Heyman: Angels’ Courtship Confuses Crawford

Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford remains "puzzled" by the Angels' pursuit of him on the free-agent market this offseason, writes Jon Heyman of SI.com.

Many, including Crawford himself and the Angels, saw the speedy outfielder as a good fit for the Halos as he embarked on free agency at the end of 2010, Heyman notes, but Los Angeles of Anaheim's offer of six years (with an option for a seventh) and $108MM, though hardly paltry, was easily surpassed by Boston's seven years and $142MM.

But what Crawford found especially confusing is that in the wake of losing out on Crawford, the Angels then acquired Vernon Wells, who has a higher per-year salary than Crawford, from the Blue Jays. To boot, the Halos' offer to Crawford, 30 in August, was well below the seven years and $126MM the Nationals had already paid to acquire outfielder Jayson Werth, who will turn 32 in May.

Indeed, it was something of an odd offseason for the Halos, as ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick wrote a couple weeks back, and their dealings with Crawford seem to embody that the most.

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  1. VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

    It’s true the Angels didn’t seem to handle this, or really anything else, well this offseason. With that being said, I wish Heyman could possibly write one story where he isn’t crawling up Boston’s @ss.

    • TheodoreRoosevelt 4 years ago

      I think he gets an electric shock if he mentions any team other than the Sox, Dodgers, Mets, and Yankees.

    • qbass187 4 years ago

      Heyman is piece of garbage as far as journalism goes. He’s NO Red Sox fan at all, that’s for certain. He’s just lazy. His pieces are weak and contrived with very little substance.
      He never passes up a chance to take a shot or give a backhanded compliment towards Boston.

    • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

      heyman just wrote a “story” literally yesterday the sole purpose of which was to downplay boston’s 2011 club

      he’s not a homer (except for team boras), just a hack

    • woadude 4 years ago

      Heyman is a Yankee homer LOL.

      • The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

        Maybe, he does appear on Yankees Hot Stove on Yesnetwork

      • VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

        That seems to be the dissenting consensus. I recall reading many things from Heyman where he seems to be going down on the BoSox, but maybe I am mistaken. I know that this article ends with something like “And that is why the Red Sox are the favorites in the American League.,” but maybe that is not the norm.

  2. Cody 4 years ago

    The Halos had a horrible offseason. They could have had Werth or Crawford and AB.

    • Dont forget Soriano

    • PushDown 4 years ago

      Pass on Werth and AB.

    • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

      but would have had to commit to years they didn’t want to commit to so no they couldn’t have.

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        Except they offered Crawford six years with a vesting seventh year option, so, yes, they could’ve.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Yeah right.

      Like they were really going to take that big of a chunk out of the bulk of such a thin free agent market. lol

      Even the Yankees couldn’t do anything.

      If the Nationals are willing to spend that much money on Jayson Werth, then what does that tell you?

      The Orioles are looking quite interesting.

      The NL Central is actually going to be competitive.

      There’s a reason 8 teams have won the World Series in the last 10 years.

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        “Like they were really going to take that big of a chunk out of the bulk of such a thin free agent market. lol

        Even the Yankees couldn’t do anything.”

        Yet the Red Sox managed to upgrade in just about every area of their team and the Phillies managed to compile one of the greatest rotations the game has ever seen. Meanwhile, an already strong Rangers offense has gotten even stronger and the AL Central looks tighter than I can ever remember it being thanks to major improvements to the Tigers.

        Honestly, pitching was thing, but this was honestly one of the stronger free agent classes in recent years for offense and bullpen arms, the Angels’ two biggest weaknesses.

        The Angels dropped the ball, sorry.

  3. basemonkey 4 years ago

    In fairness to the Halos, I don’t think you can take the Vernon Wells deal as a pure example of their offseason plan. Yes, they ended up paying out more per year on Wells, but adding him was partly desperation and emergency response to losing out on Crawford.

    • I get what you’re saying, but because they lost out on Crawford they had to take on one of the worst contracts in baseball? The Angels are in a bad area. They have an aging team that’s getting worse, but they’re not rebuilding. If I were the Angels, I would really have started building the farm system for the Mike Trout era.

      • PushDown 4 years ago

        As a matter of fact, the Angels DO have a pretty good farm. I really have no idea where all this “Angels don’t have a good farm” B.S. is coming from, but the Angels are actually ranked 8th. Not only that, their farm is backloaded, as in, most of real talent they have are either in A/AA ball. Conger, and Bourjous have already arrived, and hopefully to stay.

        Also, if people think all the Angels have is Trout, they need to give Jean Segura a look. He has almost the same skillset as Trout, he hits for a good BA (.313), has great speed (50SB in 60 tries) and has some pop( 10 hrs). He doesn’t have as great as upside as Trout, but he should be an excellent player.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          conger’s nothing to get excited about

          • jwredsox 4 years ago

            I like Conger a lot more than Bourjos. Bourjos is only a defensive replacement.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            conger looks like a catcher who can’t catch without enough bat for 1B. poor man’s mike napoli

          • jwredsox 4 years ago

            Then I guess it just shows how low I think of Bourjos lol. Conger probably won’t even be given a chance with Scoscia’s man-crush on that catcher they have that I completely forgot his name atm….

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            jeff mathis, who posted a .838 OPS in the ridiculous hitters’ park that the Angel’s AAA affiliate calls home (conger posted .847 there in as many games last year)

          • kdub53 4 years ago

            couldnt have said it better myself..
            napoli was fine at catcher, especially with the 30 homers he would have put up next year…but scoscia loves his mathis….KISSES!!

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            so Scioscia won’t play him, ever.

          • kdub53 4 years ago

            we should have never gotten rid of napoli…

      • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

        The Vernon Wells deal was a lot worse a few years ago…it’s not as bad now…just has that stigma attached to it. If Wells goes back to what he did in 09 then yeah…bad deal…but if he does what he did last year in 11, 12, and 13 then it’s a good deal. Expensive, but for a team with a 2 year window…not that bad.

