Reds Considering Cordero Extension

In looking at Francisco Cordero's 2012 option earler this week, MLBTR's Dan Mennella speculated that the Reds will probably decline the $12MM commitment. He's very likely correct, but according to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati may not have to make that decision. Cordero is willing to re-negotiate the option, and the Reds have interest in working out a new extension with their closer of the past four seasons.

General manager Walt Jocketty said the Reds have discussed an extension "quite a bit" but haven't made a final decision;they're hoping to make that call before season's end.

As Fay points out, the Reds don't have an obvious replacement for Cordero on their roster and would likely have to sign another one. The team is leaning toward using Aroldis Chapman in the starting rotation next year, Nick Masset has been decent but not great, and while Bill Bray's numbers appear nice, his career numbers against right-handers aren't overly impressive (.262/.327/.424 triple slash line).

Cordero is in the midst of a brilliant season; the 37-year-old righty has a 2.30 ERA with 32 saves and a career-low 2.4 BB/9 in 62 2/3 innings to date. However his 5.7 K/9 is also a career-low, and his average fastball velocity, while still a solid 93mph, is down considerably from when he averaged 94-96mph routinely from 2003-2008. Cordero posted a 10.3 K/9 over 432 1/3 innings in that stretch.

It's tough to see an extension for Cordero guaranteeing anything other than two more years, perhaps with a club option for the 2014 season, when he'd be 40 years old. Cordero has expressed his desire to stay in Cincinnati, and we saw the Reds go down a similar path with Bronson Arroyo last offseason, working out a three-year extension as he entered what would have been an option year (though they exercised his option first). A two-year deal to replace the $12MM option may have to guarantee Cordero more than that dollar amount, but perhaps his desire to remain a Red would lead to a discount.

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  1. grant77 4 years ago

    Falling K/9 and velocity + age 37 = bad idea

  2. Ethanator99 4 years ago

    This is one poorly ran team. Dusty extension, Arroyo extension, this with Cordero, Rolen extension, Misuse of Chapman, banishing Mesoraco and Alonso to the bench, yada yada yada, I could go on for hours.

  3. Joe 4 years ago

    As much as I dislike Cardiac Cordero, I can see why this makes absolute sense. He has been very solid despite being ridiculed by Reds fans. This keeps Chapman as a pure rotation option instead of wasting him in the pen. The Reds don’t have a real replacement unless you give Boxberger a shot. But he is still not ready, and you’re going to pay much more for anything via trade or free agency. Corder is honestly THE best option the Reds have, ESPECIALLY if he takes a fair contract in the extension.

  4. 2 yr/13 mil with a team option for a 3rd year at 7mil with a 2-3 mil buyout.  Guarantees Cordero at least another 15-16mil in wages which is fair considering where he is at in his career.  Allows him to continue to climb the all-time saves list.  The 12 mil option will not be picked up and he wouldn’t get anywhere near that on the open market anyway. 

  5. David Reyes 4 years ago

    i’d definitely leave chapman in the ‘pen. cordero’s already 38 and probably doesn’t have much left in the tank. keeping chapman and his explosive arm in the closer role would the best decision the reds have made in awhile

  6. Joe 4 years ago

    Thats where we disagree, Chapman has an effective changeup, he just doesn’t need to throw it in relief. Where I do agree, is that he has been mishandled, as soon as we were out of it this year the Reds should have sent him down to start stretching him for next year. He’ll be no help to us if the playoffs are a realistic possibility next year.

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