Reds Notes: Cozart, Janish, Cordero

The Reds' top pick is currently protected, which means there's a good chance they'll be able to sign a Type A free agent this offseason without surrendering a first round pick in 2012 (they'd lose a second rounder instead). Some updates on the Reds, who beat the Mets tonight…

  • John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer explains that the Reds are hoping Zack Cozart emerges as their starting shortstop in 2012. They're likely to have a veteran backing up at short (though it seems unlikely that Edgar Renteria will return), so there's not necessarily room for Paul Janish on next year's club.
  • Reds closer Francisco Cordero told Fay that the Reds called his agent about a new deal and talked to him about the possibility as well. The Reds have a $12MM option for Cordero in 2012, though as MLBTR's Dan Mennella showed this month, the sides could agree to a two-year deal worth a total of $8-10MM instead. GM Walt Jocketty has said that the sides have discussed a deal “quite a bit.”
  • Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News wonders whether Chris Heisey will be a fourth outfielder, the regular center fielder, or the regular left fielder in 2012.

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3 years 11 months ago

Why does it HAVE to be a veteran?  (Miguel Tejada anyone?).

Jocketty ALWAYS says “pitching and defense” wins championshps but then goes out and gets over the hill guys like Orlando Cabrera and Edgard Renteria to play Short Stop.  Guys swith limited range whose offense does NOT make up for their defense.

Meanwhile, poor Paul Janish gets shafted.  You know Janish, he was voted as having one of the best gloves in ALL of the Reds system and one of the best gloves in the NL.

For those “fans” who beotch and moan about a lack of offense from Janish, guess what, that is NOT his responsibility.  His job is to SAVE Runs on defense and thus help the pitching staff out.

For those of you griping about Janish’s offense you better not also be the ones who rave on and on about Dave Concepcion.  See, Concepcion’s role on the Big Red Machine was to play defense and save the pitching staff Runs.  Listen to Bench, Rose, Morgan Perez, all of those guys and THAT is what they say Concepcion’s role was – TO PLAY GREAT DEFENSE.  As far as offense goes, Bench, Perez, Rose and Morgan knew THAT was their role to fill.

So, if you want to beotch about a lack of offense on the team (you know, the one that led the NL in Runs scored in 2010 and the one that is third in the NL in 2011) then you should look at Left Field and the black hole that was Jonny Gomes and Fred Lewis.

When Janish is gone in 2012, Cozart is NOT at all what everyone thinks he is and Miguel Tejada is the starting Short Stop, don’t gripe and complain just thank Toothpick Fistbands for wanting another old guy for his “veteran presence”.

3 years 11 months ago

Janish didn’t play up to his defensive capability this year. Case and point why people are moving on.  Too many errors for a guy who can’t hit.  Fielding percentage around .974 is not going to cut it with a .200 BA and a .515 OPS.

3 years 11 months ago

Ok you maybe right about the Big Red Machine that had several HOF hitters on that team this team does not. Therefore everyone must hit atleast half there body weight which Janish can’t. He also had how many errors in limited time? I think it was close to twenty not a good defender. Janish is at best a Jaun Castro type of player. Play a good SS and fill in at 3rd off the bench. I agree that Janish should be the back up to Cozart. But Cozart is alot better of a all around player than Janish. Plus I am not sure of your age but you sound like you lived and watched the Big Red Machine. I did not and i am jealous but those days are gone and to replicate that team is impossible so to make a comparision of the two is unfair and unrealistic. We need everyone to contribute on both sides. Just my two cents.

3 years 11 months ago

Who said anything about Tejada anyways?

3 years 11 months ago

maybe a well-rested Barry Larkin might have something left in the tank?

3 years 11 months ago

Here are some ideas free agent wise that might not be bad options until we see if Cozart is really ready for the big leagues.  Mind you unless the Reds go out and get Rollins or Reyes, which we just don’t have the money to do in my mind, Then Here are two guys that would not be such a bad choice in my book.

Not saying they are perfect but maybe a little better offensively and not horrible defensively.
Ramon Santiago   
Offense Numbers
Avg. .264  HR  5  RBI  30  Runs  28  SB  0   OBP  .313   SLG  .390
Numbers are a little better than Janish offense

Defense Numbers
Errors  3    Feilding Percentage  .983  or .998 for 2b.   Games Started at SS  39,   2B  22
Don’t know other fielding stats but this is not terrible they are not great either though.

Clint Barmes
Offense Numbers
Avg.  .246  HR  12   RBI  39  Runs  47  SB  3  OBP.  .315  SLG.  .390
A lot more pop than Janish  overall just ok though

Defense Numbers
Errors   12   Fielding Percentage  .977  Games Started   118
Bah that is kinda blah in my mind. 

Anyway here is Janish for ya
Avg.   .211   HR  0  RBI  23   Runs  27  SB  3  OBP.  .255  SLG.  .260
Errors   10 SS , 1 3b, 1 2b    Fielding percentage  ..974 SS,  .889 3b,  .947 2b
Games Started   79 SS,  8 3rd,  4 2nd

Looking at both of my suggestions I don’t really see a single stat that would be worse than Janish.  Now I will admit and if someone can get these numbers I would like to see the comparisons of other fielding numbers but the offensive numbers I think would out weigh the defense and the defensive numbers I could find all looked better than Janish from both of the above players. 

What does everyone think.  I can’t imagine either of these guys are going to be too expensive and Barmes is 33 and Santiago is 32.   Unless a trade could be worked out for a younger player under teams control these look like our most signable options unless they bring in someone older.  Hoping not though due to declining numbers with older age at this position.  Again Reyes and Rollins are the only two younger Free agents at this position. 

Got more ideas lets see them.

3 years 11 months ago

How about offering Votto for Braun.  Throw in Stubbs and Mil. gets a replacement for Fielder, the reds open a spot for Yonder, Heisey can take center, and we don’t have to shake our heads anymore after Stubbs strikes out.  We lose no offence with Braun and save about 3.2 mil.