant hit therefore not ready….. today was huge for the sox if and only if konerko comes back too…. witch i really hope he does don’t over look AJ coming back either for all you who think Castro can play everyday are idiots and everyone who thinks T. Flowers is ready didn’t watch the last month of the season……

    Pierre (LF)
    Vizquel (3B)
    Ríos (CF)
    Dunn (DH) (hopefully every game)
    Konerko (1B) (he needs to resign)
    Quentin (RF) (as of now cuz im not in kennys mind or traded for pitching)
    AJ (C)
    bechem (2B)
    alexi (SS)

    ed jack

    santos/thorton closer

    wouldn’t mind seeing Mitchell or Dank’s take over for Peirre and his wet noodle for an arm that being said id go up against anyone in the central with that line up and rotation but i’m still not sold that we can beat the twins at all during the season……

    • We’re not forgetting Vizquel, but no one wants to rely on a 44 year old as an everyday player. Whatever he can give us next year will be extra sweet icing, but ideally he shouldn’t be a first option.

      • Sox4life 5 years ago

        We didn’t want to count on him last year either but you better believe until his sweet fielding hands fall off or he hits only 100 hes going to be our everyday third basemen lol or he just dies from old age lol

    • bbxxj 5 years ago

      I could actually see Dunn getting plenty of time in RF if Quentin gets moved (and knowing KW and his crazy trades it’s likely) because his arm plays in RF it’s his range that plays bad in both LF and RF – and it’s not like he is much worse than Quentin anyways. Even if Quentin isn’t moved he could play LF/RF/1B with Pierre, Quentin and Konerko taking some DH time as well.

  82. Red_Line_9 5 years ago

    Flowers to Colorado as part of a deal for a reliever.

  83. dc21892 5 years ago

    Not bad, eh? Considering he’s going to be a threat for a 40 homer season each of those years.

  84. I think youd have to pick up a huge chunk of MB’s contract which is extended at 15 mil one more year if hes traded. I dont see the Cardinals paying that much for MB

  85. Jerry Mandering 5 years ago

    yup yup

  86. I agree. With his 2012 option automatically vested if he’s traded I don’t see any team at all willing to take that.

  87. shysox 5 years ago

    Alexei Ramirez was the AL leader at the position in assists, putouts, double plays and UZR rating. He would’ve had a much higher fielding percentage and less errors if he didn’t go for every ball that was hit within a 50 foot radius. He was a deserving gold glover, but those BBWAA bums gave it to Derek Jeter. Obviously, you don’t watch much baseball because Pierre probably tracks down more balls than most outfielders in the American League. If you don’t believe me, Carl Crawford played 1260 innings this year, had 306 putouts, and 7 assists, with a .994 fielding percentage. Juan Pierre played 1330 innings, had 307 putouts, 4 assists, and a .997 fielding percentage. Put your money where your mouth is, buddy.

  88. snapcase8p 5 years ago

    Hmm, guess I didn’t know just range is the only factor for a gold glove. Guess you can throw the ball all over the place but that doesn’t matter…. Or you can have a noodle arm and that doesn’t matter either. Difference between Crawford and Pierre is third base coach will hold up runners when Crawford has the ball but will wave the runners home until his arm falls off if Pierre comes up with it. Plus Pierre might have a few more errors if he could throw it to anyone other than the cutoff guy 10 feet in front of him. And while Ramirez may have good range he is erratic and that is just as important than just getting to the ball. Makes no difference if you can get to the ball if you’re just going to throw it in the stands and allow the runner to advance to second when you could have just let it go throw to the OF and hold him to a single. Have to know you’re limits in baseball and the is part of being a good all around defender.

  89. shysox 5 years ago

    Regardless of what you just said, and I agree with it, The bottom line is that Ramirez and Pierre are above average defenders. Dunn and Quentin are the only bad defenders on the White Sox, the rest are average to above average. No argument.

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