        • MaineSox 4 years ago

          There’s no real reason to expect him to be ’10 Wells instead of ’07-’09 going forward though.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          2010 wells outside of toronto isn’t that good – especially as a left fielder. but even if he could put up 2010-in-toronto numbers, it’s still a humiliatingly bad deal because there was/is a money cost and a talent cost

          it will never be a good deal

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            Agreed. No matter what Wells does this will be a bad deal simply because the Angels acquired him without getting Toronto to take on more money. In the end getting Wells by itself may prove to be a good move. It’s the money that makes this is a disaster.

        • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

          Whhaaat? The Vernon Wells deal is at its worst right now till the end cuz it was soooo backloaded! Look it up! Worst contract in baseball, right up there with ARod!

      • basemonkey 4 years ago

        I wouldn’t worry about the Angels farm right now. It’s true that their system has fallen off the last several years, but part of that is because they set such a high bar for themselves in the early 00s. It’s not a “bad” system by any means. On the whole, i’s probably not where they’d want it to be, but there have been some setbacks.

        I think the Wells contract is certainly a bad one. The Angels will probably regret this move in about 2 years when he’s getting paid 20+M and declining to sub-average levels. I am not saying that he’s going to be that bad, but I am saying that he’s shown enough ups and downs that it’s hard to imagine him improving to such levels where he justifies that contract. TO me, 20M+ means being paid to play at a near-MVP or perrenial 5-tool all-star level.

        • basemonkey 4 years ago

          To put this in perspective, in a couple years, Wells contract might be the single most significant item that hurts the farm system in terms of all the funds not being able to sign and acquire new young talent.

    • woadude 4 years ago

      Emergency? Because they didnt have enough outfielders right? I mean they only had Tori Hunter, Reggie Wilitis, Bobby Abreu, before the trade Juan Rivera…

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        Calling Abreu an outfielder is a bit of a stretch. The guy’s practically afraid of walls.

        • The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

          The guy IS afraid of walls, there were many times when he was on the Yankees and he would not jump against the wall to make a play and instead the ball would hit the wall and the hitter usually ends up with a double or even a triple at times.

          • 0bsessions 4 years ago

            Oh, I know it. I used to love it, watching that guy flop around, rolling over himself in the outfield anytime the ball came within ten feet of the wall. It was even funnier at Fenway because of that weird shape and big Right Field with the low fences where you could easily rob a homer if you were competent.

  4. Cody 4 years ago

    They didn’t lose out on Crawford, they didn’t even try.

  5. ryankrol 4 years ago

    You don’t pay $142 million to a guy who has a .329 lifetime OBP, has never hit 20 homers, and whose #1 selling point is his speed; the first thing to go on any veteran is his legs.

    What exactly is Carl Crawford? A table setter? A run producer?

    At least Vernon Wells has power numbers to back up a lot of what he is being paid, which is actually an average of $18 million a season when you take away the back load on his contract.

    He seems to be caught in this grey area where he’s not patient enough to be a leadoff hitter or to save some AB’s to keep hi BA up (Wade Boggs), and at the same time doesn’t get enough hits to compensate for his lack of patience to maintain a higher BA (Tony Gwynn).

    Batting average is a worthless stat, but in this case it seems like it defines this player more than most.

    At least Vernon Wells has some years with enough power to justify a big contract; he’s actually making an average of $18 million a year, which makes his contract exactly the same as Torii Hunter’s contract with 2 years added, which then turns it into Jayson Werth’s contract.

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      Bitter Angels fan?

      • qbass187 4 years ago


      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        Nope. Relieved.

        • dc21892 4 years ago

          I have a really hard time believing if you could be GM for a day and pick between Crawford and Wells, you would pick Wells.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Trick question. If I were a GM for a day, I’d pick neither.

          • Guest 4 years ago


          • TheHotCorner 4 years ago

            Agree. I like Crawford but not at that price.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            My answer as well. I’m not willing to spend $20m on EITHER player.

            If I was the GM last year (where I voiced my opinions often on this site) Bobby Abreu would never have signed and Matt Holliday would have been a Halo. Less money than Crawford or Wells and would have fit in much better with the Angels needs. Plus you knock off the $20m (or soon to be $30m) that we are paying Bobby A.

        • monkeyspanked 4 years ago

          Me too. Here’s hoping Vernon has a little Andre Dawson left in him. Maybe Crawford’s got a little Vince Coleman in him? He was done at 35. That would still make him good for BOS.

        • jwredsox 4 years ago

          Are you the Angel’s GM perchance?

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Vernon Wells is an overpaid/underproducing outfielder who’s only really hit well in Toronto, a hitters park, and now he’s moving to a pitchers park. Angels fans keep trying to defend this move despite the fact if it had been proposed by Jays fans at the beginning of the offseason they would have been laughed.

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        Wells’ contract looks ridiculous because it was back loaded. He’s actually making an average of $18 million a year, which is Torii Hunter’s salary.

        And that back load can only be handled by a handful of teams, such as the Angels.

        If the money was such a big issue, they would never have taken that deal.

        There’s a perception coming from somewhere that the Angels are financially strapped, or are going to be strapped because of this trade. Not true.

        The reality is this: Arte Moreno is a billionaire who refuses to let his investment spoil his reputation as an entrepreneur.

        Besides, $20 million will be a more common salary in the next few years anyways.

        • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

          One of us is missing the other’s point. My point is Wells is not this power hitter you want to make him out to be.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Wells is not the power hitter I want to make him out to be? Hmm.

            Vernon Wells’ 162 game averages: 39 2B, 3 3B, 26 HR, 95 RBI, 92 R.

            Carl Crawford’s 162 game averages: 28 2B, 14 3B, 14 HR, 78 RBI, 100 R.

            Crawford is not worth $20 million anymore than Wells is.

            The Angels just basically added another Torii Hunter, with the back loaded end of the same contract Jayson Werth has, and an overall average salary that equals that of Hunter.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            career ISO away from rogers center: .177

            but hey at least the AL west is full of hitters parks ya know?

