Heath Bell Rumors: Wednesday

Yesterday, we heard that Heath Bell has become less certain about accepting an arbitration offer from the Padres, and that there were a few East Coast teams interested in the right-hander. Dan Hayes of the North County Times brings us a few more updates on the three-time All-Star today….

  • Bell's decision on an arbitration offer may come down to the final hour. If he doesn't get a contract offer he prefers before the arbitration deadline, he might accept arb.
  • Years are more important to Bell than dollars, and he's hoping to sign a three-year contract.
  • Hayes hears from a source that the Padres are unlikely to commit to more than two years for Bell.
  • If the Padres are unable to retain Bell, they'll look outside the organization for a ninth-inning replacement, according to GM Josh Byrnes.

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