White Sox To Acquire Martinez, Marinez For Guillen

THURSDAY, 1:15pm: The White Sox announced that they assigned the contract of right-hander Ricardo Andres to the Marlins to complete the deal. Andres appeared in 12 games at Rookie Ball this year in his first professional season. The 20-year-old posted a 6.32 ERA in 15 2/3 innings, striking out 11.

TUESDAY, 1:36pm: The White Sox will also acquire reliever Jhan Marinez, tweets Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune.  Marinez, 23, posted a 3.57 ERA, 11.5 K/9, 6.5 BB/9, and 1.1 HR/9 in 58 Double-A relief innings this year.  Prior to the season, Baseball America ranked Marinez fourth among Marlins prospects, citing a "combination of great stuff and immaturity."  Marinez has a closer repertoire, wrote BA.

10:21am: The White Sox are expected to acquire infielder Osvaldo Martinez and a minor league pitcher from the Marlins for manager Ozzie Guillen, tweets MLB.com's Jesse Sanchez.  Guillen was released from his contract by the White Sox yesterday, with the Sox retaining compensation rights if he manages another team in 2012.

Martinez, a 23-year-old shortstop, hit .245/.296/.322 in 371 Triple-A plate appearances this year.  Prior to the season, Baseball America ranked him fifth among Marlins prospects, saying he profiles as a "solid No. 2 hitter" with a strong arm, good instincts, and soft hands at shortstop.  At that time, BA saw a future as a versatile but quality utilityman the worst-case scenario for Martinez.

The last player-manager trade in baseball took place nine years ago, when the Devil Rays traded outfielder Randy Winn to the Mariners for Antonio Perez as well as the right to negotiate with manager Lou Piniella.

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  1. East Coast Bias 4 years ago

    This guy is the 50 cent of their minor league system.

    • Erik Christensen 4 years ago

      You mean he’s talentless and overhyped?

      • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

        Yes! And he’s been shot up a few times.

  2. NatsTown 4 years ago

    LOL… thats all

  3. Chiburgh 4 years ago

    Trading Ozzie for another Ozzie

  4. Rick Garcia 4 years ago

    Manager for player deals shouldnt be allowed

    • MikhelB 4 years ago

      Why not? players and coaches/manager are under contract by the team owner(s), they can trade even broadcasters… and it has already happened LOL:

      In 1943 Ernie Harwell, a radio broadcaster under contract with a minor league team, the Atlanta Crackers ( LOL @ the name :p ) was traded to the Major League team Brooklyn Dodgers for catcher Cliff Dapper who ended up beint the manager for the Crackers.

  5. bleachercreature 4 years ago

    that’s their 5th best prospect?

  6. Lastings 4 years ago

    “White Sox Acquire Ozzie”…Mass hysteria in Chicago…

  7. dc21892 4 years ago


  8. jwsox 4 years ago

    He will replace Omar on the sox roster just watch. And Omar will go to Miami with Ozzie. And Ozzie will okay visquel over players like infante and Hanley because Ozzie likes visquel also watch out for dewayne wise again

  9. klassic 4 years ago

    So we get their 4th and 5th best prospects?  That means they immediately become #1 and #2 in the White Sox system.

    • sf55forlife 4 years ago

      Well that’s the preseason ranking. Neither of those guys would be in the top 10 now. 

  10. rsanchez1 4 years ago

    The Rays were a terrible team when they traded for a manager. The Marlins right now are a terrible team and they traded for a manager. Doesn’t make sense…

    • Steve Buller 4 years ago

      Terrible team?  No, they’re a team that just hit a long skid of bad luck.  They’re young and will be a contender next season… as they should’ve been a contender this year.

      • I mean they’ll contend but still won’t get a playoff spot honestly lol unless they start spending on some actual free agents I don’t see them getting much done for a while especially in the NL East where you have 3 teams in the Mets , Braves and Phillies who are willing to build and spend the money necessary to win at all costs (hell you could even throw the Nationals in it too cause there actually willing to spend now it seems as well).

  11. Steven Chuob 4 years ago

    Today is NOT April 1st..

  12. padresfuture 4 years ago

    I am scratching my head on this one. Aren’t the Marlins the same team that is not happy about Logan Morrison and his tweeting and outspokeness? Now they want Guillen? I give him 1 and half years tops.

    • They could understand LoMo’s tweets though.  He needs to tweet in code, a foreign language, or broken English (or just pure insanity) like Ozzie so they wonder what the heck he’s talking about.

  13. soxluv 4 years ago

    Suprising that they got ranked prospects for the manager

  14. MadmanTX 4 years ago

    Oops…I heard that the Commish is calling this deal off: Ozzie didn’t pass the “physical” (mental exam).

  15. Steve Buller 4 years ago

    It also doesn’t help when one of the top offensive SS’s in the game was inconsistent and plagued by injury.  It really doesn’t help when one of the top pitchers in the game only gets a month or two of action…  Terrible team?  No… just bad luck.

    • KEK 4 years ago

      I agree, that they have some young talent, but no season is lost due to only “bad luck”. Potential doesn’t mean anything if it is not realized. It is going to be interesting to see how Ozzie handles all these young guys after managing the White Sox which value veterans more than almost every other team in the MLB

    • tdot32 4 years ago

      if two individual players are the difference between an above average season and a below average season, it’s not really a great team.

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