          • Dick Armada 4 years ago

            So his career average is only 10 points lower away and his OBP is only down 16 points. Do you know what ISO power shows? It’s not a great thing to have a big number in ISO if your other stats suck.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            why would you question the usefulness of ISO and then only mention avg and obp? his slugging percentage drops 55 points and thus his OPS drops close to 70. .773

            as a left fielder, that puts him a tick above brett gardner last year. except brett gardner is a great defender. the news only gets worse if you use better stats like wOBA and wRC+

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            unfortunately, his ISO AND his other stats suck.

          • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

            He’s better then Juan Rivera though.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Wells averages 39 doubles and 26 homeruns a season. Rivera averages 29 doubles and 22 homeruns. Wells didn’t commit 1 error in 2010, and has 3 Gold Gloves. People are reaching for excuses because the media told them it was a bad deal. Anyone with a decent baseball IQ would know that the money is not even an issue for the Angels, but so many people are still creating that issue, lol. As if they know how a billionaire like Arte Moreno’s checkbook is balanced. lol

          • jwredsox 4 years ago

            Moreno being a billionaire has nothing to do with anything. He still would never run the team in the red. The argument is why they can commit x per year for Wells but not just up that per year offer to y per year for Crawford. And you claim money isn’t an issue with Wells yet you would never pay Crawford 7/142? Kinda a double standard there. And have you seriously resorted to using gold gloves and errors (errors for an OFer of all things)?

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            it would be awfully hard to make an error when the ball falls 10 feet away.

        • JP 4 years ago

          I think you’re really reaching here.

          Wells had a great season in 06, and very good seasons in 08 and 10. But he was absolutely dreadful in 07 and 09. Almost without value at the plate.

          I think a realistic best case projection for Wells upcoming seasons would be .260 – .280 AVG, .330 OBP, 25 – 30 hrs. Best case. And he has been extraordinarily inconsistent year to year – so there may very well be a year or two where he absolutely flops as well.

          Even if the Angels have a huge payroll this deal still hurts them, because he makes so much money they are going to have to play him regularly no matter how poorly he plays. You don’t want to commit to having this guy in your lineup the next four years.

        • RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

          Looks like someone has blind faith in our economy! lol!

      • Very few educated Angel fans are defending this move. There is literally nothing to defend.

        • ryankrol 4 years ago

          I think the money issue is just an excuse. Salaries are going up, and will continue to go up to the point where players in the mold of Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter will be making $20 million to $25 million a year like it’s nothing. I bet 10-15 years from now players will start breaking the $30 million mark like it’s routine. And if your team can take on a big contract without a problem, then what is exactly is the issue?

          • They are making 20-25 million because they were centerfielders, a position neither can play anymore. And I dont think in 10-15 years 30 mil will be routine, there have been less then 30 20mil aav contracts handed out right? hell I might even say less then 20.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            They don’t play centerfield because they had enough class to let a young centerfielder by the name of Peter Bourjos step forward. Team work. Imagine that. It had nothing to do with their legs.

            Salaries are only going up!

          • The negative UZR says otherwise, but ok continue thinking that.

        • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

          yes there is – Vernon Wells is better then Juan Rivera.

          • Better than Juan Rivera & Mike Napoli???

          • Dick Armada 4 years ago

            Yes. These questions are easy.

            Napoli was 34th in HR’s… he had the lowest RBIs of those 34 players. He had the 4th highest K%. Why do you think he bats 7th in the lineup? Wells has better numbers. Rivera is a non factor in the trade. He is entirely leveraging some of the cost of Wells.

            I’m an Angel fan and I rarely see “educated” posts by Angel fans. They are total fanboys that don’t understand how this helps their team.

          • bjsguess 4 years ago

            Come on Adam.

            Guess how many batters ahead of Napoli had fewer PA’s than him? ZERO. Take HR’s out of the equation, if your a comparing one hitter vs 34 other hitters and your one hitter has less PA’s (and in many cases the gap is 200+) guess the probability that your one hitter will post the lowest RBI total.

            Next, look at team offense. Since 80% of RBI’s are traditionally impacted by those around you playing for a good offensive team should help. Conversely, playing for a crappy offensive team will kill you. Guess where the 2010 Angels would fall in that discussion.

            He received less PA’s, played for a terrible offensive team, and as you pointed out, batted in a non-traditional run producing spot in the lineup. Guess I’m not shocked that his RBI totals were subpar.

            Napoli + Rivera had every chance to replicate what Wells can provide the team. Unfortunately, the team’s leadership decided that Napoli couldn’t catch. That killed his value and made him worthless to the club.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            People forget, or don’t even know, that the Angels only added about $12 million to their current payroll. lol

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            for an overall downgrade.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            WAY better!

      • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

        I would rather have Vernon Wells then Juan Rivera. That’s all I’m saying.

        • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

          i’d rather pay 5 million for a bad LF than 20 million for an average LF

    • Chip1010 4 years ago

      Not that I’m necessarily in favor of the signing, but defense matters, and Carl Crawford is one of the best outfielders alive. The total package of Carl Crawford is a very valuable one.

      And speedy, high-contact hitters tend to age better than sluggers anyway.

      (Accidentally hit “Liked” instead of “Reply.”)

      • dc21892 4 years ago

        I was wondering what the “like” was about, lol.

      • Commander_Nate 4 years ago

        Wells will probably be a better defender in LF that Juan Rivera was, Hunter will be better in RF than Abreu was, and Peter Bourjos will be better than either Hunter or Wells in CF. Crawford is obviously a better defender than Wells, but the Angels are hardly going to have defensive problems in the OF this year.

      • He’s one of the best outfielders alive? Don’t you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration? Are you honing in one specific aspect of being an outfielder?

        • Chip1010 4 years ago

          Yeah, run prevention. Looking at UZR, he’s been by far the best defensive left fielder in baseball for years, and his numbers seem to indicate he’d be damn good in center, too (though he’s said he’d rather not play there). You can take UZR with a grain of salt, but other metrics seem to back it up. And it’s not worth much, but even my non-scout eyeballs tell me he’s incredible out there.

