Dodgers Designate Link, Lindsey For Assignment

The Dodgers have designated reliever Jon Link and first baseman John Lindsey for assignment, the club has confirmed.

Link, a 27-year-old right-hander, made his Major League debut with Los Angeles in 2010, appearing in nine games, after spending time in the Padres and White Sox organizations. For his minor league career, he has a 3.84 ERA, 9.0 K/9 and 3.1 BB/9.

Lindsey, 34, debuted in the bigs with the Dodgers in 2010 after a lengthy minor league career. He appeared in 11 games with the big club after a 16-year minors career in which he posted a respectable .284/.361/.478 line in 6,342 plate appearances. Lindsey was a 13th-round pick of the Rockies in 1995.

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  1. Gumby65 4 years ago

    They’ll both clear I’d assume & go to Albuquerque. Corey Smith appears to be the flavor of the month now as the first baseman who can’t crack the MLB roster (I think he went 7 for 12 & 3 HR’s).

    • $1961279 4 years ago

      Smith did have a nice ST but isn’t the guy nearly 30 himself? So it’s not as if he is that much younger than Lindsey. New manager means having to stock different flavors in the deep freeze I suppose. Likely both are not all that different from each other talent wise. But, hey I have avoided baseball as much as possible so I don’t know all that much about Smith. And, to be honest, not all that much about Lindsey either.

  2. meep 4 years ago

    i feel bad for Lindsey to since we keep signing guys who only hit .250 or lower. when there could be a guy like Lindsey who can do just as good or better for cheaper. plus you really have to love baseball to want to be in the minors that long

  3. thegrayrace 4 years ago

    Is Link even out of options?

    • BlueSkyLA
      BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

      Not that I’ve heard.

    • Im sure he still had options, but the 40 man spot was needed. I think he will clear waivers, because he doesn’t really have a defined role. He was a releiver, that they converted to a starter, and with the emergence of some other guys, he fell down the depth chart.

      • thegrayrace 4 years ago

        ah, that makes sense. Guess he was probably the weakest player on the 40-man. Though I don’t know much about Vasquez or Guerra.

  4. wintwins 4 years ago

    I live in Albuquerque where he played the majority of his games last year and after seeing him play throughout the season I gotta say he really is a talented guy its too bad he really hasn’t had a shot yet.

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