Brian Cashman On Wilson, Pujols, Sabathia

Yankees GM Brian Cashman made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show this morning, and Chad Jennings of The Journal News provided a recap. Let's round up the hot stove news…

  • "I'd say it's fair to say C.J. Wilson is probably the best pitcher on the marketplace right now since CC Sabathia's been taken out and retained here," said Cashman. "I don’t think it's a stretch to tell anybody that he’s the most attractive candidate."
  • Cashman cautioned that he's talking about Wilson in terms of talent and performance, not necessarily cost. "You have your priority list and how it looks," said Cashman. "But then it gets rearranged by cost analysis."
  • "I think he would be on anybody's wish list," said Cashman when asked about Albert Pujols. "In our circumstances, our roster, he doesn't fit. It's not an efficient way to try to allocate your resources."
  • Cashman said re-signing Sabathia "was not a layup," and admitted there were some nervous moments leading up to the deadline for his ace left-hander to opt-out. "That’s never a fun process, but the resolution we’re really happy with, and we know he is."
  • When asked if he sees himself getting fired or retiring, Cashman joked "I would say that normally you get fired. I think it’s a healthy way to look at it. I think at some point, they usually tell you to go."

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