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            to be fair, his arm sucks.

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        That total package is worth no more than $12 million a year.

        • Chip1010 4 years ago

          WAR says the total package was worth more than $25 million in each of the last two years. Not that he would get that in free agency, obviously, but you’re grossly underestimating Crawford by cherry-picking the one or two things that Wells does better and ignoring everything else that a baseball player can do to help his team win.

    • While I think the Sox overpaid for Crawford, Crawford was the best FA position player on the market.

      His OBP for his career is .337, not .329. But his OBP 3 of the last 4 years never dipped below .355. The other year he was dealing with injuries, his first without at least 143 games played.

      His offensive skillset has plenty of value outside of AVG. And throw in his elite defensive skills and you’ve got a damn good ball player.

      “You don’t pay $142 million to a guy who has a .329 lifetime OBP, has never hit 20 homers, and whose #1 selling point is his speed; the first thing to go on any veteran is his legs.”

      No, what you don’t do is take on one of the worst contracts in baseball entirely and give up a valuable piece in the process. Sorry, but it makes a lot more sense for the Red Sox to give $142 million to Crawford than it does for the Angels to take on Wells contract.

      • johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

        If you are afraid of guaranteed years then doesn’t. The Angels are afraid of years so it made sense for them to take on Wells contract.

        • MaineSox 4 years ago

          Apparently what they are really afraid of is quality years. At least with Crawford they would have got the “good” years of the contract to offset the bad ones, instead of just picking up the more expensive years of a contract that was bad to begin with.

          • ryankrol 4 years ago

            Just what the Angels need right? Another overaggressive hitter.

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            funny how you call Crawford an overaggresive hitter. One of Wells’ nickname was Vernon “first-pitch-swing” Wells

    • OrangeCards 4 years ago

      You know how to tell if a contract is bad?

      You’ve got to compare it to Jayson Werth’s …

    • jb226 4 years ago

      “which is actually an average of $18 million a season when you take away the back load on his contract.”

      If Vernon Wells had stayed with Toronto for the life of the contract, that would actually be a fairly good point. But of course he didn’t. What you have instead is the Angels who got the expensive half of the contract, which Wells can’t even come lose to living up to even if he repeated his 2010 numbers for the next four years, who would be a LOLfest if he repeated his 2009 numbers for the next four years, and who, realistically, is going to be worth only about half of what he cost when all is said and done.

      Your comment did make me look up Wells’ contract and see something I did not know, however: Wells got a $25.5MM signing bonus, paid out $8.5MM at a time for 2008-2010 (the Blue Jays’ portion of the contract). The Blue Jays actually got at terrible ROI on their half of the contact as well (56.5% I believe) almost exclusively because of that. Made me realize exactly how terrible this contract really was. I thought they had gotten some benefit by managing to dump the contract before it got expensive and with the terrible backloading of the salary, but it was mediocre for them too.

      In any event, I’m not $142MM high on Crawford either. I do think he has a better chance of living up to a higher percentage of his contract than Wells does, however. Even if we’re talking (percentage-wise) Crawford’s entire contract against Wells’ next four years.

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        The Angels can afford it though. People are creating the issue of money while Arte Moreno is swimming in a pool of cash.

        The Angels added another Torii Hunter, that’s all that should matter. If they want the money to be an issue, they will bring it up to the LA Times.

        No matter the case though, if I were GM for a day, I’d pick neither.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      Crawford is a 5 tool player. He can do everything. Hit 19 Hr’s .307 BA and stole 47 bases last year. Add gold glove defense and Crawford is one of the best OF in the game in his prime. The huge contract means nothing to sox fans because they have the money to spend. I’m sorry bud, but the Angels signing Vernon Wells stinks of desperation. They needed an outfielder, missed out on 2 premier free agents (Werth, Crawford) and went with a suckier more expensive option in Wells. I don’t think most sensible halo fans will agrue this offseason was a bust and the ownership of that franchise has issues.

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        one of the five tools in a strong throwing arm. so no. but he’s a very good 3 and a half tool guy

  6. Guest 4 years ago

    Why exactly is Crawford still talking about it?

    • dc21892 4 years ago

      I was wondering the same thing above. Earlier he was talking about the Yankees, too. Weird.

    • qbass187 4 years ago

      Why do you think? The baseball media is making the rounds to all the different clubs and the question is being asked. What do you expect them to ask him? His favorite color?

  7. $7562574 4 years ago

    the angels have a policy not to sign anyone with character issues.

  8. Thurman8er 4 years ago

    The Angels’ off season has made me truly worry for the first time in years. I’m used to them not coughing up ridiculous amounts of money for long-term deals, but the over-reaction in trading for Wells made things much worse. With Texas and Oakland on the rise, the best move would have been to play hard the next couple of years and hope for the best until Conger, Trumbo, and Trout are ready to fill in the holes.

    • They just shipped Trout and Weaver to New York for Carlos Beltran.

    • ryankrol 4 years ago

      Over-reaction in trading for Wells? What makes you think they were ever serious about Crawford or Beltre in the first place? They just got a player with higher 162 game averages than both of those players. The money isn’t even an issue.

  9. BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

    The BoSox offered Crawford $20m a year and the Angels offered him $18m a year. I’m puzzled by how Crawford can be puzzled.

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      and then the Angels basically gave 20m a year to Wells. I’m puzzled by how you are puzzled by how Crawford can be puzzled.

      • Dick Armada 4 years ago

        They bought up Wells’ contract because they then desperately needed a bat. I’m puzzled puzzledldeuppuppuepppzppupuz etc.

        • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

          (pssttt. Wells’ bat isn’t that good.)

      • BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

        I’m puzzled by where you found any reference in my post to Wells.

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        Look at their 162 game averages, and then ask that question.

        • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

          Look at their home/away splits. Then shut up.

  10. Jon Heyman and Carl Crawford appear to be the only ones not over this story. All Angels fans have moved on. Did Crawford really want to be an Angel? He must have it this is still a story.

