Pirates, Ohlendorf Go To Arbitration

The Pirates and pitcher Ross Ohlendorf had their arbitration hearing Tuesday, tweets Colin Dunlap of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and a decision is expected on Wednesday.

Ohlendorf is seeking $2.02MM while the club is offering $1.4MM, as our Arbitration Tracker shows, leaving a midpoint of $1.71MM. The hearing marks the first of the 2010-11 offseason and the Pirates' first since Jack Wilson in 2004, blogs Rob Biertempfel of TribLIVE.com.

Ohlendorf, 28, has started 50 games over the past two seasons with the Bucs, and has a career ERA of 4.40 in his four-year career spent with Pittsburgh and the Yankees. He earned $439K last season, when he went 1-11 and posted a 4.07 ERA in 21 starts.

In addition to Ohlendorf, 12 other arbitration-eligible players have not yet settled their 2011 salaries: Carlos Marmol, Delmon Young, Hunter Pence, James Loney, Jered Weaver, Jeremy Guthrie, Jose Bautista, Josh Hamilton, Kelly Johnson, Luke Scott, Rickie Weeks and Shaun Marcum.

Of course, they could have hearings or avoid hearings by settling on one- or multiyear deals.

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  1. Ferrariman 4 years ago

    was Ohlendorf his own attorney? The guy is freakishly smart.

  2. Drew Tweedie 4 years ago

    I know a pitcher’s record statistically means next to nothing, but it must suck to have 1-11 associated with a season in which you pitched better than some of your career averages.

  3. i know WL ratio doesn’t matter when you play for a AAAA team like the pirates, but a 2010 record of 1-11 made me lolersauce

  4. jakec77 4 years ago

    So, apparently, the correct salary for a starting pitcher who is a veteran of four seasons is somewhere between $1.4 million and $2 million, per win?

    There are some very underpaid 20 game winners out there.

    BTW- anyone know a good site that tracks pitchers by the team’s record in games they started, regardless of who got the decision?

  5. TartanElk 4 years ago

    I’m more surprised by the fact that he went 1-11 with an ERA of only 4.07 and he still managed to be worth 2 wins!

    • TimotheusATL 4 years ago

      I say this while donning a flame-retardant suit: WAR is a joke.

      • TartanElk 4 years ago

        I don’t mind, at all.Why do you think it’s so flawed? What’s a better alternative?

        Not being snarky, just want to know what people think.

        • I think the likes of Branch Rickey did well enough with 35/118/.335 and 22-3/234/2.39 myself…

        • TimotheusATL 4 years ago

          Well, the biggest problem with WAR is that people try to use it as the sole basis for judging a player rather than a supplementary. A player with stats like Ohlendorf’s last year could hardly be considered as being more valuable than a replacement-level player, whether he was on the Pirates or not.

          • jlcts2 4 years ago

            In Ohlendorf’s 11 losses the Pirates scored 16 runs so I wouldn’t hold a pitcher’s record, a much bigger joke than WAR, against the guy. On the flip side the average ERA for NL starters with at least 20 starts (RO had 21) was 3.80 which is significantly better than Ohlendorf’s and his ERA+ was dead average at 100. Where ever his WAR is the guy only pitched 100 innings and that ain’t not bad.

  6. TDKnies 4 years ago

    They’re really doing this? I know the more you get in arb the more you get the next time you go through so you don’t want to be giving out too much too early as a franchise, but with a payroll like Pittsburgh’s would it kill them to give the guy the extra 600k?

    • Slopeboy 4 years ago

      I made the same point a few days ago on another thread. It was explained to me that since he’s eligible for Arb at least twice again, the 600K can actually snowball into $2MM at the end of the second Arb hearing. That’s big bucks for the tight fisted Bucs.

  7. ohlendorf isnt a great pitcher the pirates should settle and spent the money saved to get some one who might actually help them

    • TDKnies 4 years ago

      Who on Earth are they going to get that can help the team with the whopping 600k they saved?

  8. Henduck 4 years ago

    Both the record and ERA would’ve been better on a good team. The Dorfer is a nice pitcher. I hardly think that asking for half of Kevin Correia’s salary is out of the question.

  9. piratesbaseball46 4 years ago

    Injuries really messed up Ohlendorf’s numbers from last year, WAR is a stupid stat because it doesnt take into account stuff like injuries, the Pirates are really fortunate that Ohlendorf had some unfortunate injuries last year, because this guy is worth a lot more than the 2 million that he is asking for, if you use Correia’s salary as a basis, well Ohlendorf is better than Correia, so he is probably worth close to five million

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