Quick Hits: Red Sox, Dodgers, Peavy, Bauer

Sunday night linkage..

  • Buster Olney of ESPN.com (via Twitter) wonders if the Red Sox might pursue pitching for the final stretch, even though anyone acquired wouldn't be eligible for the postseason.
  • Surprisingly, patience seems to be the new trend in baseball when it comes to GMs, writes Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com.  This morning, the Pirates announced that they have extended GM Neal Huntington's contract through 2014.
  • Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said yesterday that the club won't undergo any major changes this winter and Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times is less-than-enthused.
  • The White Sox are shutting down starter Jake Peavy in hopes that rest will help the 2007 NL Cy Young Award winner return to full strength next year, according to the Associated Press.  Peavy underwent shoulder surgery on July 14, 2010 and the right-hander posted a 4.92 ERA with 7.7 K/9 and 1.9 BB/9.
  • The Diamondbacks might promote top prospects Trevor Bauer and Jarrod Parker to experience the playoff race as they prepare for 2012, tweets Peter Gammons of the MLB Network.

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  1. Mr_Anderson1017 4 years ago

    Great insight Gammons, how did no one see that?

  2. M_Harden 4 years ago

    DBacks would be crazy to bring Bauer up, even just to get his feet wet. He’s probably tiring now. He’s gotten shelled his last two outings.

  3. Dylan 4 years ago

    Bauer Hudson Kennedy Parker and Skaggs…wow. With a good offense and bullpen, Timmy and Matt might be better off finding themselves a way into a different division.

    • M_Harden 4 years ago

      Bradley too even if he’s further away.

      • southpawryno 4 years ago

        And other decent prospects include Corbin, Brewer, Holmberg, Meo, and Chafin. They seem to have really good organizational depth at pitching, dispersed throughout the levels.

    • I doubt they care at all about a team that hasn’t won anything and won’t win anything but at least the way over their head dbacks they can pretend a division title means something.

      • Dylan 4 years ago

        Up until last year the Giants hadn’t won anything either. What’s your point?

        They have a solid BP, a good line-up, and good pitching with three prospects that could really help their club out in the near future. Oh yeah, that Goldschmidt guy is pretty good too. They could be a very exciting team to watch in the post season and from 2012 on… 

      • bucs_lose_again 4 years ago

        Haven’t won anything???   Well, I suppose if you count out one of the best World Series in the past twenty years…yeah, you’d be correct.

  4. Smrtbusnisman04 4 years ago

    A small market team like the Pirates has to have patience. Its also a sign of good management. And he’s done a good job considering the mess he inherited from Dave Littlefield. Plus, its not his fault the young hitters can’t do better at recognizing offspead pitches.

    Offseason goal:Find a hitting coach.

  5. jwsox 4 years ago

    the whitesox shut jake peavy down abour 105 innings too late. Yes there were times this season that he was pitching like cy young peavy, flat out dominant..but most of the time he was mediocre to bad. Given his injury and the fact that the whitesox could have gotten insurance money back they should have shut him down for the entire season. Rehab all season and maybe bring him up in september. Thus scrapping the all in campaign which as a sox fan, id be cool with 

    • captainjeter 4 years ago

      Peavy has been a  bust for the White Sox. He has  never been the same since he left the Padres. No wonder they were so willing to deal him. They knew  that he would not  hold up.

      • jwsox 4 years ago

        really they knew he would not hold up? how can you tell? he had 2 freak injuries in his career other wise pretty healthy for his career

  6. Turn Jake Peavy into a closer. 

  7. M_Harden 4 years ago

    And let’s not forget Winkler either.

  8. Lastings 4 years ago

    I didn’t know the D-Backs have The Fonz…

  9. Dylan 4 years ago

    No love for Zito? If anyone needs to make a comeback, it is that guy.

    He would have to go 68 – 0 in the next two years for him to live up to half of his contract….he would also have to hit .600 and somehow pitch every inning of post season ball without ever throwing a ball and pitch 11, 81 pitch complete game shutouts!

  10. captainjeter 4 years ago

    don’t hold  your breath

  11. NatsTown 4 years ago

    He has 120 mil. I think he’ll live

  12. Dylan 4 years ago

    San Fransisco bro?

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