  11. PushDown 4 years ago

    I’m not even going to try to defend the Wells trade here, but I have to say, I’m sorta glad we passed on 7 years of Crawford. Before you call me bitter and whatnot, hear me out.

    Crawford’s game is centered around speed. 2 out the 3 reasons the Angels badly needed him is his defense and baserunning. Now Crawford is 30, and everybody knows speed is the first thing a veteran loses. So 2 out of 3 of Crawford’s main assets should should be pretty deteriorated in 3 or 4 years. As for his bat, I truly believe his bat was overrated, even during the weeks the Angels were pursuing him. He doesn’t have the power to be a middle lineup force, or the patience that a real leadoff hitter needs to have.

    I may be wrong, Crawford may retain that speed when he gets older, like Juan Pierre or Bobby Abreu did, though Pierre was a true lead-off while Abreu had MUCH more than speed. Call me bitter, but I could easily imagine Crawford with much of his speed diminished in 3 or 4 years left on his contract.

    • jwredsox 4 years ago

      Speed is not the first thing a guy who is as athletic as Crawford loses. You’d be right if he were a bigger guy but Crawford’s speed will probably age like a Kenny Loftan or a Henderson.

      • ryankrol 4 years ago

        Do not even put Carl Crawford in the same sentence as Rickey Henderson. lol

        • jwredsox 4 years ago

          If they played in the same era Crawford would probably have just as many steals. But my overall point is in body types and athleticism. Crawford is a guy who keeps himself in terrific shape and guys like that don’t just lose their speed. I could see Crawford having the ability to steal 20+ in his 40’s if he got playing time

        • Chris Masteller 4 years ago

          You just did. :/

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      Bill James did a study and concluded that speedy players age better than others

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        nevermind all of that i have an opinion that must be voiced

        • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

          who care about your opinion?

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago


          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            Joe Morgan is that you?

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            i believe you mean joe morton

            – tim mccarver

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            well played sir. I cannot top that.

    • Dick Armada 4 years ago

      I thought power was the first thing to go.

      • PushDown 4 years ago

        Really? I always thought it was logical for a player’s legs to go first, resulting in a decrease in speed. I’m may or may not be wrong about the speed part but i’m pretty sure power is not the first to leave. Look at how many old sluggers that are still in the league just because they can bomb it LOL!

        And logically, wouldn’t it be easier to maintain your strength by working out regularly.

  12. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    oh disqus

  13. LA Angels 4 years ago

    Too bad Crawford didn’t go to the angels… That wouldve been cool… But my guess is that red sox will go all the way… And I hate Yankees so if the red sox kill the Yankees then I would be happy  lol

  14. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    personally I think Crawford is a bit wasted in Boston. He doesn’t fit well into that lineup unless he hits leadoff, which he apparently does not like. I wouldn’t like Crawford batting 6th or 7th.

    • jwredsox 4 years ago

      I think the plan is to hit Pedroia first with Crawford 2nd. At least that’s the way I would do it.

  15. Jays_All_The_Way 4 years ago

    Sorry to promote my league on these comments, but I need 9 more people for a dynasty keeper league with ESPN standard rosters and scoring. I am looking for dedicated owners who would like to be part of this league.

    Please Email me at MattG808@gmail.com if you would like to join

    Thank You

  16. Hoosierdaddy92 4 years ago

    The Angels probably don’t want to have a lot of LONG-TERM commitments to free-agents. They probably preferred 4 years at 20MM a season for Vernon. However, there is no reason why they should have let Adrian Beltre go to a division rival when they clearly had a need for production out of third base.

  17. By the end of next year Crawford will be 31 already… sad…
    Youkilis shaved his beard off!

  18. dc21892 4 years ago

    Good point. As a Red Sox fan I am greatful the Angels front office had a rough offseason. They got Wells for around the same money Crawford is getting with Boston. Anyways, this stuff about Crawford talking about the Yankees and Angels should end. He’s a Red Sox now. Sure, everyone wants to know what went on behind the scenes but let’s move on people.

  19. Yes, the signing of Scott Downs made perfect sense

  20. bjsguess 4 years ago

    I guess I don’t get the point.

    If the assumption is that the Angels cheaped out at 6/$108m why in the world does Boston get praised for signing him for 7/$142m. Not sure that I see paying an extra year PLUS $34m more in guaranteed contracts was a shrewd move. As far as we know the Angels were the only other bidder at the time.

    So the Angels missed out on their top target (supposedly) and they get vilified. Boston overpays by at least $34m to land their 4th starting OF’er and is praised endlessly.

    The same thing happened with Beltre. The Angels could have used him but weren’t comfortable meeting his price. Instead the Rangers overpaid by nearly $20m for a positional upgrade they didn’t need. Rangers are geniuses and the Angels are morons.

    Honestly, I was totally fine with the Angels off-season up to the Wells trade. Both Crawford and Beltre received too many dollars and years. The Wells deal is indefensible. I guess I’m just looking for a little balance in the reporting. The dogging on the Angels is getting old.

  21. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    Wait, how exactly does 4/86 (4/70ish after salary swaps) = 7/142 exactly? I wouldn’t have done either deal and they may be similar in annual amounts, but the latter clearly costs more in terms of total dollars spent.

  22. dc21892 4 years ago

    In terms of $/year Wells actually makes more. Which is what I was referring to when I said around the same money.

  23. woadude 4 years ago

    The math shows the 7/142 not that far off from 4/86 if you add three years to the 4/86, but I am with you that no way should Carl Crawford get paid that much money, now what will Ellsbury be thinking when he is right up there with CC on numbers and doesn’t even make half of that a year.

  24. dc21892 4 years ago

    I understand that he was most likely asked by a reporter, but why are they still on winter meeting topics? It’s over now. Let’s move on.

  25. Guest 4 years ago

    Yeah because Crawford has to answer it?

  26. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Just what the Angels need in the top third of their lineup: another overaggressive hitter.

  27. WasianCU 4 years ago

    Wells is getting worse? Seems like last season was one of his best.

