Mets Unlikely To Trade Reyes And Re-Sign Him

Dreaming up scenarios where the Mets cash in shortstop Jose Reyes for top prospects this summer and then re-sign him after the season?  "I think that's unlikely," GM Sandy Alderson told Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal.  Alderson noted that such examples are rare, if not unprecedented.

Additionally, Alderson hammered home another important point: in general, trade talks don't get serious until June, and major trades are most likely to happen in July.  Realistically, a Reyes trade would probably occur over two months from now, and a lot can happen during that time.

If the Mets decide to try to re-sign Reyes – a big if – Costa says waiting until after the season "is a risk they appear willing to take."  Reyes, 27, is hitting .318/.365/.490 in 171 plate appearances this year.  If that holds up, he figures to top $100MM on the open market.