Heath Bell Rumors: Wednesday

Yesterday, we heard that Heath Bell has become less certain about accepting an arbitration offer from the Padres, and that there were a few East Coast teams interested in the right-hander. Dan Hayes of the North County Times brings us a few more updates on the three-time All-Star today….

  • Bell's decision on an arbitration offer may come down to the final hour. If he doesn't get a contract offer he prefers before the arbitration deadline, he might accept arb.
  • Years are more important to Bell than dollars, and he's hoping to sign a three-year contract.
  • Hayes hears from a source that the Padres are unlikely to commit to more than two years for Bell.
  • If the Padres are unable to retain Bell, they'll look outside the organization for a ninth-inning replacement, according to GM Josh Byrnes.

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  1. If years are more important to Bell than dollars, then he shouldn’t have been talking about accepting arbitration in the first place.   Doh!

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 4 years ago

      He was going to accept arb. bc he didnt want to leave the padres.

      • daveypinstripes 4 years ago

        No, he just wanted to scare the Padres off of offering him arbitration (he’s a type A free agent). Padres are calling his bluff and figure that if he accepts no big deal- only a one-year deal. But new CBA is eliminating first round comp. for type A free agents now so Heath is as good as gone. Someone will give him a two or three year deal.

        • daveypinstripes 4 years ago

          Should have said eliminating comp for type A relievers.

  2. optionn 4 years ago

    Bell will do what everyone else does… pimp yourself out to the highest bidder.  That accepting arbitration sounded good, but he was never going to follow thru on that.

  3. OptimisticMarlinsFan 4 years ago

    Wait, no offer from the Marlins?

  4. stewie75 4 years ago

    more teams should be after this guy…. seems like an awesome guy with skills to match.

  5. The_Porcupine 4 years ago

    He’s a fly ball pitcher, gotta watch where he signs.  If they play in a small home stadium, watch out.  That being said…  If I’m the Padres, I legitimately try to resign the guy.  He’s implied he would take less money to stay in San Deigo and he’s had success there.  How many name players really want to play for a team that is a few years away from contending?

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