  28. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    It’s still less money and years. Again, I wouldn’t have made the trade either, but the Angels will be done with Wells 3 years and tens of millions of dollars before the Red Sox are done with Crawford.

  29. Guest 4 years ago

    I am a Dodger fan, I honestly can care less.

  30. Guest 4 years ago

    You’re getting this from two comments? My god you’re amazing.

  31. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    And being younger makes him less expensive?

  32. VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

    The Angels will compete and be good again THIS year, believe it. They never get their fair shake. The idea to take Wells was obviously terrible, but everyone (almost) knows that. That bad move doesn’t mean the team will be bad. They have an excellent pitching staff, and with Kendry back, they will be solid offensively.

  33. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Wells’ OPS was .847!!! He was 16th in the AL, and his OPS was higher than anyone on the Angels in 2010!

  34. ryankrol 4 years ago

    And Carl Crawford’s OPS was .851, only 4 points higher.

  35. ryankrol 4 years ago

    .847 OPS. 16th in the AL, and better than any Angels player in 2010.

    Torii Hunter was 21st.

  36. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    and he didn’t even play in a hitter’s park

    or did he. wait, how much power does he have away from rogers center again?

    oh crap

  37. TheHotCorner 4 years ago

    @somethingsomethingangergone….he is a mind reader. he really only needed one of your comments to know what you were thinking.

  38. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    crawford has been a better hitter than wells for two years now

    wells wOBA: .314, .362

    crawford wOBA: .367 .378

  39. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    Hmm…funny how that still doesn’t make Wells more expensive than Crawford, which was the point being argued. Thanks for sharing, though.

  40. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Run producer though?

  41. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    What is that small w?

  42. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Wells is mainly a doubles hitter. Even in his down years in the homerun department, he still hit a lot of doubles.

    And Wells’ doubles are split almost right down the middle.

    The Big A was made for doubles hitters.

  43. jwredsox 4 years ago

    You are totally nitpicking the heck out of this argument. You compare Wells and Crawford while using Crawford’s early years in your averages (where Crawford was getting acclimated to the bigs and wasn’t near his peak yet) when everyone can see he has been much better than his averages the past 4 years (a big sample size). Then you ignore home/road splits for Wells and you ignore the fact Crawford is much better on defense and has a lot more speed.

  44. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    run production is primarily a function of lineup placement (which he doesn’t control) and lineup composition (players in front of him, which he also doesn’t control)

    crawford’s run production reflects the rays lineup, not his hitting performance. wOBA tells you all you need to know about his hitting

  45. MaineSox 4 years ago

    Run production depends on the team around a player as much as, if not more than, the player themselves. But if you really want to talk about it, over the last three years they have averaged:

    Crawford: 96 Runs – 72 RBI

    Wells: 75 Runs – 77 RBI

    Looks to me like Crawford has been a better “run producer”.

  46. notsureifsrs 4 years ago


  47. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    I’m pretty sure this is Juan Rivera’s slash line

  48. notsureifsrs 4 years ago


  49. ryankrol 4 years ago

    And by stating those numbers, you contradict yourself. The Rays have had better overall lineups the past 3 years.

  50. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    exactly. it’s unlikely he’ll be as bad as his away split, even though the sample is huge. but how much better will he be than rivera? will the positive difference be more than the negative difference between napoli and mathis?

    i doubt it, so that’s stupid enough right there. then you add in the money and the years and this will just take forever to be bumped from the top of the dumbest moves ever list

  51. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Actually it’s not. Wells averages 39 doubles and 26 homeruns a season. Rivera averages 29 doubles and 22 homeruns.

  52. That means you care at least more then nothing and have room to care less.

  53. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    they never get their fair shake? they’ve been the favorites to win that division for years before 2011

  54. johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

    Is Juan Rivera a better left fielder then Vernon Wells? Seriously…i’m curious…

  55. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    With the amount of talent in Texas and Oakland, Angels are destined for third place.

  56. Wells costs more per year, Crawford costs more over the full length of his contract. Considering Crawford is younger and considerably better than Wells, I have a hard time seeing how your argument is really proving anything. If the Angels are more concerned with how long they’ll be playing players than how much they’re worth over that span, why didn’t they scoop up Bartolo Colon for $10 million? Even less than Wells, great signing right?

  57. kdub53 4 years ago

    Not to mention just cause Crawford is young doesn’t mean he can’t get hurt too…
    Boy wouldn’t that suck if he misses a season and a half or god forbid 2 for the cool
    guys…? I mean red sox!? Hahah
    I’d love it!

  58. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    Since we’re sharing, how i about I share this fact! Crawford is also twice the player Vernon Wells is and he’s getting better whereas Wells is on a quick decline! This is why the Wells trade was so ridiculous to begin with!

  59. MaineSox 4 years ago

    It always strikes me as odd when people say they “could care less”, implying that they do care, if even just a little.

  60. VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

    Not true. Last year everyone picked the Mariners. It’s just easy to forget, because the Mariners were terrible. Look back for several years, and people always overlook the Angels. Just because the Angels pretty much always won their division doesn’t mean that people gave them their credit for being a pretty good team.

  61. VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

    I agree that both the Rangers and A’s are going to be pretty good also. I am not saying the Angels for sure win the division or anything, just that they will compete. I like their team better than the A’s. I can’t see the A’s pitching that well again this year, but maybe.

  62. woadude 4 years ago

    2nd year in a row? try they haven’t been good for 5 plus years, when was the last time they were in the playoffs? 2001? I don’t remember them ever being there in 02 or 03 and 04 05 and 06 were horrible in 07 and 08 they started their 100 loss campaigns and in 09 and 10 kept that tradition alive, they have been bad for quite some time and 2011 will not be a miracle year in which they turn it around, you can be certain they will be out of contention by May.

  63. bjsguess 4 years ago

    Angels, Rangers, and A’s can all win 85-90 games. There is no clear cut leader in that division. Will the Rangers pitching hold-up? Can the A’s young guns stay healthy? Is the 2011 version of Vernon Wells more like the 2009 or 2010 version? Plenty of questions for everyone.

