Elias Rankings Update

After the season the Elias Sports Bureau will take all players over the 2010-11 period, divide them into five groups for each league, and rank them based on various statistics.  Then each player will be labeled a Type A, B, or none.  Those designations and the possible accompanying arbitration offers determine draft pick compensation (click here for a refresher).

Eddie Bajek has reverse-engineered the Elias rankings, and he's providing that information exclusively at MLB Trade Rumors.  Nearly all of the data is in; here's a look at how the players rank for the period beginning with the 2010 season running through September 11th, 2011.  Click here to view the rankings directly if you can't see them below.

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  1. BlueCatuli 4 years ago

    Carlos Pena is projecting as a type B. Could pay off in not dealing him this season.

    • Rabbitov 4 years ago

      I would think they could have done better than a 2nd round pick in a trade, although the draft is a crapshoot so you never know.

      Either way if he accepts arbitration he gets a pretty fat contract.

      • Considering his just absolutely dreadful start and career norms, hes been pretty good overall this season. If Chicago is not in the Fielder/Pujols market or miss out he wouldnt be a bad backup plan.

      • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

        I don’t think they would have gotten squat in a trade. The money wouldn’t have been a factor in any return. The Cubs have to pay the deferred $5MM no matter what. A draft pick would be worth way more to a team trying to strengthen it’s farm system.

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        It’s not a second rounder, it’s a supplemental. Considering rumor had it that no one was willing to give up anything worthwhile for him, they’re definitely better off with the supplemental round pick, provided they get a new GM who’s capable of drafting well.

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          but if no one was willing to give up anything for him, and now for the cubs to get a supp. pick a team will have to give up more than $10M or more than one year to get him … is there good reason to believe an arb offer will result in something other than pena back in chicago?

          • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

            Teams losing out o Fielder and Pujols will want to fill that spot fairly quickly. Pena would seem to be a decent option. Boras has a way of working wonders.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            anything’s possible, but who do you see offering a better deal than 1-year $11M for a 1st baseman with a .214/.341/.440 (.342 wOBA) over his last 1100 PA?

          • someone looking at his .870 OPS since middle of May.  Also, he meets a particular need for some teams, as a lefthanded bat.   He can get that deal for a team that (a) trusts his numbers from May on (b) has been historically bad at developing a big left-handed bat, (c) has a hot SS or 3B prospect that could use a defensively gifted 1B to scoop his bad throws, (d0  has a young latino player that can use guidance of a veteran latino player (lest he pick up guidance from shaky veteran latino players on the roster).

            All things considered, he probably could have gotten a good deal with the Cubs if Hendry was still there.

  2. Bombastic_Dave 4 years ago

    Looks like E5’s taking a dive.  Here’s to unsustainable streaking!

    • johnsmith4 4 years ago

      EE had a very good Sep in 2009…needs an excellent Sep this year to drive up his value.

      • Matthew Mueller 4 years ago

        Doesn’t really matter. At $3.5 mil, he will be the full-time DH in Toronto next year.  

  3. Isn’t CJ Wilson a free agent?

    • BlueCatuli 4 years ago

      Yes, scoring a 91.951 and projecting as a type A.

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