Dodgers Decline Options On Garland, Blake

The Dodgers announced on Twitter today that they've declined club options on starter Jon Garland and third baseman Casey Blake, and also outrighted Eugenio Velez to Triple-A.  Typically option decisions are announced after the World Series, but Garland and Blake were obvious choices.

For Garland, the Dodgers chose a $500K buyout over an $8MM club option.  Garland had signed for a below-market guarantee of $5MM in November, but a vesting option in the contract became moot when the righty when down for an oblique injury in March and shoulder surgery in July.  Garland, now 32, had previously been a lock for around 200 innings per season.  If Garland is healthy, his agents at LSW Baseball should have no problem finding a one-year deal worth a few million plus incentives, along with a back-end rotation job.

The Dodgers chose a $1.25MM buyout over a $6MM club option on Blake, finishing a contract signed in December of '08.  The 38-year-old Jim McDowell client hit .252/.342/.371 in 239 plate appearances.  Blake's season was shortened by a ribcage, elbow, and neck injuries, culminating in September neck surgery.  McDowell told MLBTR recently that his client should be "100% for 2012."  Blake is also looking at a one-year deal, probably of the part-time variety.  You can check out MLBTR's list of all the 2012 free agents here.

Velez, now the record-holder for a non-pitcher going hitless in a season with an 0-for-37 showing, was removed from the 40-man roster.  Once free agents Aaron Miles, Jamey Carroll, Hiroki Kuroda, Rod Barajas, Juan Rivera, Vicente Padilla, Jonathan Broxton, and Mike MacDougal are subtracted, the Dodgers' tally will be down to 30.

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  1. Payaso 4 years ago

    So long casey blake!

  2. Would have gone to Baltimore if MacPhail was still around.

  3. This probably wouldn’t excite a single Cubs fan, but with Aramis Ramirez almost certainly on his way out of town, they might have to consider going with a stopgap-type player at third base for 2012, and Casey Blake may be as good as the Cubs can do in that respect. They could always hit the trade market in search of an alternative, but there aren’t any other obvious fits in free agency, and it might just make sense for them to look for a player on a one year deal since they aren’t all that likely to contend next year.  In a perfect world, Ryan Flaherty would break camp with the team ready to hit big league pitching right away, so that he might be an occasional alternative to Blake, who will cost practically nothing to sign. 

    Targeting Blake would be a clear sign that the Cubs will go for a slow(er) rebuild, but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst idea ever. 

    • thegrayrace 4 years ago

      Blake can not be relied upon as a regular starter anymore. Trust me, you could do better. Even Aaron Miles or Jamey Carroll would be more productive. Aside from Blake’s injury issues, his bat speed has seriously declined. He really struggles catching up to fastballs, especially vs. RHP.

      • bacboris 4 years ago

        Did you just say Aaron Miles? To throw those words at a cubs fan, have you no shame sir?

    • MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

      Respectfully, if a Blake starts at 3B for the Cubs in 2012, it will be Blake DeWitt, not Casey Blake.

  4. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    I would like Jamey Carroll on my team. Decent utility player.

  5. GameCast_Freak 4 years ago

    I’ll forever miss that manly beard of yours. :(

  6. Lastings 4 years ago

    Perhaps Velez should take a crack at pitching…

  7. Hope they enjoyed Blake, only costed them Carlos Santana.

    • Just about to post that, holy cow, I’ll never forget this trade.

    • That’s what happens when you have an ex-giant as a Dodgers
      GM. Colletti has been a train wreck as a GM, almost as bad as the bostonian
      owner frank mccourt, wrap this up with the ex yankee Don Mattingly and you have
      bad, stupid and incompetent.

      • GameCast_Freak 4 years ago

        Give Mattingly a break. He has one season under his belt. A winning season, no less. 

        • monkeydung 4 years ago

          agreed. considering the team he had to work with and that Blake, Furcal, and Ethier spent a ton of time on the DL this year, he did pretty well with what he had.

        • MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

          I more or less agree.  Mattingly did nothing to impress and nothing to embarrass except for a couple of mental lapses on rules.  I would give Mattingly a B- for the year.  The bullpen of Guerra/Jensen/Guerrier/Lindblom looks pretty good.  The rotation of Kershaw/Kuroda/Billingsley/Lilly is serviceable and Kershaw is a top 3-4 pitcher in all of baseball.  Kemp and Gordon should be locks for the next decade.  Ethier and Loney can easily reclaim their 2009-2010 form, although in Loney’s case that means he is a one-year stopgap until new onership, not a long-term solution.  I was disappointed to see the Dodgers trade Trayvon Robsinon, this means that Sands is the starting LF if there is no free agent money.  Juan Rivera is NOT an upgrade over Loney.  Gwynn is a decent fifth outfielder, pinch-runner and defensive replacement.  The Dodgers are a solid 85 win team next year.  My biggest issue, Juan Uribe is of no value.  I would try to move Uribe, but who would want him.  Carroll could play second for a year and then Sellers or a prospect could take over.  The young catchers should OK but provide low offense. 

          • GameCast_Freak 4 years ago

            whoaa man, i write a single line and i have to come back and read an essay. not cool. nah jk, b- eh? id be pretty satisfied with that grade for him, especially with it being his first year. lets hope for straight a’s next season!

    • Dodgerbluez 4 years ago

      yeah those 27 HRs Santana hit this year woulda been nice for the Dodgers

  8. camerondatzker 4 years ago

    The Dodgers need to get some Star Power in LA. If McCourt is forced to sell the team, I would sign Matt Kemp, Andre Either and Clayton Kershaw to long term contracts. The Dodgers need a Power Hitting 1st Baseman and Prince Fielder would be a great acquisition. As for The Outfield, The Dodgers need a big bat. I would give Kevin Kouzmanoff a shot.

    • monkeydung 4 years ago

      an outfield of Sands/Kemp/Ethier would probably qualify as one of the best “big bat” outfields in baseball. especially if Sands can repeat his late season success full time.

    • Anything else you want them to do…? Maybe sign Sabathia and Haren too. You don’t ask much… about $420mil would get those little tidbits you threw around up there done.

  9. MannyBeingMVP 4 years ago

    Aramis would cost $45 million for three years.  I don’t see it happening.  Of course, it would make the Dodgers a lot better.

  10. and he spent the whole second half crying about his injury

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