    Fact is that you have 3 teams within the margin of error if you go buy WAR projections, Vegas odds, or most projection systems.

  64. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Who are the A’s run producers? Matsui? Where is the Rangers’ rotation? Brandon Webb is listed as their 3rd starter last time I checked. The Angels have to completely fall flat on their faces not to win the AL West. I don’t see any Hunters, Morales’, Abreus, or Wells’ on the A’s. I don’t see any Weavers, Harens, or Downs’ on the Rangers’ staff. Plus, we all should know how injury prone Josh Hamilton is, and the fact that the best they have after him now is Adrian Beltre! lol The Angels will have to completely fall apart not to take back the AL West.

  65. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    who is everyone? last year 5 of SI’s 13 writers picked the angels (3 picked seattle, 5 picked texas). the year before 12 of 13 picked the angels

    just googling here now, bleacherreport picked the angels last year

    all 5 of mlb.com’s pundits (Bauman Bodley Duquette Gammons Nelson) picked the angels last year

    yahoo sports picked the angels last year

    19 of 36 ESPN writers picked the angels last year

  66. ryankrol 4 years ago

    A lot of people were drinking that Mariners kool-aid. To me, they looked exactly like the 1992 Angels on paper. And that’s exactly where they ended up. And now the A’s are suddenly a contender? That pattern suggests people looking for competition in the AL West. lol

  67. johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

    Crawford is more expensive today then Vernon is…that is just a fact when talking about guaranteed money…and it’s pointless to discuss it any other way since the money is guaranteed. What we learned here is that the Angels value years as much, if not more, then yearly salary…and in this case, however you want to look at it years were more important. They simply didn’t want to commit to a certain number of years to get a player. Personally I think Crawford is worth it…Beltre no, but Crawford yes…but at the end of the day the man is a Red Sock and I wish him well.

  68. woadude 4 years ago

    Other than stealing bases, I think Vernon Wells puts up better numbers than Carl Crawford, Batting, RBI, Homers, pretty much everything but stealing bases, everyone gets on Wells because he gets paid a lot of money, but he is still good for 25 something home runs, while Crawford will hit 10? 15? a career high of 20? and his batting average is what?

  69. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Wells costs more per year because both his and Crawford’s contracts are back loaded.

  70. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    Again, we’re discussing total investment here, which is what it boils down to if we’re going to talk about costs. For like the third time, I wouldn’t have done the Wells trade either, but since we’re discussing the money, let’s be real about it – it’s less guaranteed money. Period.

    To answer your question about Colon, my guess would be because they already have one of the better rotations in the AL, with the only real question mark being Kazmir.

  71. VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

    I am not saying that NOBODY picks them, just that they seem to be a bit underrated most years imo.

  72. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    figure of speech or not, you actually did say that last year everyone picked the mariners. in the mainstream group i just surveyed, the mariners were chosen the least behind texas and anaheim. anaheim was chosen the most by far

    the angels have traditionally outperformed their team projections, i’ll give you that. they always seem to win more total games than expected. but (according to the writers & pundits) they’ve been the favorites in that crap division for awhile

    maybe your sense that they don’t get a fair shake comes from the fact that they’ve usually been expected to lose in the playoffs or that they’re picked only because of the weakness of their division. but there is some truth to each of those things

  73. johnnyfivealive 4 years ago

    Yes! But if they are better then Juan Rivera then I’m all for it.

  74. ryankrol 4 years ago

    The Angels already admitted Matthews was a mistake.

    Hunter had a career year going before his injury in 2009. His slash line got better with the Angels, and he won 2 more Gold Gloves. Hardly on the decline when they signed him.

    Wells had his best season in 4 years, and has an errorless streak going.

    And now their newest centerfielder is one of the fastest runners in the AL.

    What else do you have for us?

  75. MaineSox 4 years ago

    Except they offered him 6 years with an option for a 7th year, so they really were willing to go that many years, but hesitated when it came to the dollar figure he was looking for which is what cost them Crawford.

  76. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    and though moreno subsequently denied it, several sources involved confirmed that the angels matched boston’s offer at the last minute

  77. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    off topic, why is your comment space so small?

  78. Dick Armada 4 years ago

    Juan Rivera is slightly better than a tree stump in the outfield.

  79. bjsguess 4 years ago

    Baserunning and DEFENSE. Crawford is a wiz. Wells is barely passable.

  80. ryankrol 4 years ago

    .847 OPS was only 4 points lower than Crawford. Wells averages 39 2B, 26 HR, and 95 RBI a season. Just the extra base hits alone exceeds what Crawford can do if he actually does hit 3rd for the Sox.

  81. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Not wanting to hammer on Wells.. But other than this past season, after he signed that huge contract of his and 2008 when he missed 1/3 of the season with injuries, it’s not like he has put up any kind of numbers worth even mike Cameron status, much less Crawford.

  82. ryankrol 4 years ago

    0 errors in 2010 for Wells.

  83. jb226 4 years ago

    It’s the way comments get nested under their parent. Each nesting level loses 25-30 pixels of comment space.

    Most forums that use nested threads like this cap it off so that it only indents for the first few levels precisely to avoid this. If Disqus does, it’s at a level that still allows silly things like this to occur.

  84. ryankrol 4 years ago

    What home/road splits? Wells’ homeruns? Wells is a doubles hitter, and those numbers are almost split right down the middle. Even in Wells’ down years in the homeruns department, he hit a lot of doubles. The Big A was made for doubles hitters. 17 HR and 78 RBI 162 average is NOT worth $20 million a season! But don’t get me wrong, if I were GM for a day, I’d pick neither.

  85. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Wells averages 39 doubles and 26 homeruns a season. Rivera averages 29 doubles and 22 homeruns. And Wells didn’t commit one single error in 2010, and has actually won 3 Gold Gloves. I didn’t know Juan Rivera achieved more than that. lol

  86. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Really? I didn’t know Juan Rivera and Carl Crawford hit 31 HR and 44 doubles in 2010! Imagine that. I didn’t know they also didn’t commit one single error in 2010! LOL

  87. ryankrol 4 years ago

    Btw, Carl Crawford and Bobby Abreu had the same amount of extra base hits.

