Arbitration Recap

The arbitration season ended when Hunter Pence beat the Astros at Friday's hearing to give players a 2-1 advantage in the three cases that did go in front of a panel of arbitrators, as MLBTR's Arb Tracker shows

The Angels, who beat Jered Weaver and Scott Boras in arbitration, were the only team to win an arbitration hearing this year. The Pirates and Astros lost to Ross Ohlendorf and Pence, respectively and no other cases went to arbitration hearings. The three total cases matched a record low, as there have never been fewer than three hearings since 1974, when the process began, according to the AP.

The 21 extensions extensions that arbitration eligible players signed this winter helped teams avoid the arbitration process. Though some involved in the process prefer to avoid potentially disruptive hearings, this year's players appear to have enjoyed the process. Pence says his hearing was fascinating and Weaver, who remains open to a multiyear deal, says it was "kind of fun."

Last year, eight hearings took place, as three players (Corey Hart, Jeff Mathis and Cody Ross) won and five others (Ryan Theriot, Wandy Rodriguez, Sean Burnett, Brian Bruney and B.J. Upton) lost.

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2 Comments on "Arbitration Recap"

4 years 6 months ago

That’s great to hear – I think arbitration hearings sound so ugly and negative.

4 years 6 months ago

It just blows my mind that Jered Weaver lost his case, but other guys way less “deserving” won theres. I know it’s about comparables with time played and all that, but he just deserves more. And it does not bode well for his future as an Angel. I don’t care what he says about wanting to stay an Angel. Everybody says that stuff. But deep down he’s got to be mad.