  88. jwredsox 4 years ago

    Martin Prado had more hits last year than Albert Pujols. Doesn’t mean that means anything

  89. jwredsox 4 years ago

    But Crawford bats towards the top of the order so he doesn’t get as many rbi chances. If he batted in Wells spot he would drive in more runs

  90. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    Please just stop!

  91. MaineSox 4 years ago

    That’s not contradicting myself, I clearly stated that the stats were meaningless because they depend so much on the players around them; only then did I tell him that yes, if he really wanted to know, Crawford has been a better run producer regardless of how meaningful the stat actually is.

  92. jwredsox 4 years ago

    Doubles aren’t homeruns. His Slug% is 50 points lower for his career on the road. Those HRs at Rogers aren’t being traded for doubles they are becoming outs. And his OPS is a paltry .773 on the road. Crawfords OPS last year was .851 btw

  93. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    When does it end?

  94. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    Thanks, I did not know that, maybe I should try a nested essay for my Micro Economics class and say its a page.

  95. 0bsessions 4 years ago


    Outfielder judged on errors. Lawl.

  96. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    The same thing he would’ve been thinking if the Sox didn’t sign Crawford: “When’s free agency again? I should call Scott…”

    If Ellsbury actually puts up better numbers than Crawford over the remainder of his arbitration years (Which I doubt), Boras will get him his money.

  97. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    As the Rock would say,”Who cares what Ellsbury thinks!”

  98. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    “The dogging on the Angels is getting old.”

    It’s not necessarily an overpayment when the market is so inflated. The market was set at an enormously high rate the second the Marlins gave Buck his deal, and it escalated swiftly. Every single free agent got more than people expected with the exception of Cliff Lee and MAYBE Manny Ramirez.

    The Angels chose not to get involved with the mess that was free agency and that was all well and good, though it meant they were practically conceding 2011. The dogging on the Angels didn’t get THIS bad (It was pretty much all Yankees up to the following point) until the Wells deal, which basically rendered every single decision the Angels made this year devoid of sense. The Angels refused to overpay for quality guys like Beltre or Crawford and then turn around and trade overall quality pieces for the benefit of taking on the massively inflated contract of an average slugger who hasn’t been able to hit well anywhere but the Rogers Centre in the last four years or so.

    If the Angels stood pat and came right out and said they didn’t feel this year’s free agent class was worth the kind of money that was getting thrown around, that would’ve been respectable or even downright commendable. To come out and make that trade after balking at Beltre and Crawford, two guys who would’ve just cost money and a second rounder and who would’ve fit them like a glove, just makes them look completely inept.

    Piling onto all of that is the fact that if you were to go back to November and run through some of the free agent articles at the time, Angels fans in here were speaking as if it was practically set in stone that Beltre and Crawford, and probably Soriano too, would be Angels and that the Angels would squash those upstart Rangers back into the dirt where they belonged. Now, the Angels have Wells’ bad contract, an overpay for Downs and a potential third place finish in the weakest division in the AL. If you’re a fan of any other team in the MLB, you’d have to admit it’s almost amusing after the level of hubris exhibited late last year, same as you’d be laughing at us Sox fans should we finish in third after all of our boasting right now.

  99. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    How is it an over pay when the Angels were willing to match it at the end and a lesser player, Jason Werth, gets 7/126? Please explain this overpay you speak of!

  100. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago


  101. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    Just because Wells may have range issues does not mean he is a bad fielder.

  102. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago

    A lot of people were jumping on the defense bandwagon and when the M’s acquired Lee and that backfired.

  103. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    could you seriously use something other than counting stats and fricking gold gloves and start looking up some splits? Wells sucked outside of Rogers Centre. His away stats are eerily similar to Rivera’s career stats.

  104. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    Crawford’s away OPS = .841

  105. FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

    this. so much.

  106. TheBigNice 4 years ago

    how small will it go?

  107. TheBigNice 4 years ago


  108. The_Silver_Stacker 4 years ago


  109. jwredsox 4 years ago


  110. VegasANGELSFan 4 years ago

    That’s what is so great about baseball. Your opinion is reasonable and that may happen. I don’t think the Rangers have the pitching staff to hang. They have pretty much ALWAYS had a good offense, but never had pitching before last year. They have some serious questions in their rotation again this year. Whenever your big hope is that Brandon Webb can pitch more than 4 innings, you may be in trouble. The A’s will likely pitch well again, but again lack offense. Sure, DeJesus and Willingham may help that offense, but I am not sold. I think the Angels offense is better than Oakland, and their pitching is better than Texas (and I like it better than Oakland’s myself). It’s a long season, I am ready for it to get under way :)

  111. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    Yes it does!

  112. kdub53 4 years ago

    That was a nice article…do you write for espn or something?
    As a fan of anahiem, I am always optimistic about who we may or may not get in terms of helping out the team. We struggled for the first time in quite a few seasons last year, and since THEN people have been doing the “dogging”. Very true it has done nothing be escalate especially since taking on the heafty contract for a position that we didnt nearly need to improve as much as some others (3b, Pitching, etc)
    But I agree with the Bj guy…every time there is an article about anahiem that’s all you see on here…people with lame comments about how terrible the angels organization is and blah blah blah…
    The fans and the actual team cant help what reagains does…or what moreano tells him to do. I cant think of one other team that pulls in as many “hating comments” as the halos lately…and why cause they have actually had some success in the last decade? About time anyways they struggled for about 30 years before it…
    people need to find a new thing to point fingers at…said and done. :)
    (alright let me have it haters!!!)

  113. kdub53 4 years ago

    i think there are quite a few trolls on here….if you catch my drift

  114. Commander_Nate 4 years ago

    4th time now: I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THE WELLS DEAL. I AM DISCUSSING TOTAL FINANCIAL COST. As for twice the player…well Crawford’s better, but I don’t know about two times better. I guess that justifies why he costs almost twice as much, though.

  115. You stay classy…

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